DLC '44 #9: Minsk44

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DLC '44 #9: Minsk44

Post by VPaulus » Sat Mar 24, 2012 2:44 pm

Please post here your comments about this scenario.

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Re: DLC '44 #9: Minsk44

Post by produit » Tue Mar 27, 2012 9:11 am

FM, preset core.
DV at 20/20, but could have finished on turn 11. Stayed for prestige and exp.
Ending prestige 14536.
Received a SE Tiger II, for a total amount of 11 Tiger II. I am keeping the last 3 Panthers for a bit of mobility.
Simple map, if you can deploy good tanks and good air support (AA + fighters). I was able to capture a KV-85. But this kind of units is really not worth keeping it anymore. It could be interesting to get really good Russian units. There were some IS-2 on the map, but I was able to kill them on bridges.

The prestige income per turn is quite high and with the numerous cities to take, the total prestige begin to be interesting. As before, Tigers II + artillery + AA means no attack from the enemy. Does it means that it can be reduced ?

Finally, the North East attack force did not trigger before I was holding Borisov, and as a result, I was able to gently kill all those nice units on the two bridges. It seems to me that the trigger is based on the number of turns. Would it not be better to put trigger based on hexes ? Thus, if you move far enough, you earn a counter-attack. The impression would be: I killed the first onslaught -> I can move forward -> F..k, an enemy counter-attack. Now, I get a counter attack when everything is taken...

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Re: DLC '44 #9: Minsk44

Post by nikivdd » Wed Mar 28, 2012 7:20 pm


Really liked the russian attack. Took me a couple of turns to repulse them. Nearly lost my jagdtiger.
The 2 bridge engineers near Marina Horka are IMO futile, they didn't/won't cross because the VH (23,24) is much closer than the one across the river (12,27).
The final counterattack came too late...just lambs for the slaughter on the river hexes. When i captured the last airfield (27,21), the 6 russian planes went numb.

DV 15/20 8417PP.

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Captain - Heavy Cruiser
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Re: DLC '44 #9: Minsk44

Post by monkspider » Thu Mar 29, 2012 12:31 am

Minsk '44
Starting prestige 5200
After overstrengthing 120
Ending prestige 4058
Losses: None
Marginal victory turn 20

There was a certain beautiful symmetry to Operation Bagration, it started on June 22nd 1944, exactly three years to the day from the start of Operation Barbarossa, and just as the German's first major battle of encirclement was at Minsk back in 41, the key encounter of what I have once read an author describe as "the Soviet Cannae" was also at Minsk. Luckily, this battle did not fare as poorly for the Germans as it did historically.

My prestige situation was reasonable, I took some horrible losses in the previous encounter but I was able to overstrength most of my units to the maximum though upgrades/new purchases were out of the question. I decided pretty early on that I was going to settle for a marginal victory again. The Soviets were strong, and I believe I lacked the oomph to try to counter-attack especially in light of my prestige situation. My defense consisted of two key strategies, to form a strong defensive ring around Minsk, and to use my aux units to delay the enemy from crossing the river in the southeast as long as possible.

Both strategies were a resounding success! My auxillary units somehow delayed the southeast troops from crossing the river for the first eight turns! This split up enemy attack more than I believe it normally would have been, and granted me greater tactical flexibility. As a result, Minsk ring was never seriously threatened and my losses were quite light. I ended up with a decent prestige reserve that should allow me to be more ambitious in the next battle!

One other minor item of note is that the Red Air Force was quite potent in this one and put up an impressive fight. They really seemd to just keep coming and even my FW-190s were getting a bit shot up.

Overall, a very fun scenario. I would suggest no changes. It was somewhat on the easier side for me, but my plan may have just come together fortuitously well. If I hadn't been so successful with the delaying tactics used by the aux units, I would have been much harder pressed.

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Re: DLC '44 #9: Minsk44

Post by billmv44 » Thu Mar 29, 2012 9:13 pm

General, imported core. Prestige to start 10,094, ending 10,943.

