Serious problems with Hannibal.

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Serious problems with Hannibal.

Post by edward77 » Tue Nov 16, 2010 3:06 pm

I have a number of problems with Hannibal. Firstly there are the errors in the manual pdfs (but note not in the other pdfs which come with the game) which refuse to load irrespective of the number of times I reinstall the software. I have exactly the same problem with Operation Barbarossa which is still unresolved and remains unplayable.
Secondly when Hanniball does load after a very long time on a blank screen, the pictures and text are at right angles to the norm.
I have many other Matrix games and recently purchased the Field of Glory series which all installed perfectly so the problem does not appear to be a hardware one.

Edward Hayes

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Post by IainMcNeil » Tue Nov 16, 2010 4:40 pm

Hi Edward

sorry you are having problems. When you say errors in the pdf manuals I'm not sure what you mean?

Do you have a Matrix acount as it would be faster to get support from the developer to post in the forum there. I can direct them here but it might be faster if you post there.

Make sure you post details of your operating system and graphics card to help the developer track down the issue.

Every game works differently so one game working does not mean there is not a hardware issue. It would be good to update your drivers to ensure this is not the issue.

If you give the developers as much info as posble they'll work out how to get you up and running.

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