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Posted: Tue Jan 07, 2020 12:04 pm
by viking123
We had a dispute last night in a practice game for Badcon in respect of the deployment of ambushes.

Ben placed an ambush marker in a forest. He then marched a battlegroup of warriors passed the ambush marker and then decided to place the troops in ambush on the table.
The ambush were three dragoons. He initially was going to place the dragoons in a line with one base on the marker but the other two behind the warriors who had march passed the ambush marker. I argued that the warriors could not interpenetrate the dragoons so he should not be allowed to do it. He then placed the two dragoons on the other side which took one of them outside the forest and would have been visible to my troops from the start of the game.

Ben did not break the letter of the rules which allows him to do what he did but I think there needs to be a clarification of the rules about how troops in ambush can deploy.