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by frpat
Wed May 30, 2012 1:03 pm
Forum: Modelling/Gallery/Uniforms Questions
Topic: Perry French Hussars: Just What Parts to Use??
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Re: Perry French Hussars: Just What Parts to Use??

Haven't been here f or ages - only just sqaw this one: the carbine goes on the shoulder belt which passes over his cartouche. There is a small protuberance on the belt, below and slightly behind his right armpit - this is a the swivel mount onto which the carbine was clipped. The button up breeches ...
by frpat
Tue Jan 20, 2009 11:54 am
Forum: Field of Glory : Napoleonic Era 1792-1815 : General Discussion
Topic: Beta Testers Wanted!
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I just found out about the Beta test for the Naps - and got a "Beta test Sign Up Ended" message. Am involved in a group, some o fwhom have 35+ years experience in Napoleonics (Charles grant, Bruce Quarrie, New Hop Design, Empire III, IV and V, Valmy to Waterloo & others). Reckon we could gice it a w...
by frpat
Thu Mar 06, 2008 11:39 am
Forum: Field of Glory : Ancient & Medieval Era 3000 BC-1500 AD : General Discussion
Topic: Anglo-Saxons at Hastings
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But can the stone, from the late 7th Century, be considerd as evidence of tactics/fighting stle some 400 years later? This could be like using the Bayeux Tapestry as evidence for the fighting styles and equipment at Towton. I'm not saying to ignore the Aberlemno stone - just treat it with caution wh...
by frpat
Fri Feb 15, 2008 7:08 am
Forum: Army Design
Topic: Alexandrian and Seleucids
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Probably - what period of the Selecids are you looking at? early - no worries. But for the later (ie the chaps in Rise of Rome) you would need to look elsewhere for a number of your troops - the Cataphracts, for instance. The Later elephants wouls also need to be sourced from somewhere else - they w...
by frpat
Sun Feb 03, 2008 11:38 am
Forum: Field of Glory : Ancient & Medieval Era 3000 BC-1500 AD : General Discussion
Topic: Are Osprey/Slitherine on schedule for 11th Feb release date
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It isn't officially - it seems that FoG has attracted the sort of early selling that JK Rowling fought so hard against :D Nik, in the case of my local source, it is simply that, since time immemorial, he has received his Osprey publications anywhere up to a month before the "oficial" release date. ...

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