Solved: Editor will not save custom scenario

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Solved: Editor will not save custom scenario

Post by Erik2 » Tue Sep 13, 2011 11:14 am

I am using a custom equipment file in a finished scenario and need to replace a number of units (invalid unit messages).
I edit a few units & save, get the message about 'problems detected' and answer yes to save anyway. The * is removed from the scenario name indicating a successfull save.

When I reload, the changes are not present. I also note that the date/time of the scenario file has not changed.

After the original install of the beta I noticed that all (or most) of the folders & files were write-protected. This is on two different PCs running Win7 64-bit. The regular install works fine.

Any tips?

Edit: I have administrative rights on both PCs and have write enabled all folders/files
Edit 2: It appears this was a problem with installing to the default directory. Works OK after moving the install folder.

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