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Trying to understand some logic

Posted: Mon Mar 04, 2019 10:15 am
by NBAR8265
OK so I am playing as Germany V Russia
was great for a while but now 44/45
1/ Artillary pretty well useless, lucky to get a -1 against Infantry in open, tanks forget it yet a 8" shell plunging down on any armour is going to create some destruction Infantry well
2/ why does Russian Infantry destroy Tiger Tanks in open even the conscript can do damage, really I wouldn't be going up against a Tiger in open. Didn't know Russian Infantry had really good Anti Tank weapons
3/ Panzer Grenadiers v Russian Conscript again these should come out on top
4/ Seems even though I have better equipment the Russians always out gun me even a T34/43 belts a Tiger
5/ already on back foot with overwhelming Russian but when Infantry even when hit by Artillary do extensive damage to a tank
6/ Oh and why doesn't my Panzer Grenadiers do same damage to Russian Tanks ( Panzerfaust )

This is kinda taking the fun out of it, Is there some program rigged so you loose ?

Re: Trying to understand some logic

Posted: Tue Mar 12, 2019 9:30 pm
by PeteMitchell
Please allow me to ask, why do you post an almost identical post as three weeks ago... just at a different place? ... 21#p770221

I am happy to help but your points seem a bit "surreal" maybe? Please don't get me wrong, it's just hard to relate to what you are saying/describing (IMHO).

Maybe an idea, have you tried watching some youtube videos to see how others play the game? Maybe here is a good place to start: