Considering about the dinosaurs of Matrix Games

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Considering about the dinosaurs of Matrix Games

Post by levithanh0209 » Thu Jul 11, 2019 5:30 pm

Hello everyone!

It is fairly clear, that Matrix Games is about bigger n hell bloated massive titles such as Gary's War in the East, while it seems evident that Slitherine is not afraid to do simple uncomplicated and fun titles like Battle Academy.

I have both of those games. I regret my addiction making me buy one of them :)
One of them is likely doomed to never get played.

Considering I already play the other a lot, I guess my loyalties should be apparent.

I don't think a desk top is special.

Look at our wargames, they possess neither demanding graphics nor demanding programs (unless they are bloated monsters like War in the East).

You might want the desktop for War in the East, but your desktop is no real asset for Battle Academy.

I have witnessed the attitude, that a decent sized screen is required for wargames. So use your TV then, there is nothing stopping you eh. My laptop can employ whatever I plug it into.

Some seem to be actively interested in scorning the tablets, unsure why. Some seem to contradict themselves. They claim a wargame can only be played on a desktop and with a large screen, and then try to state that a smart phone is ok to read a book on or game with and there is no need for a 10 inch screened tablet. So what is it? Can you function on a smaller screen or not?

I think the truth is, too many (I think that should read almost all) wargamers seem best described as dinosaurs, and sticks in mud. Unwilling to change just for the sake of being crotchy old buggers.

A tablet is just a device, if you can't find a use for one, that is the limitation of the user, not the device.
I have a Nintendo DSi XL. I don't game on it as much as I might. I might be headed for gaming on it more so though. Because I personally have gotten tired of being tethered to a desk top that is not at all portable, inflexible in choices of locations and forcing me to sit in a chair not a fraction as comfortable as the one I am sitting in right now.

And I can read on it reasonably well it if is just text. Sure if it is just text a tablet is a bit big and a bit expensive. Me, I am drooling at the chance to read all my model references on a 10 inch screen in full colour with illustrations. And all my history books of my Osprey stash, and all my role gaming literature on it will be handy. And it will be less hassle to read at Tim Hortons with a hot chocolate than my laptop. I expect to lose weight when I have finished saving for my tablet. Because I likely will spend a lot more time walking to a lot more places to sit and read a bit before heading back out again.

Or I could play a wargame if I have one made for the purpose. Try and do that with your damned precious desktop.
But if no one makes the games, they don't get sold.
been wondering, what the split in interest is with all that between Matrix Games and Slitherine actually.
It seems Slitherine is better at providing games that have a future in portable gaming.
And it seems Matrix Games has a larger collection of stick in the mud dinosaurs thinking making wargames for other than desktops is not a good idea.
Yes we understand, Windows is mainly desktop. Well actually, you do realise what Windows 8 is made for correct?
That argument sure went up in flames just now.

I'm planning to get an Android OS using device. But the nice thing about hardware, is it is often just hardware. It won't be long before tablets are just devices much the way anything else is.
Desktops are the past. Might as well get used to it.
I'm typing on a laptop for a reason, it is actually MORE powerful that my desktop, the desktop merely has 6TB worth of stored video content. The thing is more of a closet that anything else. I don't even miss my 22inch wide screen monitor much. My laptops 14 seems just fine.
I was not interested in getting something pocketbook sized for a reader mainly because I wanted something 8.5x11 paged sized and using colour. It's only been just this last half of the year the market has opened up. I bet next year tablets are as common as dirt.

I have already begun the process of saying good bye to wargames that are essentially devoted to sticking to the desktop universe. I bought several games in 2010, perfectly good games too, but, just not in line with my needs. I want smaller games, less bloat, I want them able to run on a portable, and I don't want to hear crap about needing a desktop.
If you want to sell me a game, stop making games you can't sell me.

I'm not planning to bring new wargamers to the old way. I am only interested in promoting the future.
If for instance Tiller refuses to ever do anything but PC titles of yet another rehashed Panzer Campaign or Squad Battle fine, his drm won't matter, I won't be interested in playing them at any rate. His Squad battles though likely would do just fine on a tablet.
I don't currently have any of my Panzer Campaigns installed. I do still try to hold out with some of the Squad Battles.
I have uninstalled just about all of my Matrix Games titles. Not because there is anything wrong with them, I just don't feel like the effort of running most of them.
I am looking forward to playing a lot of Panzer Corps and Battle Academy though.

Vi Thanh.

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Re: Considering about the dinosaurs of Matrix Games

Post by zakblood » Thu Jul 11, 2019 5:46 pm

welcome to the forum

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Re: Considering about the dinosaurs of Matrix Games

Post by CarlVS » Sun Jul 14, 2019 7:55 pm

I hate to disappoint you, levithanh0209 , but there are still QUITE a few wargamers out there that WANT the complex game-play that the games that you have insultingly called "dinosaurs" provide. At least Matrix / Slitherine have a large library of games for people of ALL different game-play levels (plus, one does not have to have a really powerful system to run most them.)

Oh by the way - if you are planning to buy a tablet to play this company's games, it better be a Microsoft Surface (or a similar Windows tablet with the same form-factor.) Slitherine does not develop games for Android systems. And as for iOS - after being "burned" by Apple twice (first with the "32-bit apocalypse," then having one of their newer iPad games removed from the App Store for dealing with a contemporary conflict,) I have a feeling that the only new games that will appear on that platform from this company are one they acquire from other developers...

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