I am not very smart...this is what this game is telling me

PC/MAC : Commander the Great War is the latest release in the popular Commander series to bring the thrill, excitement and mind-breaking decision making of these difficult times to life.

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I am not very smart...this is what this game is telling me

Post by DukeOfLight » Sat Nov 17, 2012 8:52 am

Sure...i know this for some time...but i never thought that i could be so stupid
I played a lot and i am still playing commander europe at war...in which i think i am a level 7 player (from 1 to 10 in which 10 is the best)
But this game is pretty tough, i played on balanced with every side and i have been beaten by the AI, what i mean is that i do far less damage than the AI and he is destroing units much more faster than i am.
It seems that everything i do, the AI punished me very hard.....I just dont know how to do it...i read the manual...but its no confort.
I am ashamed to say but my next play will be on handicap AI....i hope this will remain between us ;).

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Re: I am not very smart...this is what this game is telling

Post by lordzimoa » Sat Nov 17, 2012 10:29 am

Handicapped has a small bug that makes it actual harder, keep with balanced for now, we do a small balancing patch before X-mas.

I advise reading SlickWilhelm`s his excellent AAR to get some more grip with the game mechanics and AI.



Maintaining solid lines, produce double lined trenches, swap units from the front regularly, use garrison to hold part of your front, use your best infantry troops and concentrate artillery barrages at certain points, save and produce ammo.
Focus on technology that serve your tactic, stabilize fronts and concentrate on one, try and knock out your opponent one by one. Check NM, PP and MP levels all the time, sometimes disbanding and training new troops is better than repairing battered units low on efficiency. Hit the convoys and hurt PP production of your enemies, sink enemy battefleets to sink their NM levels, use airships to bombard capitals and other mayor PP producing cities, blockade ports. Scout good before going into the offensive, tactical retreats and preparing easily defensive battle lines are no dishonour! Keep reserves, in troops and supplies. If possible outflank, encircle and out let isolated units starve from supply a bit before killing them off, they will be easier to destroy and cost you less casualties.

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