Star Trek: Am i a trekkie?

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Star Trek: Am i a trekkie?

Post by formslash » Tue Apr 17, 2018 3:11 pm


I bought the first DVD pack from Star Trek: The Next Generation. It was (one of my) Xmas present for my girlfriend, she's a ST freak. She wanted me to watch the DVDs with her, so I watched the first episode and didn't like it. Same with second episode (I must say I never liked the ST films and It was boring).

But then I became gradually interested with the whole thing. Look at these guys!!! They won't start firing their phasers at will, they'd rather talk!!! the idea was intriguing. Each character in the series had something about: data was great, Picard too...I started liking Deanna Troi too !!!!!(which is freaky even for a ST freak).

I don't care if the plots are lame or the outdated special effetcs, the idea behind it is great. They don't rush the space looking for resources and using the force (not the Force) to get them, they don't want to get (aka steal) some new technology from the more advanced races, they just want to make contact!!!!!!!!!!! I know it is naive and sort of hippy-like, but I like it.

Then I started reading about all the ST mithology and I found it really interesting. It's complex and great, not same quality as Tolkien's, but better (IMHO) than George Lucas' Star The Question is: Anyone else interested in Star Trek out there? We can talk about it HERE. You can even bash the series.

P.S: I still like the first Star Wars trilogy, but....

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Re: Star Trek: Am i a trekkie?

Post by ErissN6 » Wed May 16, 2018 8:54 pm

formslash wrote:I never liked the ST films and It was boring
The many last films are pew-pew michael bay fx, thay are as good ST films than last Star Wars are.
Same as you I didn't like NextGeneration at first, now it's maybe what I prefer.

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