CEAW Grand Strategy 3.0

Welcome to the Grand Strategy expansion. This expansion was created by the community for the community and is completely free to anyone who has Military History Commander Europe at War! This expansion has taken years to produce and thousands of man hours from a dedicated collection of people from artists to programmers, manual writers and layout experts. The end result takes this great game to a whole new level. Note you must have Military History Commander Europe at War v2.10 or later to install the Grand Strategy expansion. 

Please note that Grand Strategy 3.0 requires a Commander Europe at War serial number and this means very old versions of CEAW without a serial are not compatible. 

Some of the biggest changes are listed here:

Naval combat expanded

  1. New ASW rules.
  2. New Sub rules.

Version 3.00 features a simple player handicap system. When playing HotSeat, PBEM, or TCP/IP games the advantage buttons on the main menu selection screen will allow one player to receive a handicap of additional PP’s per turn while the opponent plays at the ‘Even’ at game values. The PP’s can be increased due to War Effort. Each side can receive extra PP’s per turn depending upon the level selected.

The GS expansion is available in English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Polish & Russian.  


How to get Grand Strategy 3.00 

For PC


Already have PC CEAW v2.10 or greater? Don't have CEAW for PC

First uninstall any previous mods

Then download the PC Grand
Strategy 3.00 expansion from:


Get the game in the Store!



  For Mac


Already have Mac CEAW v2.10 or greater? Don't have CEAW for Mac

Then download the Mac Grand 
Strategy 3.00 expansion from:


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 Player Aid Manual



Game Manual



Changed terrain around Tobruk and Mareth



Changed terrain in Iran, Iraq, and Turkey

Altered terrain in UK

Historical images from the war at turn start

Weather overlay