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Selling bundles

Post by springel » Sat Aug 03, 2019 3:08 pm

I recently discovered and acquired some Slitherine games after Field of Glory: Empires got a lot of attention in the general game press.

I wanted to play FoG:E, and I watched some gameplay videos of FoG2 and recognised I would enjoy that game as well.

So I wanted to buy the whole lot: FoG:E and FoG2 with all DLC.

I prefer buying directly from the publisher, because I think they deserve my money more than a reseller like Steam.

But Steam gives you a bundle discount of about 20%, over and above the general discount (on both Steam and Slitherine) during the release of FoG:E. That is still a respectable saving on the total amount that I could keep in my own pocket.

But now Slitherine is losing the 30% Steam cut on my purchase, while I gain my 20%.

If Slitherine would have offered a similar bundle discount, I would certainly have bought it directly from them.

Browsing the Slitherine catalog I also became interested in the Warhammer 40k Gladius franchise, and here I was in a generous mood and ordered the whole set directly from Slitherine, but the experience was less than optimal: I had to open all the individual DLC store pages and then purchase them separately, and in the and I paid 20% more than on Steam where I could have done the purchase in one click on the offered bundle.

(By the way, the Paradox store has a similar shortcoming, and I have often gone to Steam instead of Paradox to buy some DLC, because on Steam I can see a list of DLC, with the information whether I own it or not, and for games like Europa Universalis or Crusader Kings with dozens and dozens of DLC I am completely lost in the Paradox shop).

So, if you would offer shop pages with bundles of a base Games with all DLC - including the option to discard the elements that I own already - both the discount and the ease of purchase would cause me to purchase that stuff in your shop instead of at a reseller that takes 30% of your money. That would be a clear win for both of us.

After browsing your beta web shop I discovered that the bundle is available there, including the 20% discount. So I guess it is nothing new I told you in this post. Checking my creditcard account, thanks to the Chaos release discount, I still paid less than the current bundle option, so fortunately I don't have to regret not discovering the beta store earlier.

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