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Tercio turning in combat

Posted: Mon Jan 16, 2017 2:18 pm
by Akbar
Mayhaps an easy question, but can an Early Tercio turn, or more correctly make a Formation Change in the Manoeuvre Phase while in combat?

Let us say that the E.Tercio was charged in its flank or rear (I know they don't really have any, but still). Two pike bases are shuffled over to that side in support of the shot bases. Impact face combat is done.
In the Manoeuvre Phase, as far as I can tell from page94, the tercio can reform into a legal formation, ie turning 90 degrees towards the side it was engaged. Bases in contact with enemy must remain in contact. But turning in this way could easily bring more bases into contact, if the ET was charged by, say, a 4-base wide gendarme unit, right?

I suppose it requires a Complex Move Test (page56)? The wording on page 94 seems a bit unclear, as "Reforming occurs at the start of the manoeuvre phase and does not affect any of the other manoeuvre phase rules."

I know that a ET can slide sideways one base width to bring more bases into combat, can that be done after turning as per above? Or will that have to wait until the next Manoeuvre Phase?