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1939 campaign-test by Erik

Posted: Sat Oct 01, 2011 5:19 pm
by Erik2
In general: Proper unit and airfield names is needed for a better player experience. I am testing these scnearios on Colonel level, I consider myself a medium player. The comments are based on a first walkthrough. I will edit this first post as i finish scenarios.

Edit: Add a AA unit for each airfield for defense.

No-1 Poznan 14 turns:
Polish AA on Polish airfield does not fire at German Fighter on the same hex. Decisive Victory turn 13 which indicates the balance is good enough.

No-2 Danzig Corridor –14 turns:
Decisive Victory turn 12, could be a bit harder considering most players will probably already be familiar with the tactics.

No-3 Lodz 13 turns:
Nice touch with the need to keep the aux units alive. Decisive Victory turn 11, could be a bit harder.

No-4 Piatek 20 turns:
Good to see a defensive scenario, the most tense so far. Decisive Victory turn 20, the trick is to defend behind the rivers and counterattack.

No-5 Kampinsoka Forest 16 turns:
Every group of three trains should be protected by one Polish infantry or AA unit. The trains should be normal strength 10, not 5. With a few Stukas and BF109s it is very easy to destroy the necessary 12 trains and they are farily easy to spot. One objective behind the northern river would help as well. Decisive Victory turn 10, too easy in my opinion.

No-6 Modlin 17 turns:
I had 4 Stuka, 2 BF109 and 3 Sturmpanzer units which I think tipped the balance in this one. Decisive Victory turn 20. Beef up the Polish units, most are strength 4-5 and they are too easily overrun.

No-7A Warsaw North 22 turns:
Nice feature re the captured Polish guns. Despite the heavily defended capital it was a rather quick battle for the Germans. Decisive Victory in 10 turns. There are a few understrength Polish units that could be beefed up. Maybe add a few units as speed bumps in front of the capital and shorten the scenario as well.

No-7B Warsaw North 22 turns: Similar experience as the North scenario. Decisive Victory in 9 turns.

No-8 Spoils Of War 21 turns:
The strong Russian tank units at Brest would be of better use outside the town before the Germans are able to attack Brest itself. The Germans managed an easy Decisive Victory at turn 10.

No-9 Oslo 14 turns: (I am a Norwegian so these scenarios are of course very interesting to me)
Accumulated enough prestige to upgrade all infantry transports from trucks to 251s and Stukas to Bf110s. Added a Fallschirmjäger unit to the core.
There should be a Bf110 unit accompaigning the FJ unit targeting Fornebu airfield.
Also the German historical invasion was based on achieving surprise, the Kjevik airfield in southerin Norway was attacked simultainously with Fornebu.
In addition there were Ju52s carrying regular infantry landing them as soon as the fields were secured.
Keeping Blücher intact is a nice twist although she was sunk at dark before the Luftwaffe could silence the coastal batteries.
What are the strongpoints next to the Oscarsborg batteries? There were a couple of old forts south and east of the nearby lake.
it would be better to place two Oscarsborg units on the right side of the fjord and one on the southern tip on the left.
in addition one coastal fort south of the naval base at Horten (Bolærne fort).
Finally one fort NW of Fredrikstad at the entrance of the fjord (Rauøy fort).
These extra forts would make it harder for the German seatransports to land.
The airfield at the southend of the lake should be placed further north next to Lillestrøm (Kjeller airfield).
Fornebu airfield should be placed at Sandvika, this town should really be a hamlet (it is small even today). There were a unit with Gloster Gladiators at Fornebu which were in a dogfight with the Bf100s.
The light cruisers Königsberg and Köln was part of the Kristiansand and Bergen forces and should not be available at Oslofjord.
These should be substituted for the light cruiser Emden and maybe the heavy cruiser Lützow.
All 10 German destroyers were used at Narvik, so the two here should be substituted with Raumboote/Schnellboote.
The Germans reached a Decisive Victory on turn 10, implementing a few of the suggestions above should help.

No-10 Lillehammer 18 turns:
Gjevik (6,11) is spelt Gjøvik or Gjoevik (for US/UK keyboards).
The terrain is now frozen, nice change but there is only 2 hours drive from Oslo to Lillehammer so the former scenario could just as well have snow.
All Allied units could be at full strength with their experience lowered. The British were territorial units, lower quality than regular troops.
Better with a couple of Norwegian air units than the low strength Hurricane. There were no Hurricanes in Norway, only a squadron of British Gloster Gladiators at a makeshift airfield on the frozen lake Lesjaskog near Åndalsnes on the west coast.
Decisive Victory turn 11.

No-11 Narvik 18 turns:
There are too many airfields here. Drop the three at Narvik and west of the town. Add Norwegian Bardufoss airfield on top of the map at the exit road and German makeshift airfield Bodø south of the 'Norwegian town' at (22,19).
The Fallschirmjäger unit at (33,12) seems out of place. The Germans did a crash-course for a couple of Gebirgsjäger companies much later, but I think this should be replaced by a GJ unit or a lower quality so called Marine-Gebirg (survivors from the beached German destroyers).
There should be no Spitfires available, Sea Gladiators and Swordfish were used on the British carriers at this stage.
The carrier Glorious steamed in the Vestfjord on turn 3 creating an easy target for the Kriegsmarine vessels. More British destroyers should be available for escort. Also, the heavier British ships like to target Schnellboote and destroyers making them ripe for getting sunk by Scharnhorst & Gneisenau.
None of U-boats/subs performed evasive maneouvers, I watched 5-6 attacks without seeing one.
Most (all?) Norwegian units are depicted as mountain/ski units, actually there were very few designated mountain units. Most where ordinary conscriptions.
A few additional French mountain units could be added, there were several at Narvik. Later some veteran free Polish units were available as well.
The French had a few small tanks present.
Decisive Victory in 9 turns which is too easy.

