Revamping the league

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Re: Revamping the league

Post by stockwellpete » Thu Oct 10, 2013 9:20 am

fogman wrote:if one looks at it, organizing a tournament is merely the act of arranging dag games in a more or less competitive setting. the smaller the meeting space, the more intimate, the friendlier it is. i wish the current organizers best of luck since i am not one to denigrate anybody who works for free for the benefit of the fog community but i'm curious to see how this huge undertaking is going to pan out over several editions.
Our intention is to make it even bigger and better next time! :D

We have exceeded all our expectations in this first season - basically we were hoping to get three sections of 30 players and instead we got three sections of 40 players, plus a themed event of 16 players. So we ended up with 136 player "slots", not the 90 we had originally planned for. And all this before the new Unity version of FOG has been released! The sponsorship support of Slitherine has given us a fantastic boost and we have made determined efforts to reach out to those many dozens of FOG players out there who have never entered a competition before. Season 2 will start on February 1st 2014 and Season 3 on June 1st 2014 - I am not expecting the new Unity version for Season 2 but maybe we will have it for Season 3. So Season 2 will likely be of a similar size to Season 1, but when the Unity version does eventually come out then I expect the league to expand rapidly reaching 50 and maybe 60 players in a section, plus the themed events on top. I think we probably could have reached 50 players for Classical Antiquity and High Middle Ages this time had we wanted to. And the way we will keep it "sane" is to treat each division as a mini-competition in its own right so that every player feels at home in the league - in concrete terms this will mean the committee paying close attention to what it is happening in each division, sorting out problems, providing updated league tables and adjudicating promptly where necessary. This is why the convenors are so crucial to the success of the tournament.

We have lots of ideas in the pipeline, including extending the themed competition so that all the experienced tournament players have a chance to play in one each season, and possibly splitting the High Middle Ages section into western and eastern sections (the topography of the two regions means that the polities and their armies are very different). We have also begun the process of looking at the army lists to see if prohibitions or restrictions are merited and Season 2 should see some developments in this area. It will be very interesting to see how the Unity version impacts on the game too. Although it has been billed as a straight "reproduction" of the existing game, it is already clear from the beta test forum that there will be a number of modifications as it is just not possible to exactly reproduce something when using a different code. Once we see how the various types of armies perform under the new system then we will be able to develop much clearer ideas about the army lists we need. Of course, further on into the future there is the exciting prospect of FOG 2.0 which will give us further food for thought. :D

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