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What this forum is for

Post by nikgaukroger » Wed Oct 20, 2010 7:14 pm

An unofficial forum for people to discuss potential new lists and amendments. Note this is not about picking armies from existing lists, it is about creating lists for armies that do not exist or suggesting changes to those that do.

As it “says on the tin” this is an unofficial forum for people to discuss potential new lists and amendments to lists already published in the Field of Glory companion books.

Please note it is not about picking armies from existing lists – those should be discussed in the Army Design forum - viewforum.php?f=110

This forum is open to anyone who wishes to make a contribution. There are no set rules as to how list discussion should take place or the format, other than the usual forum rules on posting. We do suggest that list proposals are supported by relevant evidence, quotations, etc. to aid discussion, however, there is no need for, or expectation of, a formal academic structure to posts – unless you want to that is.

Also please ensure that suggestions conform with the rules as they currently stand. This is not a rules changes forum.

Hopefully this forum will generate a lively discussion and any, or all, of the lists are “fair game” – the list team have thick skins so don’t worry about that.

N.B. Members of the team who have produced the published lists may wish to involve themselves here, however, please note that any such posts are their personal views and should not be considered those of the list team as a whole or indication of what may appear in future published lists.

Also note that this is not a forum where the list team will explain their thinking behind the lists - that would be a full time job - but one where alternatives are suggested and discussed. Explanations may be forthcoming at times, but not necessarily all the time and definitely not on demand - we don't have the time I'm afraid.
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