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Re: Grand Campaign West 39-41 Blind 42-45 Guderian

Posted: Sat Aug 26, 2017 12:27 am
by hurly
The Replays
(09.07.2017) Demyansk Pocket, Turn 17 Gude
(81.32 KiB) Downloaded 158 times
Hehe goose celebrates the new 42/43 West Campaign by mangling up the St.Nazaire Replay
Must be the excitement about the new Stuff :lol:

If goose manages to still find it any time later on I will fit it in here, if not I can provide a relative fresh replay of mine on Guderian to at least make the map visible for all ( it will be not in sync with the goose writeup though)

(22.07.2017) Bayonne, Turn 9
(60.06 KiB) Downloaded 162 times
so much for the good progress in the West

like you said GC 42/43 has a bit of the Afrika Korps Charme with some scenarios that are a bit different
I enjoyed it a lot even replaying it lately on Guderian which does not hurt the tasks at hand too much, so I think it was a good Choice to go West on Guderian and hope you will enjoy it too

Party On Dude (and don't sell or waste the Italian Units in careless fashion keeping them alive and with you as long as you can is a good thing :wink: )

Re: Grand Campaign West 39-41 Blind 42-45 Guderian

Posted: Wed Aug 30, 2017 7:28 pm
by goose_2
Hardelot Guderian Blind
11 Turns all around the day April 21st, 1942.
Nuts! Since I am doing this Blind I have no idea where they may appear, so I am trying to deploy everywhere. Hope it is smart. :mrgreen:

Starting prestige 1356 which is the same after replacements as using only regular replacements and no Overstrength or upgrades.
Leaving back 1 to deploy where needed, and to try to minimize soft cap.
Around Merlimont: T-34/41
Around St Josper: Se Pz4G
Near Beasent: Albert Kerscher and 1st SE Pz4F/2.
Around St. Leonard: Oleh Dir and Heinz Rondorf.
Around Bolougne: Gebirsjaeger
Around Wimille: T-34/41, 2nd SE Pz4F/2
Around Cotembert: 3rd SE Pz4F/2
In the Air in Central Airfield: Heinrich Bar and +3 Att Fighter.

Let’s see how I did and how I chose to represent it for this playthrough.

Our Intelligence sources indicate a well choreagraphed raid around Bolougne is going to happen. We are unsure exactly where but be prepared for anything as we will be patrolling around in force to help mitigate the damage caused by these raiders. Be on alert as we cannot allow any of our precious air bases to get destroyed.
Alert alert they are here! To arms men!

Battle Report: 4/21/1942 from 8am-2pmand 4/22/42 from 8:am to 10am
Turn 1: Sunny8am (97% with using 2 recon units :roll: :oops: )
Good thing I had 2 Recons because I was able to spot 2 groups to worry about, but unable to do anything about either of them yet.
Turn 1 ai CA:
Enemy seized Beussent and set to take Nestes.

Turn 2: Sunny9am (97%)
Seized Hardelot and the airfield.
Destroyed Vickers, Crusader, 1st LRDG, and Chevy-WB.
Turn 2 ai CA:
Enemy continuing to press their raid as they seized Beussent airfield as well as assaulting airbase leaving it with 11 Str left as well as seizing Frenq.

Turn 3: Sunny10am (97%)
Took Nesles.
Destroyed 3rd LRDG and another 1st LRDG.
Turn 3 ai CA:
Their assault on our airbase has reached a critical point as it only has 4 str points left and they seized Beussent.

Turn 4: Sunny11am (84%)
To help with your repulsion of unexpected strength of enemy forces headquarters has released a Kradschutzen Battalion, as well as a grouping of Pz2f to help with recon of area.
Seized Frenq.
Destroyed 2 Crusader’s and Vickers.
Turn 4 ai CA:
Because of our devastating dismantling of group assaulting air base we left them with only being able to nick them. 8)

Turn 5: Sunny12pm (85%)
Seized airfield near Beussent.
Destroyed 2 LRDG’s.
Turn 5 ai CA:

Turn 6: Sunny1pm (85%)
UH-OH we have found a South Western Force landing on our shores.
Turn 6 ai CA:
Captured BA-64 hit by Crusader -4 me -1 them and force nicked 10th Supply Dump.

Turn 7: Sunny2pm (87%)
Destroyed Cruiser.
Turn 7 ai CA:
Day ends with enemy continuing assault on the 10th Supply Dump., but we are posed to remove this threat.

Turn 8: Sunny8am (87%)
Destroyed Canadian Inf.
Looks like something is creeping up towards Monterail and 10th Supply Dump reduced to 7 Str.

