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version 2.1 update??

Posted: Sun May 06, 2012 4:08 pm
by Blathergut
Whereabouts are we with v2.1? Is the file with the Slithery Ones? Am going into exam and report cards mode again ( :cry: ) so may not have much of a chance to test other than downloading and running the installer.

Re: version 2.1 update??

Posted: Sun May 06, 2012 5:35 pm
by Peter Stauffenberg
Slitherine will start making the installer on Monday. Then we will get the PC and MAC installer to test. Slitherine will make the installers available on their WEB page after we confirm the installer is working as intended.

If you want to test the installer then you can contact Ronnie (PC) and Paul (MAC) for a link to the installer. We need some testers so we can verify that people can install without issues.

It could take a little time from the installers are confirmed OK until the public will get GS v2.1. It depends on how Slitherine want to promote GS v2.1. I guess we need some text ala what's new, combined with screenshots for Slitherine to make a WEB page for this. We will post more about the official release date once we know the plans Slitherine have.

At least we've done our work so we're only waiting on Slitherine. :)

Everybody will have to install GS v2.1 from the installer since we have made a few minor updates (bugfixes) since the last beta version you have all received. These updates will not disrupt ongoing games so you can install the official version and continue all your games.