My strategy was to rush forward from Minsk to meet the enemy as far forward as possible, while keeping my tanks out of the forest hexes. I was able to hold a bridgehead at Druzny. This became a magnet for Ivan. I slowly expanded my forces there and was able to surprise him with a flanking attack from the south (side note - there is an airfield at the edge of the map at 30,33 but you can't move to it. Was this intentional?) Since I'm out numbered and there is a lot of ground to cover, I went after his bridging units. I seems that the AI doesn't take flanking routes to victory hexes. Even though my flank was open and he could have really made a challenge for me, he didn't push any units across on the initial turns. The failure to do that was his downfall. Of course, unimaginative frontal attacks were the Russian's specialty (at least in the early war years). Maybe our AI is one of Stalin's cronies kept around for his political reliability instead of his generalship.

Still, I enjoyed the scenario. The Red Air Force is getting stronger and more numerous every day! Good thing more advanced German fighters are coming for 1945 or my Luftwaffe won't exist at the end of that DLC.

My only suggestion would be to have the AI push some tank units across the Berezina in the south at the start. Having to chase them down while fighting off the main attack on Minsk will make things very interesting for the German player.
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Re: DLC '44 #9: Minsk44

Post by charonjr » Fri Mar 30, 2012 5:44 pm

Rommel - pre-build core

Starting with 5k prestige, down to 0.8k after elite replacements (except for the 2 level bombers which will stay at home here). Upgradeed the SE Pz IVJ to a Tiger I leaving me with 48 prestige.

Got my first STR 15 units now, one StuG IV and a Ju 87D. The rate of heroes still seems too low, 27 heroes for 54 core units which is again creating a very large gap between imported and pre-build cores.

Basically I rushed my Panzer and SP artillery towards the bridges right from the start.

After 4 turns I became fairly confident that I will not have to use the 5 Infantrie, 3 Artillerie and 2 AAA units I had originally stationed in Minsk as defenders there and moved them forward as well.

Borisov fell at turn 10, basically giving me control of all the bridges.

After the initial wave of aircraft they were usually such low numbers of them around that my 5 FW and 3 ME had no problems in dealing with them. The most dangerous/annoying units were the SPAA, again.

Could have won at turn 12, but kept playing.

No IS-2 spam this time?

Got a KV-85 from Cyva which will be sold.

DV at 20/20 with 3.6k prestige - since I got 2 +1 movement heroes this turn 2k will go into 2 additional Tiger II for 4 of them total.

Overall fairly easy, especially once I took control of the bridges it was basically back to shooting fish in a barrel. Maybe another group of Soviets hiding the the NW hills might be good since it would force us to spread our forces out even more.

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Master Sergeant - Bf 109E
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Re: DLC '44 #9: Minsk44

Post by Zhivago » Sun Apr 01, 2012 2:37 am

Played FM level, DV 11/20. I went on the offensive turn 1 and did not look back. I moved to secure the bridges along the eastern/south-eastern river with my Panther G's and Tiger II's with infantry and arty bringing up the rear. I also targeted all of the Russian bridgeheads and destroyed them. Once the Russians were bottled up on the opposite side of the river, it was fairly easy to destroy them as they clumsily tried to cross the river right in front of my heavy armor. I used my infantry in the center of the map, along with towed arty and stug IV's to destroy the Russian infantry advances. There were lots of Russian air-attacks to deal with, and my 3 FW-190's and 4 ME-410's were busy fending off attacks for most of the game.

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Re: DLC '44 #9: Minsk44

Post by hmshood » Wed Apr 02, 2014 1:59 pm

I am convinced China has switched sides....where does Russia get all this manpower?...just finishes this bloodbath...lost two more core units...Definitely not 'nuff prestige to reinforce all of the remaining Core. Again the Tiger II's held up extremely well...THEIR "tank busters" seem better than mine! Game continues to be very challenging...what is really really cool are the intell reports followed by orders from Berlin. Each scenario is so different!

This is first time around for me (after AK). all I can say is WOW....I have never spent so much time on any game ever.

Maybe Vilna will be easier?....


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