Turn 9: Sunny9am (87%)
Destroyed Canadian Inf and Humber.
Turn 9 ai CA: nothing

Turn 10: Sunny9am (87%)
Destroyed British HW Inf.

Decisive Victory ending with 1589 in prestige
Weird as I think playing on Guderian helped me as they did not have enough time to pull forward with their last attack group to attack my Radar. I will take it. ;)
After playing this I went ahead and watched Night Phoenix’s playthrough and was disappointed to see it came out the same way, but he has assured me there are 2 ways this scenario can play out. I am hoping that Panzer Corps 2 will have this kind of dynamic in it. Multiple enemy deployment set ups will make for an exciting and worthwhile 2nd playthrough.

Here are the final words of my fictional commander.

The enemies raids are getting brazen but fruitless, they keep trying to catch us off guard, but we keep kicking them back and humiliating their efforts. Now let’s go to the local establishment for some much needed refreshment.

Next time Dieppe with 2245 8/19/1942

Until next time…Stay Lutheran My Friends. ;)
Thanks for posting Hurly

Re: Grand Campaign West 39-41 Blind 42-45 Guderian

Posted: Thu Aug 31, 2017 12:53 am
by hurly
(23.07.2017) Hardelot, Turn 11 Guderian
(65.57 KiB) Downloaded 136 times

If you are looking for a Scenario that gets easier to solve on Guderian, this one is a prime example

You only get 3 Attack Waves instead of 4 and the 3rd one runs out of Time before it really is underway.

But so what a nice gimme Fight from Time to Time does not hurt especially not on a Grand Campaign that allows only 9 Core Units to start with and then robs you of almost all your hard earned prestige.

From a purely puristic View this is a scenario that does not mesh well with the Guderian Level.

I can imagine this being a tough nut to crack on Manstein though as you need longer to erase each Attack Wave and because of the Random Allocation of the incoming 2nd to 4th Wave of Units you can get into trouble chasing your troops all over the Place. You just can never be sure where the Next one is zooming in on you.

And then its also better to be lucky then good. You just can't cover all 4 Depots with sufficient troops so there will be holes in your defence. If the AI randomly chooses spots you have covered especially at the Coast this can become a Duck Shoot massacre as you can prevent the Allies from landing their troops. But beware the possibility they pick your weak spots all the time and you have to rearrange anything all the time and with plenty of mileage to boot.

Bottom Line

a fairly easy scenario on Guderian
on all other Levels (Colonel or higher) it is a bit Random and can vary from "Yeah Right that was a Snoozer" to "Stress Galore"

Still I like these unpredictable Stuff Fights especially in Smallball Scenarios. They have good "Play it Again" Value

and premature to the writeup the Dieppe Replay
(01.08.2017) Dieppe, Turn 12
(68.31 KiB) Downloaded 132 times

Re: Grand Campaign West 39-41 Blind 42-45 Guderian

Posted: Thu Aug 31, 2017 3:17 am
by goose_2
hurly wrote:If you are looking for a Scenario that gets easier to solve on Guderian, this one is a prime example

You only get 3 Attack Waves instead of 4 and the 3rd one runs out of Time before it really is underway.

But so what a nice gimme Fight from Time to Time does not hurt especially not on a Grand Campaign that allows only 9 Core Units to start with and then robs you of almost all your hard earned prestige.

From a purely puristic View this is a scenario that does not mesh well with the Guderian Level.

I can imagine this being a tough nut to crack on Manstein though as you need longer to erase each Attack Wave and because of the Random Allocation of the incoming 2nd to 4th Wave of Units you can get into trouble chasing your troops all over the Place. You just can never be sure where the Next one is zooming in on you.

And then its also better to be lucky then good. You just can't cover all 4 Depots with sufficient troops so there will be holes in your defence. If the AI randomly chooses spots you have covered especially at the Coast this can become a Duck Shoot massacre as you can prevent the Allies from landing their troops. But beware the possibility they pick your weak spots all the time and you have to rearrange anything all the time and with plenty of mileage to boot.

Bottom Line

a fairly easy scenario on Guderian
on all other Levels (Colonel or higher) it is a bit Random and can vary from "Yeah Right that was a Snoozer" to "Stress Galore"

Still I like these unpredictable Stuff Fights especially in Smallball Scenarios. They have good "Play it Again" Value

Agreed, and that is something I plan on emphasizing to a high degree for Panzer Corps 2.

Smaller scenarios with limited units and limited resources and varying deployment layouts, increase excitement and replay value to a monumental level.

Re: Grand Campaign West 39-41 Blind 42-45 Guderian

Posted: Wed Sep 20, 2017 11:26 pm
by hurly
new stuff available

I attached it to an older post close to the writeup of Hardelot

Re: Grand Campaign West 39-41 Blind 42-45 Guderian

Posted: Thu Oct 12, 2017 5:35 pm
by goose_2
Finally able to post the write up to go along with downloadable replay above:

Dieppe Guderian Blind

Starting prestige 2245 after replacements 2226 after overstrength 1928 and upgrades 1658
12 Turns and 16 units:
Upgraded 4 SE Pz4F/2’s to G’s and 2 Bf-110F’s to G’s
On the Left of La Scie River: Brought Panhard, BA-64, Gebirsjaeger, +1 Range Arty; and 4th and 1st SE Pz4G’s.
Near Arcourt: 2 T-34/41’s, +3 Att Wurfrahmen, 3rd SE Pz4G, and Albert Kerscher.
On the Right side of La Scie River near the airfield: Kradschutzen, Oleh Dir, 2nd SE Pz4G; and Heinz Rondorf.
In the Air brought +3 Att and Heinrich Bar, Uber Rudel , and Henkel.

Let’s see how I did and how I chose to represent it for this playthrough.

It appears the Brit’s are going to have another go at raiding our held territory. They think they have what it takes to push us back, but we have enough forces here to throw them back into the Ocean. Let’s rush to the beach and through these Brit’s off the beach…

Battle Report: 08/19/1942 from 8am-12pm
Turn 1: Sunny (60% )
The enemy is stronger than we anticipated as they have already seized 3 parts of Dieppe, we need to call up support, man those KV’s, that battery of 7.5cm Pak, and the FW_190a’s.
Destroyed Valentine 3 and a Dingo.

Turn 2: Sunny (24%)
Another part fo Dieppe has been seized as they are barreling through our Fort and Stronghold located on the beach. This is more like an invasion than a raid…:shock:
Destroyed Valentine , Light Cruiser, and Crusader Mk3.

Turn 3: Sunny (31%)
They continue to press forward as they seized last Coastal portion of Dieppe and even taken over Braequemont. They continued to destroy even more Strongholds, as their airforce moves into to hit more of our forces as they begin to probe into central Dieppe.
As our forces move into to do battle with them we were able to destroy 3 Canadian infantry Battalions and 1 Engineer Battalion, as well as dropped a Spitfire wing and Hurricane wing providing their troops cover, we also were able to find and eliminate a Dingo battery.

Turn 4: Sunny (35%)
The morning is ending with their advance continuing as they continue to take over even more of Dieppe, their Bombers rained death on our 2nd SE Pz4G disabling half of their strength, destroyed one of our auxiliary infantry Battalion’s, and even nicked our Marder.
Seized part of Dieppe as we begin to reverse their advance.
Destroyed Mosquito, 2 Valentine 3’s, Destroyer, Engineer Battalions, 5.5 inch arty, Heavy Weapons Infantry Battalion, and Crusader Mk3.

Turn 5: Sunny (40%)
This last hour of this First Phase of the battle ends with another Auxiliary Infantry Battalion destroyed, Albert Kirscher and the Flamm’s reduced to 4 unit str as our Marder’s were reduced to 5 operating machines with almost no ammo left to man their guns.
Destroyed 3 Valentine 3’s and Stirling Mk3.
Overall Assessment of this first phase is to say the attack was greater than expected or planned for, the extra units I have been awarded are nice to help begin to shore up the defense, but at this point I am unsure if we have enough time to through them back into the sea. (We shall see.)

Phase 2: 08/19/1942 from 1pm-5pm
Turn 6: Sunny (45%)
We need to dig deep to throw these invaders from our shores. The tide turns NOW!!!
Their attacks were only able to get some minor hits including reducing our Marder to 2 str and without ammo.
We pushed back to retake Baracquemont.
Destroyed 2 Destroyers, 2 Crusader Mk3’s, 2 Canadian Infantry Battalion’s.

Turn 7: Sunny (48%)
Canadian Inf hit aux infantry Battalion reducing them to less than 100 men to push back. Canadian Infantry Battalion hit 7.5cm Pak, but we gave as good as we got. We lured their Engineer’s into Central Dieppe which led them to believe they could attack our well defended units adjacent to it and reduced them to less than half of their fighting strength. :twisted:
Because of this we were able to retake that Central Dieppe area as we destroyed those Engineer’s as well as a Canadian Infantry Battalion and Churchill Mk2.

