LOEG season 10 Rules

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LOEG season 10 Rules

Post by ericdoman1 » Wed Mar 27, 2013 8:19 pm

League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen Season 10

Greetings fellow players,

April 10th to August 10th (maximum of 2 day extension)

1. The Divisions

The league will be made up of 4 distinct Leagues based on periods rather than expansion packs. The Leagues are Classical 600 BC – 26 BC, Imperial 25 BC – 493 AD, Dark Ages 494 AD – 1120 AD and Late Medieval 1121 AD – 1500 AD.

Each League maybe further subdivided into “A”, “B”, “C” Divisions etc. depending upon the number of players within said League. Up to 10 players will participate in each division with excess going into another group. If the lowest Division has less than 10 players than it will remain open for new entrants who do not have a league rating or are rated for the lowest division play. Depending upon league performance players will shift between divisions either going up or dropping. New players will start in the bottom divisions, unless we think otherwise. Returning players will automatically be placed in the relevant division based on rankings/standings.

However I may look into this a bit more. If 2 or more seasons have been missed I may place returning players in a lower division.

The top 2 players from each of the Divisions, that is Classical, Imperial, Dark Ages and Medieval (B and C divisions) will be promoted. Likewise the bottom 2 players from each Division, that is Classical, Imperial, Dark Ages and Medieval (A and B divisions) will be relegated.

2. Joining & Selecting an Army for your Period League
For each of the leagues (e.g. Classical, Dark Ages etc.) each player is required to select three specific army lists. When you have decided on the three army lists for each period then please go to Recruitment Open links.

Players will be awarded their choice based upon their ranking. Lower ranked players will receive their 1st preference while the highest ranked players will often receive only their 2nd or 3rd choice and at times be required to make a 4th selection.

For example. Dark Ages Division X, 1) Nikephorian Byzantine Later 2)Early Byzantine 3)African Vandal

If X players have chosen Nike Byz Later as 1st option. The player with the lowest ranking will be able to use the Nike Byz Later army.

If too many variants of an army are in the same division, 2nd or 3rd choices will have to be used. Once more I would like to see different armies in each division.

Each season players are not allowed to reselect an army list they have chosen in a previous season until they have played 5 different lists with each list originating from a different nation and a different army composition. For example if somebody has used “Catalan Company” Later, use a non Catalan army, aslo different nations but with very similar build, eg Sciri, Early Lombard, Gepid. We wish to encourage variety within the league and broaden players play styles.

If you have any doubts then please contact me and or the player who is looking after that specific division.

For each of the leagues (e.g. Classical, Dark Ages etc.) each round you will field a 500pt army from your own list, allies can be included. You are free to customize the army before each battle.

3 There will be no use of the split hex rear charge move - to gain a rear-charge advantage when it isn't entitled . This has been confirmed as a bug.
Please make this clear to all players, playing, immediately. Any player found using this will forfeit his game.

The link is

4. Participation in Leagues

Players who have been regulars will be able to enter all 4 of the leagues. New players and regular players who have been unable to complete the majority of their league games will be restricted to 2 leagues. If we need to add some extra players to fill a league then that will be at our discretion. In terms of recruitment, there will be a maximum of 30 places per section, that is, three divisions of ten.

We will also create "reserve lists" for each section those players who are in the 30 places in each book must get their first match underway within 14 days of the opening of the tournament or they will run the risk of being replaced by a reserve.

If you have any private comments to make, please contact me (Eric) via a pm.

If you think you are going to struggle to play in 4 divisions, go with 2

5. Match Preferences – FOW & Double Moves

“Double Moves” and “FOW” will be mandatory for this league. This is mostly due to the fact that the vast majority of players use these options and by creating consistency eases game setup for players and administration of the league for me.

6. Scoring

Scoring for this season will be awarded for wins, losses and draws. A tally of battle groups broken and lost will be kept record of in the event of a tie breaker being required when determining overall ranking. Results for your Division can be found in the thread “LOEG 9 Results & Tables”.

3 points - win
1 point - draw
0 points - loss

7. Match-Ups

Please go to the relevant thread for internal messages in your league. The first post will contain a list of players and their chosen armies for your match-ups. Either player is permitted to set-up their games as long as they select FOW & Double Moves. If the match has been incorrectly set-up then the player who did not set-up the game will have the choice to restart but only by Turn 2. A game that has reached Turn 3 will become fixed and must be played to conclusion. This is based on players using the wrong army build or wrong terrain choice. FOW and double moves, must always be used.

