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Conquest Moscu July 1941 (Turn 35)

Posted: Sat Mar 24, 2018 6:08 pm
by rodri90
Hello. How are you?

I am a history buff, especially the Second World War.
Remembering that the intention of Germany was to attack the Soviet Union only, try to recreate this scenario in the commander.

In the first 2 turns it came to Poland, and hence the main difference in the standard strategy: do not attack France as well as Belgium, only Holland, Denmark and Norway (to win PP). In this way the border is summarized to the maginot line easily defensible by the sigfrido line.
The only offensive position in the West are the uboots, which are quickly sent to build more to be able to place 2 per brand route as well as focus on the technological development of the same.

Once the good weather returns in the east, the USSR is attacked from Finland (with the support of the Luftwaffe and panzer divisions, in a few turns the Leningrad falls) and disembarks in the Baltic capitals of Riga and Tallin (these have no garrison and that were not yet occupied by the USSR).

The red army is very weak at this time, has few units and no technology, added to the open gaps in the north and the lack of trains in the first shifts by transfer of industry to the urals makes the few but strong German units they can easily advance and surround the communists.

France and England did not make any offensive move, either on the border with Italy.
In the north of Africa there was no offensive movement until the arrival of Afrika Korps.

I am able to conquer Moscow on the turn 35, July 1941, a month later than the beginning of the true barbarous operation.
Finally in November 1942 (turn 59) all Russia was conquered completely, having as a setback only a small offensive in the Rostov area which is answered with elastic defense (let go forward and then counterattack and fencing if possible).

Something that you notice in this new version is that the units leave the cities, as well as they do not defend as the capitals did before. I also do not think that attacking belgium will ensure the Western front against any threat allied by what could be made to enter into war once the declaration has been made to the USSR or determined number of turns of this event, in order to represent the pressure of two fronts.

I attach images of the turn in which I take the capitals.

Sorry for my poor English

Re: Conquest Moscu July 1941 (Turn 35)

Posted: Sat Mar 24, 2018 6:19 pm
by rodri90
detail of the west front and block of the uboots

Re: Conquest Moscu July 1941 (Turn 35)

Posted: Sat Mar 24, 2018 6:20 pm
by rodri90
Elastic defense