Historical MP CTGW games

PC/MAC : Commander the Great War is the latest release in the popular Commander series to bring the thrill, excitement and mind-breaking decision making of these difficult times to life.

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Historical MP CTGW games

Post by teletabicus » Fri Dec 18, 2015 9:34 am

CTGW is a good simulation of WWI but it lacks of elements about the historical plausibility. Players may use strategy and tactis whom it would be hard to imagine in a real course of events. On my experience, a good Central Powers player may transform Kaiser's 1914 Army in the Wehrmacht, with massive air support and cavalry units very similar to panzer corps. On the other hand, historical, military and political limits are few, so for example AH units may operate (and do it very effectively) on Western front. I've set up some house rules that should be useful for who is interested in playing MP CTGW 1914 scenario games in a more historical and realistic simulation of WWI.
1) Air limit: In 1914 Germany can have 4 air units maximum (only 1 airship) on entire map; in 1915 Germany can deploy 5 air units maximum, at least 2 respectively on Western and Eastern fronts. AH may have 3 air units, but no more 1 for front. In order to define AH fronts, Eastern front is all hexes north of line Vienna-Budapest, Serbian-Balkan front is all the hexes from this line (included) to south, with the exception of Italian front that starts from the vertical row hex line west of Zagreb. For all other nations the limit is 2 (1 can be an airship or bomber) in 1914 and 3 in 1915 (always 1 airship or bomber maximum). Destroyed units can be rebuilt. By 1916 no limit is given.
2) Cavalry limit: In 1914 all nations may have on entire map their already existing cavalry units + 1 (for Russia is + 3). This means that the total amount of units for that year is, i.e.: AH 2 (1+1); Britain 1 (0+1); Destroyed units may be rebuilt. By 1915, the total amount of units is the 1914 existing cavalry units + 3 (for Russia is 1914 existing units + 5). By 1916, every nation has to scrap 2 cavalry units, but if it has only 1 unit, it may (not must) maintain it. Exceptions: a) Russia may maintain the 1915 cavalry level, b) Germany may maintain the 1915 cavalry level if Riga or Kiev are in CP control; c) AH may maintain the 1915 cavalry level if Kiev is in CP control;
3) By 1916 too, no cavalry units on Western and Italian fronts may stack on friendly hexes with fortifications or trenches adjacent to enemy units but they can pass through (Historically, belligerent Nations maintained some cavalry forces in order to exploit eventual breakthroughs but not in first line).
4) No AH units (land, air , naval) may voluntarily move in Germany or operate north of line Minsk-Tambov. By 1917, 1 land and 1 air AH units may operate in Germany and there is no more limit for AH units on Eastern Front. If a unit is withdrawn in Germany by computer or for combat circumstances its unique possibility is moving in Germany, it may do it and the limit is not counted. No land AH unit may never operate in Ottoman Empire. AH naval units may use Ottoman ports. 1 AH air unit may operate in Ottoman Empire.
5) No German units (land, air, naval) may voluntarily entry in AH in 1914 with the exception of Goeben. By 1915 German units may move in AH, but the total amount may not exceed the number of 6. German submarines are not counted in the limit. No more than 3 German units (1 can be air) may operate in Ottoman Empire. If a unit is withdrawn by computer or is under extraordinary circumstance (i.e. otherwise is surrounded), the unit can move in AH or Ottoman Empire and the limit is not counted.
6) Naval limit: Goeben is the only German naval surface unit who may operate in Mediterranean and Black sea until Gibraltar is British controlled. Goeben may eventually operate in Atlantic. At start of game AH naval unit may operate just in Adriatic sea (not outside the second 1 hex strait between Italy and Albania). The AH naval limitation ends with Italy's entry into war. AH submarine may not operate in Atlantic until Gibraltar is British controlled. Also, the number of German submarines operating in Mediterranean may not exceed 2. If Gibraltar is in German/AH/Ottoman control, Central powers naval unit may operate without limitations.
7) British land units in France may operate only within 4 hexes from Atlantic Coast. 1 land unit may move through France to Italy by rail when Italy is in war.
8) No land Allied units may move in Italy until 1917. By 1917, 1 French and 1 British land units may operate in Italy if Central Powers controls at least 6 hexes of Italy (not Libya).
9) No more than 2 Ottoman land units may move/operate in Balkans and in any case not before Bulgaria's entry into war. Balkans include Greece, Serbia, Bulgaria and Rumania. Note: European part of Ottoman empire is not considered in Balkans.
10) In 1914, no landing on enemy controlled hex is allowed.
11) Invasion of Switzerland, Netherland, Denmark and Sweden is not allowed. No invasion of Spain is allowed until Paris and/or Bordeaux are in Entente control.
All these house rules reflect historical considerations. They are an attempt to play a game more adherent to history and likely need some testing. Finally, they can be ‘over ruled’ in some cases in mutual agreement between players if they would be too strict or paradoxal. Naturally I am waiting advices and suggests in order to have best rules.
As the enemy territory is automatically in 'fog of war', the respect of these rules is mainly given by personal behavior from the players. The 'unwritten' rule is that anyone is accepting to play under these rules because he is really interested in testing and facing a more historical game.
So, if someone is interested in playing CTGW with these rules I've put some challenges on both sides in MP CTGW
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Re: Historical MP CTGW games

Post by nehi » Fri Dec 18, 2015 11:31 am

it has to take u some time to make these "historical" rules, but u know, they all are like shackles for cp, cp are in production shortage from like 5th turn in that scenario and cant win long run war

ive rebuild my army to wermacht, to have any chance to win it

vs experienced player has conventional style only one possible walkthrough, take belgium, stalemate in the west and most likely in the east too and loss later

just serbia is beatable, turkey is defenseless, when u dont push entente enough hard from very start

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