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BA1 Editor Help

Post by SquadLeaderGGpa » Wed Mar 13, 2019 11:36 pm

New to BA1 & BA2. Know nothing about coding or modding. Don't know that I ever will or want to get to level some of you folks are at.
In BA1 Editor I created two campaigns each with several maps. Thought I'd figure out map making before adding units, etc. That and wasn't sure how to make map become a playable campaign/scenario. They were not appearing on Campaign List so assumed there was some switch/button/key I hadn't found yet.
Have not done anything to make them multi-player, that I know of.

One day one of the Campaigns with blank (no units, etc.) scenario maps appeared on the list. Don't know how or why it didn't for few weeks.
1)After reading posts, etc. it seems they should appear automatically right away - right?
2)The other Campaign still doesn't appear on list - do I have to do something to nudge it?

The Campaign/scenario maps that did appear I started adding units, etc. to make it a playable game. Again read through posts, etc. to find out the how and what. Well, most of it. Problem I'm seeing is the AI is behaving "oddly" - units are coming out of their bunkers, houses, woods from all over the map and basically throwing themselves in front of my units.
3)Is this the Aggression Factor? Havent really touched it in Editor because still trying to fully comprehend its settings.
4)Secondly it seems that the accuracy and leathality of my shots are far and away better than when playing a supplied BA1 (or BA2) game. Am I imagining it?

Started with a thousand questions weeks ago but reading through posts and finding answers, tips, hints, etc. has reduced them to few hundred. Will keep muddling along, trying and testing, trying and testing.
Thanks for any assistance.

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Re: BA1 Editor Help

Post by pipfromslitherine » Thu Mar 14, 2019 4:08 pm

Campaigns should show up on the list if they are in the appropriate folder (CAMPAIGNS in Documents/My Games/BBCBA). Check that they have appropriate names in the TEXT1.TXT file in the campaign. I don't think we have seen issues with campaigns not showing up before, though not you may need to scroll down the list to see them.

If you want the AI to hold their positions you need to set their aggression to include 64 (it uses different bits for different behaviours for a team). Look at CORE/AI.BSF and the functions AI_GetTeamStayInCover and the functions above it which look at the bits to determine behaviour.


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