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Re: Tricks and Tips

Post by Daltharin » Tue May 26, 2015 4:46 am

Thanks for all the excellent tips!

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Re: Tricks and Tips

Post by RVallant » Tue Jun 16, 2015 2:05 pm

Some of my tips for the Grand Campaign is;

1. Be aware of 'free' units. In 1939 in theory you get 2 Tac bombers, 1 free infantry and a tank. And an artillery if you capture it. There's also a fighter plane inbound in 1940 (Sedan), it is worth anticipating these units as you build your core forces. Why not spend the money on that 8.8 and get him some experience nice and early? Or perhaps a He 111H2 that should have plenty of time to bomb at its leisure and rack up immense amounts of exp ready for when you need the ammo sapping.

I found that buying Infantry and Tanks too early can cause the core forces to be too heavy in frontline troops, especially with the SE Infantry and Tanks that are thrown at you for free. In 1940 you can capture 4 tanks(!) which is a lot that early on.

2. Infantry are the bees knees, get them into good terrain and back them up with artillery and air support. SPAA are fantastic for quick-fire support for when you need to truck up the artillery. Tanks for me, shield the open terrain or overlap/punch through a weak point. They're not pound-for-pound epic massacre machines, often Infantry can get a better combat result against everything except other Tanks, *especially* if backed up with arty. It might be an experience thing but in 1939-early 1940 Infantry can post results of 7-0 or 7-1 compared to a tank's 4-0 or 5-2. Later on, Soviet armour is just a pain in the butt to get rid of with conventional tactics.

3. In theory, you don't need to buy tactical bombers or fighters - You get two TAC's for free early on (Rudel and Lendt) and Rudel will become uber in 1941. You get Bar in 1940 and you start with one Fighter as it is. In 1939 air opposition is minimal and Norway can be temperamental with the snow. In 1940 the air war kicks off, but in theory you have three fighter units (The starter fighter, Bar joins at Sedan and Lendt fights in a fighter/bomber). I found 1940 a good time to consider getting SPAA to join an 8.8 unit, especially as the Allies start throwing planes your way, this does two things; 1) It provides mobile, localised air cover. 2) It allows you to escort the bombers and often puts you in a strong position to consider whether to counter-attack or not in the next turn. The AI will take a risk at times, *especially* if they haven't spotted your AA units in the first place.

Someone on this forum posted a list of his 'core' to try and be somewhat historical, I find it a very interesting way to play here's what he was using;

2 x Infantry, 1 x Tank, 1 x "small" artillery (Max 15cm) (Four groups of these = main army)

Everything else is support units so;

0-2 Recon,
0-2 Heavy Artillery (17cm+)
0-2 Tank Destroyers (max one Panzerjager
0-2 Heavy AA (8.8's line)
0-2 Assault Guns (Stu42 or Brummbar)
0-2 Rocket Artillery (max of one of class)
0-2 SP AA (Max of one 7/1)
0-2 Heavy Tanks (Tigers)
0-2 Engineers
0-2 Paratroops
0-2 Mountain Troops

0-3 Fighters (Max 1 FW)
0-3 Tacticals
0-3 Strat Bombers (max 1 in class)

That method seems workable, it would probably have a hard time in the Soviet campaigns, but so far having a cap on the maximum units allowed often forces the player to pick unconventional options or units that they may never have thought of using before. If you get lucky with lots of SE Infantry units you can afford to expand on the 'optional' units and just use the SE units as the 'core' for the 'main army'. This is useful as they don't count towards the core cap, letting you field more extras.

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Re: Tricks and Tips

Post by ErissN6 » Thu Dec 22, 2016 5:17 pm

Yeah, rather, to keep more freedom, it should cost more if you buy more than historically intended.
An army of only super-heavy tanks as complete roster is weird, but it is possible in PCorps. It should still be possible, but with far less units or bought experience...

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Re: Tricks and Tips

Post by captainjack » Thu Dec 22, 2016 10:40 pm

I try to avoid buying tanks early because you get so many captured ones (plus the nice 38t in Poland). Also the early tanks are a bit rubbish. After playing Soviet Corps I rely more on ground troops and AA so my airforce is often very small, and as mentioned, there are a few good fighters awarded in game.

I usually I use a base formation of 4 infantry and two artillery (usually 105) as the base formation. Depending on which mod I'm playing infantry is typically two wehr, one gebirgsjager, engineer or MG34 and either a cavalry or kradschutzen for scouting. Tank units are often independent brigades of 2 to 4 tanks plus mobile artillery once Stugs become available. SE and captured units usually are an independent mixed unit. I find a divisional structure (whatever organisation I use) is particularly useful on bigger maps and almost essential for LoV or GTPG's large maps.

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Re: Tricks and Tips

Post by skr1107 » Sun Jul 23, 2017 8:49 am

DLC 45 west third scenario, time to try Nova Launcher Prime
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Re: Tricks and Tips

Post by DrSher » Tue Sep 12, 2017 4:53 am

The Polish cavalry power is absolutely insane, but I also think it is reasonable.

*AI plays it very intelligently, Poland has a tradition of shock and mobile troops as long as they have been around. Even think about who saved Vienna from the Turks at the last moment in 1683.

*When you have as much infantry and sluggish terrain as in Poland (not The Don steppe) with plenty cavalry you can do what cavalry has always been good at -> concentrated shock attacks at the most opportune moment.

*Cavalry also slows down the Germans a lot by forcing any decent German commander of thinking twice before sending any armor into bad terrain.

On the contrary, one can see how incredibly dangerous it was to be in cavalry units. Every attack you do is mostly against rough terrain relying upon the pathetic close defense. When they take damage, they tend to be smothered too.

Finally, there also was also at least one cavalry vs. cavalry battle in this campaign, but mostly the German cavalry rejected cavalry challenges and withdrew if Polish one charged head on. Their tactical doctrine of cavalry had become more of hobilar type where they used it as mere transportation, while the poles still could charge. However, the story for Polish charging German tanks with lances is a made up/embellished story with no apparent evidence. It was most likely made up by Stalin to admonish the Polish army.

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Re: Tricks and Tips

Post by PeteMitchell_2 » Mon Sep 24, 2018 2:32 pm

Not sure this unit upgrade table has been posted already but I had found it some time ago on Steam. I don't know who prepared it but maybe other people find it useful as well...
(right click and open in new tab for larger high resolution picture)

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