Early renaissance games.

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Early renaissance games.

Post by Rekila » Fri Aug 17, 2012 9:29 am

We intended to play a series of games based on early renaissance battles.
Our first two battles should be based on the year 1476. One is the battle of Toro in Spain, still a “feudal” event, the other the battle of Grandson were the two first modern era armies confronts each other.

Battle of Toro
Fought on 1 March 1476 near the city of Toro between the armies of Alfonso V of Portugal and his Castilian allies that support “Juana la Beltraneja” as Castilian Queen against the army of Fernando and Isabel.
Portuguese army:
3BG of 6b of Portuguese Gendarmes:heavily armored, Superior, heavy lance, sword.
1BG of 6b of Ginetes: Light horses, armored, light spear, javelin, average.
1BG of 4b of mounted crossbowmen: Light horse, unarmored, average, crossbow.
1BG of 8b of Crossbowmen: Medium foot, unarmored, average crossbow.
1BG of 8b of Archers: Medium foot, unarmored, average, bow.
1BG of 6b of javelinmen: Light foot, unarmored, average, javelins, light spear.
1BG of 8b of handgunners : Light foot, unarmored, average, arquebus.
1Bg of artillery: 2b, heavy artillery, average.
2BGs of 4b of Allied Gendarmes: heavily armored, Superior heavy lance, sword.
1BG of 4b of allied jinetes: Light horse, armored, average, light spear javelin.
1BG of 8b of allied crossbow: medium foot unarmored, average, crossbow.
CC. Troop commander
Sub: Field Commander.
Sub: Troop commander:
Ally: Troop commander. Total 999pts

Castilian and Aragon Army.
1BG of 6b Aragon’s Gendarme.6b. Heavily armoured, Superior, heavy lance sword.
1BG of 4b of Aragon’s jinetes: Light horse. armoured, average, javelins light spear.
1BG of 8b of Aragon’s militia: Heavy foot, armoured, average, spear
1BG of 6b of Aragon’s crossbowmen: Medium foot, unarmoured, average crossbow.
1BG of 4b of Mounted crossbowmen. Light horse, unarmoured, average crossbow
2BG of 6b of Gendarmes: heavily armoured, Superior, heavily lance, sword
1BG of 4b of Military order Gendarmes: heavily armoured, superior, heavily lance sword.
1BG of 6b of jinetes: Light horse armoured, average, javelins light spear.
1BG of 8b of handgunners: Light foot , unarmored, average arquebus.
1BG of 6b of Spearmen: Heavy foot, armoured, average spear.
1BG of 4b of Gendarmes: heavily armoured, Superior, heavily lance, sword
3 Troop commanders ( Castilian)
1 Allied Field commander (Aragon) Total 997pts

3BGs of 10b Superior armoured DF, 8b pike and 2b Hw.
4BGs of 6b Superior armoured DF Heavy Weapons.
1BG of 6b Average, unarmored, light foot, crossbow.
1BG of 4b Average unarmored Light Horse crossbow.
3BGs of 6b Average unarmored light foot arquebus .
1BG of 2b of light artillery
1 Great commander, 2 Field and 1 Troop commanders . Total 931pts.

4BGs of Gendarmes: 6b Average Fully armored, Heavy lance, sword.
1BG of Household Gendarmes; 2b Superior ,Fully armored gendarmes, heavy lance, sword.
3BGs of mixed infantry: 2b of HF, armoured, average, pike ; 4b of unarmored MF, Bow, average, sword
1BG of 8b of Ordenance longbowmen: MF average, unarmoured, bow, sword
1BG of 6b of handgunners : LF, unarmored average arquebus
1BG of 6b of crossbowmen: MF, average unarmored crossbow
2BGs of 2b of light artillery
2BGs of 2b of medium artillery
1BG of Mounted bowmen. 4b of Dragoons. Average, unarmored, bow, sword
1 Field and 3 Troop commanders. 929pts

All comments will be highly appreciated.

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