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Sanctus Reach - the 1.0.14 patch is here!

PostPosted: Thu Mar 09, 2017 10:55 am
by AlbertoC
Hi everyone!

We have good news for you today: Sanctus Reach v1.0.14 has been officially released. It contains numerous balance changes and fixes, as well as a brand new map playable in multiplayer: Borderlands, the same map used for the recent YouTubers online battle.

You can download the patch from the Members' Area or directly from this link.

We hope to release more maps soon - the best maps that were submitted during our contest; we are working on some details. In the meanwhile, work continues on new content as well. Stay tuned for further news please.

V. 1.0.14 Changelog:

• Added new multiplayer map 'Borderlands'
• Issues with debris tiles fixed
• Issues with hit chance being incorrectly reported fixed
• Fixed incorrect company symbol on "the great wolf strikes"
• Fast Attack units with movement remaining may move even after using all their fire actions
• Back from the Brink level - Fixes to LoS issues
• Skirmish Turn limits - Reduced turn limits on skirmish maps
• Fix to AI targetting - AI finds targets more often
• Fix to orks attacking wrecks too much, AI should only attack wrecks if they dont have a better target
• Fix to orks attacking droppods
• Increased points costs - Massively increased points cost for Knights and Logan
• Reaction fire bug - fixed a bug where units would only react when the target finished the movement. Would cause the gorkanought to hit himself.
• AP bug fixed- if a unit following up after a melee attack couldn't move to the tile they would gain lots of now AP
• Change to Jump units and massive vehicles - Jump and Giant units no longer get locked in combat and ignore ZoC
• Fix to Jump pack units - general fixes to how jump pack units move
• Change to Ork Rokkits - Ork Rokkits are now anti-armour weapons. Higher damage and armour piercing but less splash damage
• Script reduction - Did some script reduction, and moved some mapgen-only fns into their own file to save loadtime and memory.
• LoS/Cover Fix - Fixed various bugs that were causing LoS and Cover to not work correctly
• XP / Abilities bug - Fixed a bug that causing units to occasionally not get abilities
• Melee Shock - Fixed a bug where Melee attacks weren't causing Morale reduction
• Super Heavy Melee - Increased Knight and Gorkanaut Melee damage, now fixed (was supposed to be in last patch)
• Skirmish Force Selection - Campaign Skirmishes will now attempt to pick your levelled-up units first in the Selection Pool
• Force points rebalance - Slight rebalance of force points cost
• Power Armour Increase - Slightly increased the effectiveness of Power Armour
• Reaction Display Bug - Fixed Reaction Display Tiles that were showing the wrong information
• Transports – loading/unloading now takes 1 action (a way to prevent infantry unloading, shooting and reloading as it’s an exploit, especially for MP)
• View Shading Option - Added View Shading option to the options menu. With this option, units are lit from all angles, making them stand out more
• Fixed jumpack units - Fixed a bug that prevented Jumpack units from firing when hovering above terrain fixed
• Spirit of the Wolf Ability - Fixed a bug that was causing Spirit of the Wolf to heal Vehicles
• Scorched Knight Lore "oversight" - After "Sky Hunt" The Scorched Knight will no longer appear in Skirmish battles (because he's supposed to be dead!)

Re: Sanctus Reach - the 1.0.14 patch is here!

PostPosted: Thu Mar 09, 2017 12:01 pm
by AlessandroD
Thanks for the support!