Louis XIV vs TYW Germans

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Louis XIV vs TYW Germans

Post by ravenflight » Sat Jul 19, 2014 7:34 am

Hi All,

Open competition of Louis XIV from 'Duty and Glory' vs TYW Germans (not sure of book or date).

My (Louis XIV) list:
3 BG's of 4&2 P&S Superior Impact
4 BG's of 4&2 P&S Average Impact
2 BG's of 4&2 P&S Poor Impact
2 BG's of Cavaliers Superior
1 BG of 2 Light Guns.
Great Commander & 3 TC's.

His (TYW) German list (as well as I can remember - definitely 3 BG's but I may have stuffed up the Tercios. He may have had it slightly different):
1 BG of Superior Heavily Armoured Cuirassiers
1 BG of Superior Armoured Cuirassiers
2 BG of Average Unarmoured Reiters
1 BG of 3 Medium Guns.
2 BG's of 6 Musketeers.
?4? BG's of Early Tercios
2 BG's of Dragoons
4 TC's

Assume I was facing north and the Germans were facing south.

I won initiative and I wanted the terrain fairly open, and it was.
In the middle toward the west about 2' in from the table edge was a small open field. On the eastern side of the battlefield there was another open field to the east of my deployment area. No other terrain really affected the game.

I deployed with my baggage in the middle of my baseline. I had 3 BG's of Average P&S in a checkerboard formation supported by a Poor BG on the western side of my baggage and 3 BG's of Superior P&S in checkerboard formation supported by an Average BG on the eastern side of my baggage. I put a hole in between my Superiors and Average so I could funnel my mounted through the gap if it came to pass that it was a worthwhile thing to do. It didn't end up happening. I had my two BG's of Cavaliers in the middle of my deployment area. Holding off the right hand flank was the last BG of Poor and the artillery... basically as a last ditch effort to stop nasty mounted swinging around the flank.

My opponent deployed with the Tercios spread pretty evenly across the middle the artillery facing off against the middle of my army facing more against the superiors. In the open field toward the west he put one BG of Musketeers, and another next to his artillery. On the west he had his two BG's of Dragoons. The reiters deployed on the two flanks but behind the tercios. The Cuirassiers deployed on the Eastern side.

On his first move the Cuirassiers sped down the flank. That pretty much sealed where my cavaliers were going, but I also realised that the Cavaliers would be in their element in the open field. Both of us would be disordered, but that would favour my swordsmen in melee, so made a b-line for the rough. The rest of his army advanced at a moderate speed. I'm not sure if he doubled everywhere he could, but I don't think he had command to double everywhere he wanted to. I double moved everywhere I could.

This ended up with me at about the mid-point of the field and my cavaliers in the rough facing off his cuirassiers.

He moved his Heavily armoured cuirassiers to secure the flank of his army and moved one BG of reithers to shoot and threaten the flank of the most eastern BG of Superiors. We ended up in a position where I could impact against his Heavily Armoured guys and his REiters. Knowing that the fight against the Reiters would give me the hits necessary to 'not lose' I thought this was my chance. The impact went very well. I disrupted both the Reiters and the Cuirassiers on impact and broke the Reiters (autobreak) in melee. This caused the cavaliers to break, and I killed their general in persuit, which caused the other Cuirassiers to disrupt, meaning that I now had a BG of unrecoverable cuirassiers against my other BG of Cavaliers.

Things in against my Supeirors were not looking good though. I was copping a lot of fire and losing quite a few bases and I was a bit worried about that.

On the other side, things weren't too bad. I was holding my own but my poor P&S and Artillery were starting to be ganged up on by dragoons.

In one turn I pretty much impacted across the entire front. Everything but the Poor P&S and Cavaliers ended up in Melee, and the Cavaliers started to swing around the flanks.

My superiors, even though they were fairly badly hammered from shooting (down to 4 bases each) did an amazing impact and the two tercios and the medium foot fell to them. The impact on the other flank was less spectacular with my centre BG of P&S decideing to turn tail and run and the others not doing too well. The poor P&S ended up fragmenting and was about to die the death of a thousand shots.

In the end, the Superiors and Cavaliers won the game for me. It was a near run thing with a few lucky (for me) rolls meaning I killed people when I needed to and didn't die enough to break up my line.

A good game all around.

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Re: Louis XIV vs TYW Germans

Post by geoff » Sat Jul 19, 2014 12:05 pm

Yep, you have my list correct all except for the Tercio's. They were late not early. My list was the early TYW Catholic German.
It was certainly a fun game. Casualties everywhere which is what I like. Sadly more of them were mine in the end :(

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