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DLC '44 #13: Budapest44

Posted: Sat Mar 24, 2012 2:47 pm
by VPaulus
Please post here your comments about this scenario.

Re: DLC '44 #13: Budapest44

Posted: Thu Mar 29, 2012 6:38 pm
by produit
FM, preset core.
DV 20/20. I had cleaned the map on turn 14.
Ending prestige 21144.

This map is really easy. I would have fought that the battle for Budapest would be more fierce. That is true that I begin to have quite a good core, but with such a nice environment for defense (major river and city/fortification hexes), it is really easy to stand up against the Russian. As the frozen ground disappear after a few turn, the river could have been helpful, but I didn't need it. The only place where I used terrain at my advantage was the northern part, as a huge part of the first assault went directly for Vac and not for Budapest.

I enjoyed to have finally allied units I could use (Stug IV), as it is a kind of unit I really used during this DLC as artillery to protect against and attack enemy tank.

I would really add more infantry and better tanks for the first assault on Budapest, supported by more airplanes. As the terrain is really friendly for defense, having a few turn where you have to take a bit of care to defend the city would be nice. But for that, more enemy units are needed in the first wave.

Concerning the weather, it was mostly clear and dry ground. It is strange. I would have thought that the weather would be worse, and that the Russians could cross the river easily.

The map has a lot of potential. Thus, let it be a clear end to devastating onslaught on the German Army.

Finally, I really enjoyed this DLC, even if I have the impression that it was clearly easier than the 43DLC, with a preset core on FM.

Re: DLC '44 #13: Budapest44

Posted: Sat Mar 31, 2012 8:06 am
by Mountaineer
I note that the Danube goes from frozen one turn to uncrossable the next, and then back to frozen. Given the short time span between turns, this seems a little unrealistic. When the river thawed I had my arty lined up on it. The very next turn the river froze and my arty was vulnerable to Soviet tanks. Seems you need an intermitent terrain with snow but free flowing impassable rivers. Or, the terrain should not be so drastic inside of 3 turns.

Re: DLC '44 #13: Budapest44

Posted: Sun Apr 01, 2012 7:46 am
by monkspider
Budapest '44
Starting prestige 2700
After overstrengthing 31
Ending prestige 616
No losses

After the debacle at Kishinev, I knew I had to rein in my expectations, even though I would like to go for the decisive victory that would beauituflly set up Operation Konrad next year, I knew I would have to limit my losses and try to shore up my forces. With only 2700 prestige at the start of this one, i was only able to do a small amount of overstrengthing. The primary recipient of what I was able to do was the Luftwaffe. After getting driven from the skies completely last time, I was determined to prevent that from happening again.

My modest strategy was to send my elite SS units into Budapest to help shore up the defenses there, and then send two task forces in the north and south to guard the Danube river crossings. My strategy worked pretty beuatifully actually. In the north and south my defenses held nicely and were only threatend on a couple occasions. In Budapest my troops also did admirably but still things got occassionaly dicey when some of the Hungarian units were eliminated. My overall losses were fairly light, but not as light as I would have ideally wanted and my prestige was always at a pretty critical level. But still, for this stage in the war, you have to take what you can get.

My luftwaffe shot down SO many enemy planes but just so, so many just kept coming. Longsac and were joking earlier in the thread about finallly seeing the limits of the Red Air Force, but after these last two missions I think I can definitely say, the Red Airforce has no limits! My fighter squadrons got absolutely shot to hell once again, but at least I gave the Red Air force a bloody nose and I managed to keep at least two combat ready squadrons in the air until the end. There was no Soviet Air supremacy this time. The damn Yak 9SU (I believe it is called) is a brutal plane, and gives my FW-190's much higher losses than I can sustain. I think it may be time to accept that German air supremacy is a thing of the past by this point.

Overall, this was an excellent and enjoyable battle, and a great way to end a campaign that I thought was by far the most difficult yet. Never before have I had to settle for marginal victories so often, and things always seemed to be hanging by a thread. This might well be my favorite campaign to date, simply because I love defensive battles so much, and the tone of the campaign was so thought-provoking. The only thing I didn't like was the amount of AI IS-2 spam, I hope this can be corrected and the campaign will be truly perfect.

Thanks for allowing me to be a beta-tester, as always, it has been a pleasure. Now on to Götterdämmerung and 1945!

Re: DLC '44 #13: Budapest44

Posted: Thu Apr 05, 2012 3:55 pm
by billmv44
Playing on General with imported core. My first impression of this scenario is -"there are certainly a lot of Russians". I'd smash a bunch of units and more stepped right into the battle. I agree with the previous post that the Danube freezing and thawing in 1 turn seemed a bit unrealistic, but I didn't mind catching Ivan stuck on the river hexes when it thawed (the AI really doesn't like to retreat). DV on turn 19. The IS-2 limit seems to be working fine here. The game balance is appropriate with that limit. My Luftwaffe now has the upper hand again with the Me-262s. My 5 star units can on shot the best Red fighters.

Good job on this scenario and the entire 1944 DLC. Looking forward to 1945 and the West/Africa DLCs.