FoGR - introducing another ex-DBR player

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FoGR - introducing another ex-DBR player

Post by timmy1 » Sun Jul 03, 2016 4:05 pm

One of the players at the club had participated in half a FoGR game before and wanted to play a game through. We played his New Model against my Royalists at 650 Points. He declined to attack uphill against superior troops so I had to come off the hill.

The Parliamentary shooting was stunning (I could not pass a death roll to save my life at the start of the game) and their mounted did rather well. We each broke the opponent's right wing but the New Model was better able to keep their troops in hand and by the end had broken half the Royalist army.

Highlights were:

Parliamentary medium artillery autobreaking a Superior Foot regiment (I think he missed with only 2 shots all game...)

A Royalist foot regiment charging and breaking a disrupted Determined Horse BG

Me failing every rally CT, and

My superior cavaliers, led by a general, and one base from Autobreak, taking 4 hits to lose a melee while already fragmented and requiring an 11 on the CT and a 5 on the death roll to avoid breaking/autobreaking and getting both...

My opponent really enjoyed the game and wants to play another - all he needs is an army (I have told him that Tatars in period would be ok against my Russians) and what better excuse for buying more toys.

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