DLC 42 #04 Sevastopol Siege

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DLC 42 #04 Sevastopol Siege

Post by El_Condoro » Sat Dec 10, 2011 1:02 pm

Sevastopol Siege

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General - Elite King Tiger
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Post by deadtorius » Sun Dec 18, 2011 6:43 pm

I started this game with 4981 in prestige before upgrades and elite replacements. Ended with just under 2000 as I used the elite replacements to keep the xp on my tanks etc.

After trying my hand at Sevastopol Assault I thought I would give the siege branch a try. Aside from losing both of your siege units it is pretty much the same only now you just have to run down the right side of the map and capture all those cities outside of Sevastopol, which does not have any objective hexes in it so really no need to go there at all. With the Stalingrad looming ever closer I decided to buy some new infantry and deploy them to hopefully get some experience onto them for the looming street fights. I picked up an infantry, heavy weapons, FJ and Pioneer. Hardest part of all is keeping my vetran Panzers from killing everything before the new guys have a chance to even attack.

This one is a lot easier than the slug fest that assaulting Sevastopol is, especially with a veteran core of 14 strong Panzers leading the way. Still not that impressed with the 21 cm arty, as they average 0-1 hits per attack compared to my vet 15cm that have done up to 5+ hits in an attack. Biggest problem in this one is staying away from Sevastopol as there are airfields etc that fall within the range of the forts.

I formed up in a line and started to roll everything in my path all the way down to the south end of the map. Up north I let my green Pioneer play with a Conscript in the trenches with negligible results until a second conscript moved up and killed him, even with the useless 21 cm providing arty support. So much for gaining some XP on him. That was my only casualty although once again my recon got pretty close to dying. Once you start down the side it is just a matter of keeping momentum, not difficult at all till you get down south. That is where the Black Sea fleet is hiding and the southern cities have AA guns so the coast is partly covered. The Luftwaffe took a beating in this one as the Soviet AA gunners are definitely getting better. There were a few KV's waiting down by the south coast but with the AA guns gone they fell pretty quickly to the Stuka's.

I let this one drag out to 3 turns from the end as I wanted my green infantry and FJ to get some XP by finishing off the last city hexes. Not a great challenge but a whole lot easier and less painful than assault was. Still I did like it although I took a few unnecessary hits from a fort trying to keep the Russians out of the city and airfield that are about halfway down the map. It was not really necessary to keep them but as a matter of principle once I take it I want to keep it. It just cost me about 4 step losses from ranged fort attacks each turn to hold them.

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Captain - Bf 110D
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Post by OmegaMan1 » Wed Dec 21, 2011 9:42 am

Sevastopol Siege. DV in 16 turns.
Start prestige: 468. End prestige: 208.
New units purchased: SE Panzer, cavalry, two recons (all at deployment).
Units lost: Core -- 2 recons, Ju-87, infantry.
Medals: 9. Heroes: 0.

Assuming that Sevastopol siege is easier than Sevastopol assault, this scenario is still a good challenge in its own right. I began my offensive by literally moving down the field in a continuous line, capturing my first objective city (Skalyste) on turn 3. I then captured the western port of Kacka and used that as the "hinge" to bring my forces in a line around Sevastopol. Without too much difficulty I captured Bakhchysarai and Verkhorichchya on turn 6, and continued to move my forces to the southeast (and away from Sevastopol proper). As I approached Alushta on the eastern shore, I was confronted by my first Red Navy units, a heavy cruiser (which I sunk on turn 8 ) and battleship (sunk on turn 10). Despite some stout resistance from the SMG unit I was able to take Alushta on turn 9.

Alas, as is becoming all too familiar in the 1942 campaign, the Russians made life very difficult in the middle part of the mission. My first challenge was getting my forces past the bottleneck formed by Zelene and the hills to the south, and a line of SMG infantry that stood guard south of that. While I was able to take out both positions, it took quite a bit of effort and a lot of casualties. Once again, I paid for not properly defending one of Ju-87s, as two Red aircraft managed to knock one out of the sky (and this was after I thought the Red Air Force was gone). Then, on turn 10, Russian conscripts poured out of Sevastopol and, with the aid of a heavy artillery emplacement, surprised and destroyed my infantry unit at Zelene! This was a genuine surprise, and I had to divert precious units to stop the advance, defeat the attackers and retake the city. On top of this my forces in the far south were hit by two more cruisers (both of which I sunk on turn 14), as well as more SMG troops. I was finally able to take Livadiya on turn 14, and the final two ports of Simeiz and Foros on turn 16 -- but not before another horde of conscripts again struck near Zelene and took out a recon unit.

