Panzer Corps Grand Campaigns Trees Art

PC : Turn based WW2 goodness in the mold of Panzer General. This promises to be a true classic!

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Re: Panzer Corps Grand Campaigns Trees Art

Post by Kerensky » Sat Jan 07, 2017 10:57 pm

Erik wrote:I've been using these charts while transferring/redoing the Grand Campaigns to Order Of Battle. Beautiful and a big help.
But has anyone done something similar with Sea Lion? i'm a little confused about the scenario flow as there are some exotic scenarios here like Gibraltar, irish Sea, Reykjavik etc.

Thanks for any help
There were campaign trees produced for other DLCs, this particular showcase here is meant for the Grand Campaign proper, and also because it goes above and beyond with all the (in my opinion) wicked cool art backdrops. That Jagdpanther still looks so good! :mrgreen:

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Corporal - 5 cm Pak 38
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Re: Panzer Corps Grand Campaigns Trees Art

Post by faos333 » Thu Aug 15, 2019 11:55 pm

Few weeks ago I started playing the Grand Campaigns, thanks for the images, they are awesome!

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