Looking for like minded

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Looking for like minded

Post by typhoon » Tue Jun 04, 2019 8:31 am

Alright this is a difficult post to write. I'm looking for some like minded people to begin modding a game with the view to creating something that everyone will enjoy and that encompasses as much war game experience as those offering the game can share. As of this moment almost everything is open to discussion and amendment. Even the choice of the game to be modded ideally it would be to design a game from scratch but with no programming experience only war gaming this seems too much to hope for so modding it is for now.
My hopes are for grand strategy any era of history or fantasy sci fi environment will do. I want character to be very important the counters must feel important to the player. The logistical and production side of the mod will receive a lot of work this is where wars are won. That and the commanders and units on the battlefield which also must feel like they have a character and purpose of their own. Like I said I have no experience of any of this and much feels really daunting but I really want to produce something that others of like mind to me will enjoy and to be honest I have no idea how to begin on my own. Hence this post.
It could be I've gone completely mad and that people have no interest in any of this but either way thanks for reading. PM me if you are interested at all in joining what I hope will be a fun adventure. If so lots of hard work and probably many disagreements ahead but if I'm not totally barking mad then there are lots of people out there like me who want to do something but just don't know how to start might be the kick in the backside we all need.

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Re: Looking for like minded

Post by PoorOldSpike » Sat Nov 23, 2019 5:10 am

I'm a PC dummy so the only help I could give you is to playtest your creations, but I know of at least two guys who have been producing games from scratch on their own initiative for some years and they seem to be selling well. One is Ilan Papini who works alone and creates sailing simulators and flight sims,

and the other guy creates Air Traffic sims for the 'Big Fat Simulations' company (can't remember his name)
I've owned some of their stuff and it's entertaining, simple and cheap, and they answer my occasional emails, so maybe they can give you advice if you ask them?..:)
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