Summary Of TA Forces

Team Assault is a 3D turn based tactical game where players fight in close combat action at a squad level.

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Summary Of TA Forces

Post by Xerkis » Mon Apr 02, 2012 11:01 am

Below is the link for the charts of the Team Assault forces that are provided with the game.
It has all there stats laid out (cost, weapons, disciplines, equipment, AI upgrade, etc.)
Plus blank charts for your own forces that you create in the Force Builder.

The “Total Upgrade Stats” section (columns F, G, and H) are calculation fields that determine the total Aggressive, Defensive, and Tactical value of the squad for the AI. Please take care not to enter anything in to these columns.

Any questions, comments, suggestions, corrections – just let me know.

Zip File Link Here (file name: “AI Force Stats (4).zip”)

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