8. Reporting Games

Reporting results will be incumbent on the player who won the battle. They will be required to log into the Slitherine Forum and post the result publically on the appropriate thread (e.g. Classical Battle Results). Results posted should be reported in the following format;

Division (A/B/C etc.)
Player ID (army) (BG lost / BG total) vs Player ID (army) (BG lost / BG total)

Division A
pantherboy (Later Seleucid) (25/23) vs CharlesRobinson (Late Republican Roman) (14/23)

The next step is to update the online spreadsheets. We have posted links to online spreadsheets for each of the leagues within the “LOEG Season 9 Results & Tables” thread under the post for this league. Each link will take you to a series of spreadsheets detailing each division table plus another sheet showing the ladder. What this means is that tables and ladders will always be up-to-date as long as results have been recorded.

Please make sure that the results have been correctly recorded. That is the result is in each of the players cells and in the league table.

At the end of each season we’ll delete all the battle results threads and then set them up anew. The LOEG Results & Tables thread will continue to record every Season’s data.

8.1 How do I enter the results onto the spreadsheet?
What you do is cross-reference the two players involved and then enter the same information as you post on the results thread. You enter lost BG's / total army BG's for each army under the appropriately headed column. Once this is done everything else is auto-calculated (e.g. points for match, total player points, kill ratio, ladder adjustments etc.). Mike has colour-coded the tables for ease of search. Please enter results in the coloured cells only as the gray ones will automatically update.

8.2 Reporting a draw.
Simply enter the current tallies for both players as usual and the table will automatically calculate the points. If both players have opted for a mutual draw then enter 0 for BG’s lost or whatever number it was at when the draw was agreed to.

For example. A game has ended on turn 1 (probably due to the map). Player A (Dailami Buyid) 0/36 vs Player B (Early Alans) 0/40

Enter the score as above and you should each claim 1 pt for a draw.

It could be Player A (Dailami Buyid) 8/36 vs Player B (Early Alans) 10/40. Players have agreed upon a draw after turn X.

After turn 25, the game ends automatically. If neither army is defeated it is classed as a draw. For example, Player A (Dailami Buyid) 22/36 vs Player B (Early Alans) 30/40

You enter the scores as above (BP difference could still make a difference at the end of the season) and each player will claim a 1 pt draw.

8.3 I can't enter anything onto the ladder sheet.

This is intentional. I have locked those sheets as there is no need to enter anything on them. They self-calculate everything. All you need to do is look at them to see where you stand in that particular division.

8.4 Why don't you lock the cells which we shouldn't use on the table sheets?
Google docs doesn't have that capability and as such I must trust that nobody is malicious though you can only access the sheets through the link in the league. I hope google adds this function in the future but people have been requesting it for over a year so I don't have high hopes.

8.5 What do I do if I make an error?
You can use the undo function in the toolbar to go back if you make a mistake. Because it is online it can operate slowly so please be patient and do not repeatedly hit something as the table maybe trying to calculate and needs time to catch up. If all else fails just exit and PM me and I'll quickly fix it. I have a template of the tables and access to the Slitherine post for old results and will be able to amend any problems very quickly. Please make sure you have recorded results correctly.

Triarius/Mike has designed the scoring system (many, many thanks) and if there are any problems, please pm MIke.

9. Absent Players & Neglected Turns

If you have the option to claim a game due to no activity from your opponent then please feel free to do so and report what the current casualties are if possible. Also don’t be too concerned about players who may have dropped out or are unable to play. It is obvious who they are by looking at the results table and at the end of the Season I simply award the game to their opponents unless they didn’t complete any games in which case I’ll remove their name from the list. If you sent 3 private messages to an opponent, including 3 message on the correct league link and there has been no response whatsoever, you can claim that game. If somebody has not moved at all for 1 month plus, you can claim that game as is allowed on the multiplayer system.
To make it easier for players to know they have received a challenge. Go to private messages, board preference, edit global settings and hit yes for everything. You will receive an email informing you of private messages.

10. Keeping Track of Games

It is advised that each player maintain a personal record of their completed matches. In this way you will know who you still have to play and have records of all the completed games in the advent of a mix up at my end. The easiest way to accomplish this is to copy and paste the first post in your league’s internal messages thread which details each player in your division and what army they will be fielding. Then record your results beside each player as per reporting games in Section 8 above.

11. Player Etiquette

So far players have conducted themselves with the utmost of sportsmanship. We don’t feel it is necessary to discuss how players conduct themselves but we do have one request. For ease of management if you wish to quit the League or won’t have time to finish your matches then please notify us. An explanation isn’t required. The purpose is to allow us to either delete you from the League (if games haven’t been played) or issue forfeits on your behalf rather than you sitting there as a ghost player with your opponents trying to contact you. You will always be welcome back though limited to 2 leagues as per section “4. Participation in Leagues”.

Good luck and most of all have fun.
Lots of us

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