PC/MAC : Commander the Great War is the latest release in the popular Commander series to bring the thrill, excitement and mind-breaking decision making of these difficult times to life.

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Post by mowers » Wed Mar 05, 2014 10:23 pm

So I just finished playing this after a couple of days and thought some feedback might be in order.
I have only played it a couple of times and I didn't read the instructions, so bear that it in mind when reading the below.


+ Well programmed
+ Runs smoothly and quickly
+ AI isn't bad at all
+ It's surprisingly fun


- Naval element. Quite possible one of the worst designed naval games I have ever played in 30 years of war gaming. Sorry to be harsh, but honestly just dreadful. If you can't think of a reasonable idea for an aspect you aren't interested in buy some naval board games or ask for some ideas.
- The Arabian Peninsular doesn't block supply or movement as a result Turkish forces are akin to Fremen from Dune. I am guessing you haven't been there (Dune or Saudi). WW1 logistics would not allow a campaign here.
- Every city appears to be a supply source in its own right. They do not need to connect to another city. The current situation produces some terribly unrealistic situations.
- The AI can't really cope with the above, and thus can't appear to be able to take Belgrade for years on end.
- There needs to be a cap on the limit of Resource points (tied to above).
- The AI is absolutely paranoid about naval landings to the point that it will ignore that Berlin/Paris is about to fall and have 10 units on the coast.
- The AI doesn't seem to be able to deal with strategic bombing, it doesn't appear to do anything about it.

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Re: Feedback

Post by FOARP » Thu Mar 27, 2014 1:58 pm

Agree that strat-bombing is ridiculously OP compared to its historical effect (which was mostly on morale, and even then was pretty slight).

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