I found this scenario very challenging (again, I'm using the generic core that comes with the DLC), which leads me to think that the assault version of this mission will be even more punishing. I'll try my hand at that scenario tomorrow, and as I mentioned, I'll proceed with the campaign from whichever mission I do better in.

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General - Elite King Tiger
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Post by deadtorius » Wed Dec 21, 2011 11:40 pm

Assault is worse, but you still get the option of taking all those cities anyway. If you want to avoid the problems of Sevastopol try moving down the right side of the map and then cut back in towards the city, it helps keep your distance and should trigger less defenders from making sorties against you.

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Post by Kerensky » Thu Dec 22, 2011 3:02 am

Reading all of the feedback for this scenario:

Sounds like there are no serious issues with it, and that people are enjoying it as the 'easier' alternative to Assault.

Based on feedback, the points here that need addressing are:

If there's anything else important you feel I missed, let us know!

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General - Elite King Tiger
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Post by deadtorius » Fri Dec 23, 2011 1:46 pm

I was happy with it as is, well done on making an easy challenge, quite different from assault thats for sure.

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Post by monkspider » Fri Dec 23, 2011 10:32 pm

Sevastopol Siege
starting 3772
After upgrades 586
Ending prestige 700
No losses
DV on turn 14

This one was definitely a lot easier than Sevastopol Assault but still not an altogether trivial challenge with the non-imported core. It was fun, and as Deadtorious said, i wouldn't change anything.

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Corporal - 5 cm Pak 38
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Post by Dalinski » Thu Dec 29, 2011 3:00 am

Its a shame the Soviet Amphibious Invasion of the Kerch peninsula isn't involved with this one. Would make for a very refreshing scenario.

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Senior Corporal - Ju 87G
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Post by BriteLite » Fri Dec 30, 2011 8:11 am

DLC 42 #04 Sevastopol Siege
Difficulty: Colonel
Starting Prestige: 2772

I swear these missions are getting harder. I lost 5 core units all infantry. The numerous forts are almost invincible and cannot be surpressed. Took 8 turns to decipher how to beat the mission. I won’t disclose the solution, not out of any sense of meaness. You must experience it your self for the fun factor.

Play and force balance is very level. Another frustrating mission that is enjoyable.

The mission designer should receive 40 lashes. 8)

Decisive Victory
Turn 11
Ending Prestige 158

"Its a shame the Soviet Amphibious Invasion of the Kerch peninsula isn't involved with this one." Agreed Dalinski :D

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Administrative Corporal - SdKfz  251/1
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Post by kjeld111 » Mon Jan 02, 2012 10:44 am

With my "casual player" hat, I obviously chose the easier route :)

Although it was not THAT easy. Lots of bottlenecks, a cramped map, some hard terrain, and bitter resistance (gah, SMGs ...).

As I have reported previously, I suck at using infantry, and keeping them alive, but at least, salvation has come in the shape of the new IIIN model. With my intantry core in shambles, I am betting a lot on those units : I upgraded my two old T34/40, my old PzIII and my trusty matilda II into 4 of those brand new models, and will buy more if needed. The IVG might be a monster in open terrain, but those 4 close defense and respectable soft attack are too good to pass. This battle, though avoiding the real urban warfare, put them to a good test. The STUG IIIb start to show their age against the heaviest soviet tanks, but for capturing moderately defended town in a "blitzkrieg" type map, who needs slow, ponderous, and vulnerable infantry+towed arty when you can field a fast PzIIIN/STUGIIIb combo that can advance on the map quickly, and relatively safely !
The new Henkel bombers did some mayhem on the enemy ships (even one shotting one light cruiser). Strategic bombers took a step back in the DLCs this far, but with the long awaited Henkel upgrade, and accumulated experience (4 stars bombers absolutely destroy the enemy ammo), I guess they are back in force.

Overall, the map was not specifically exciting (I guess the excitement is for the hard one ;) ) though a decent challenge, but I was pretty happy, as you can deduce from my report, to play with my new toys :lol:

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Re: DLC 42 #04 Sevastopol Siege

Post by tomjones99 » Sat Aug 13, 2016 11:00 pm

try the Sevastopol scenario from the Soviet Storm Mod...have fun ;)
Prestige 0.... Units lost: all.

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