No-12 Eben Emael 15 turns:
Almost lost this one as a Belgian infantry re-entered Eben Emael on turn 12 while the Germans where busy mopping up elsewhere. Really liked this varied scenario, players need to be warned about crossing the southern river. There are no objectives there (maybe there should be one).
Decisive Victory turn 15.

No-13 Albert Canal 21 turns:
Placing the objectives on the bridges means the AI will move onto the river hexes and easily get destroyed. An alternative is placing objectives on each side of the bridge although this would of course double the number of objectives.
Probably the hardest scenario so far, quite fun. I purchased a couple of FJ units to try a mini Market Garden approach, but ended up dropping them fairly close to the main force due to the Allied air presence. The need to grind down the Allied advances in the SW slowed the German advance and I even lost a couple of units.
It was a tough fight for the last objective at Antwerp, but the Germans managed a Decisive Victory on turn 17.

No-14 The Hague 18 turns:
Purchased a couple of Sturmpanzers making a total of five. They act like firebrigades behind the frontline giving maximum support regardless of their low ammo.
Sent to FJ units to bolster the defence of their isolated Kameraden. The aux units were also beefed with exp replacements.
I did not see the point with the Allied destroyers, they are only good for making adjacent attacks anyway and that is easy to avoid. I would replace these with a cruiser to bombard ie units inland.
The 5 strength garrison could be replaced by full strength units.
Decisive Victory in 11 turns, a bit too easy.

No-15 Sedan 18 turns:
Embarked two FJ units in hope of speeding up the advance south, or maybe help with Meuse crossings.
The action was thickening fast in the Wadelincourt area, but the combination of BF110ds, Sturmpanzer and Panzer IIIFs managed to break through in a couple of turns.
Then the Germans fanned out and grabbed the last objectives. Decisive Victory on turn 12. a bit on the easy side (but fun as always).

Posted: Sun Oct 02, 2011 4:16 am
by Kerensky
Proper unit names have been applied to all capital ships. KMS Scharnhorst, KMS Blucher, HMS Warspite, and so on. Ground and air units will most likely not receive this treatment (with some exception for exceptional units such as the Polish Generals, Kutrzeba is the man), as they are far too abstract for proper and correct naming. That said, the player always have 100% control over naming their units as they please.

Airfields are even trickier. I would say half of the airfields you see are placed for game play balance purposes. Range to targets and fuel amount of 109s and ju87s plays a critical role is airfield placement, which leads to airfields being placed in historically inaccurate locations. Just think of airfields as anything from major airports to a clearing in the forest with a few support facilities, which is not untrue of what many forward air bases really were during World War II.

Major airfields, especially when they are central in historical context, do generally receive proper naming treatment. The three major airfields in The Hague scenario have been given relatively correct geographical locations AND names.

Ypenburg AFB
Ockenburg AFB
Valkenburg AFB

Posted: Sun Oct 02, 2011 12:26 pm
by Erik2
OK, but I would still give the units proper names, even if approximated. Use corps/division etc names that actually took part in the conflict. Better than the feeling generated unit names. It is nice to see names like KG30, ZG76, StG1 etc and it should not be too difficult to research these.

I can provide you with authentic British and Norwegian unit names (probably battalions?) for the Norwegian scenarios if you like.
I notice that there are some town names lacking, I will see if I can come up with some plausible location names.


Posted: Wed Oct 05, 2011 11:20 am
by Erik2

Posted: Wed Oct 05, 2011 6:18 pm
by Kerensky
It's better if you just keep adding new posts instead of editing your first post. Easier to keep track of and you dont have to bump stuff. Don't worry about multiposting here.

Posted: Wed Oct 05, 2011 6:41 pm
by Kerensky
Many of your requested changes cannot be implemented because of game play impact. For example moving an Oscarborg fort to the West side of the fjord creates a position that is very difficult to access and assault. Same with the abundant airfields (and bridges) of Narvik.
There is no British Gladiator fighter in the equipment file, and no Norwegian aircraft either, so I had to made due with the best alternative available. Although there are other biplanes that can be renamed and reflagged, that can be experimented with.

Otherwise, I should be able to accommodate some other changes, swapping out destroyers for schnellboots, dropping in the Emden, adding more escorts to the Glorious.

No-16A Maubeuge 18 turns

Posted: Sat Oct 08, 2011 10:33 am
by Erik2
The briefing says three aux units must be preserved for a decisive victory. There are no aux units on map at start, are they supposed to arrive later? I never saw any aux units during the 13 turns before the Germans achieved a Decisive Victory.
To make this scenario a bit harder the river crossings could be defended, this should slow teh Germans down a bit. Also the British objective in the NW corner could be beefed with at least one more infantry units

No-17 Arras 24 turns - beta2

Posted: Tue Oct 11, 2011 7:38 pm
by Erik2
This was the toughest fight so far. The German Bf110s and panzers had their hands full with the Allied armor.
I lost a couple of infantry units and a also 2-3 panzer units and by the end of the scenario my prestige was down from about 2500 to 500.
I really liked this scenario, the German setback at Arras is well depicted.
In the end the Germans managed a decisive Victory on turn 21.
I would not change anything unit-wise, but a couple of turns should probably be shaved off the total length.
I waited with the SW objective until I had taken the last two non-objective cities.