DLC 43 - beta 2: Belgorod

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DLC 43 - beta 2: Belgorod

Post by charonjr » Fri Feb 17, 2012 7:14 pm

FM - pre-build core

Upgraded the Bf-109F to G, Ju 87B to B, Bf 110G to Me 410A, StuG IIIF/8 and Marder IID to StuG IIIG, Pz IVF/2 to G, Pz IIIJ/1 to a Tiger I, the 2 15cm artillery to 17cm, bought another Ju 87D and Me 410A and 2 more Wurfrahmen 40 leaving me with 0.1k prestige.

The last defender of Belgorod fell at turn 9 and I started to cross the Donets at Ziborovka as well - everything west of the Donets was already conquered at this point.

Game could have ended at 13/17.

I am wondering what the maximum number of kills is before you are guaranteed to get a hero, I have some 100+ kills units here without a hero. IMO there should be a fairly low cap here in order to let the pre-build core catch up as fast as possible in regard to heroes.

DV at 17/17 with 1.2k prestige - only with selling the captured T34/41 did I manage to end up with 0.3k prestige after repairs, otherwise this scenario would have been a loss, at least for me and at FM. I got a some extreme die rolls here (both sides), I will try to play the next scenario in pure chess mode in order to eliminate the randomness. Hard to say if this was the reason for the fairly high repair bill or if I still was a bit too reckless in my pushing forward (I think not THAT much) or if - at least for me - the new scenarios simply can not be played at FM without barely getting any prestige after repairs.

Having to make decisions about which units to reinforce/upgrade is not bad at all, I am simply not used to it ;)

edit: Got another 4 heroes, but it still feels a bit too slow, or is there any kind of cap for the number of heroes you can gain during 1 scenario (just counted the heroes from Kharkov again, 4 there, too, not just the 3 I counted yesterday).

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Re: DLC 43 - beta 2: Belgorod

Post by produit » Thu Mar 01, 2012 2:56 pm

Pursuing my 43 campaign, FM difficulty, pre-set core, chess mode.

This map is interesting, but really similar to the precedent one. You have to keep the red furry on the other side of the Donets, and advance north against a weaker army than what awaits you on the other bank of the river.

The technique was similar, keep tiger tanks near the bridges. The difference with Kharkov, was that I had already upgraded most of my units, and that I had 6 tiger tanks and 4 StugIIIG to guard the river. As a result, it was really easier.

Finished on turn 16, cleaning the whole map. Prestige is still low (1767 after taking the last objective). I could have finished on turn 11-12, but the East part of the map would not have been cleaned up.

As soon as I have prestige, I will replace the Ju87 by Me410. It is really a pain to have to guard them most of the time and repair them...

StugIIIG + StuH42 are really efficient to keep the hoard of tanks at bay.

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