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Secret Sci Fi 4X style game needs testers!

Posted: Tue Nov 14, 2017 11:36 am
by AlbertoC
We are looking for enthusiastic people who would like to play and give feedback on a new Science Fiction 'civilization style' or '4X' type strategy game where distinct competing factions are looking to dominate a distant planet

The game is at beta and before announcing it we are hoping to find some 'fresh pairs of eyes' who can spend some time giving some feedback covering areas such as first impressions, guidance on how to play, the UI and general gameplay.

So, if you like Science Fiction 4X games and are able to invest some time both playing and giving feedback on this title please sign up for the early beta test here (code named 'Project Planet Domination').

We'd love to hear from you and both Slitherine and the development team would really appreciate your assistance.