Turn 8: Sunny (52%)
Just when I think we are getting a handle on things their 2nd Wave air attack forms as they Bomber Heinz Rondorf in his Flamm’s as well as our 1st SE Pz4G’s, as well as Major General Roberts hit our T-34/41 guarded by a Wurfrahmen which destroyed 3 of our units with only 1 disabled on them. :evil:
Our planes come into to knock down another Spitfire and Blenheim, as well as destroyed a Heavy Weapons Infantry Battalion.
We were also able to move into part of Coastal Dieppe back.

Turn 9: Sunny (55%)
Enemy continues to get hits on our units as Heinz Rondorf is reduced to 6 functional Flamm’s and our 7.5cm Pak is left with 2 effective guns.
We have been able to cobble together some Captured Churchill Mk IV as we seized another 2ndary part of Dieppe.

Turn 10: Sunny (59%)
This last hour of the day left the enemy unable to attack anymore…:roll:
With this last hour in the day before the next day starts we pushed forward to seize another part of Coastal Dieppe, Central Dieppe, and even another 2ndary part of Dieppe.
As our troops eliminated a Canadian Infantry Battalion, Engineer Battalion , and even eliminated Major General Roberts. :twisted:

Last Phase Turn 11 and 12 am on 8/20/42: Sunny
The next day got the enemy’s dander up as another auxiliary infantry Battalion destroyed as well as our Wurfrahmen was nicked.
This last 2 hours was our last opportunity for destruction…which allowed us to send another Destroyer to the bottom of the sea, as well as a Light Cruiser, and 2 Heavy Weapons Infantry Battalions, which allowed us to take back the rest of Dieppe.

Decisive Victory ending with 2130 in prestige
This was a hard fought Battle where my brazen style almost cost me a number of units. I felt I had to press hard however to secure the Decisive Victory on this one.

Here are the final words of my fictional commander.

We showed those Brit’s that they cannot even hope to get back on the mainland of Europe ever again. They were hoping for a lot more success here as there is some serious equipment lying on the beach and as we pick through this wreckage we will continue to prepare our shores for even greater and stronger raids. We have learned a lot from this raid.
Helmut Lent for your willingness to step up and help send their ships to the bottom of the coastline you are being awarded the Knight’s Cross.

Next time saving Bordeaux in Gironde with 2266 in prestige Yikes, soft Cap really hurt me… 12/07/1942
Need to save 5 Cargo Ships, hmnn interesting.
Until next time…Stay Lutheran My Friends. ;)

Re: Grand Campaign West 39-41 Blind 42-45 Guderian

Posted: Mon Oct 30, 2017 7:06 pm
by goose_2
Gironde Guderian Blind
13 Turns all around the day December 07, 1942.
Trying to go strongest on the East Side pf the map, but still pretty strong on the West side but keeping a couple of guards around Bordeaux to try and prevent raids.

Starting prestige 2266 after replacements 1792 and bought 3 StuG 3B’s to supplement defense 1129.
Near St. Helene: 1st and 4th SE Pz’s; Kradschutzen; and Albert Kerscher.
Near Brossac: Oleh Dir and Heinz Rondorf and 2nd SE Pz4G.
Around Montenedre: StuG3B; Gebirsjaeger; T-34/41.
Around Reignauc: 3rd SE Pz4G; KV-1B; T-34/41, StuG3B.
Near Bordeaux: KV-1C on the West and ChurchillIVe on the East.
In the Air in Central Airfield: Uber Rudel.

Let’s see how I did and how I chose to represent it for this playthrough.

Enemy has landed on the shores to the North of Bordeaux, let us rush forward like in Dieppe and throw them from our shores. Whatever we do we must keep them away from our shipping boats while they unload their cargo. So we will be maintaining a presence to prevent any Shenanigans, a the Irish say, around Bordeaux itself.
Now let’s press these raiders back yet again.

Battle Report: 12/07/1942 (I forgot to write down time period and instead will split it into 4 round phases)
Turn 1: Sunny Soft Cap was at 100 for this entire battle.
Now the enemy has come out strong to seize much territory from Hourtin, Tonzac, Mirambeau, and Pons.
This forced us to bring our forces forward and still able to destroy a British Battalion.

Turn 2: Cloudy 9am
I spotted their sneaky Submarine and we should be prepared to repel whatever comes out of that vessel, as I do not think we have capacity to find and destroy that boat within time allowed.
Their Humber units destroyed a Battalion hurt our Kradschutzen and their artillery our Wurfrahmen battery and damaged 4 of those units.

Turn 3: Sunny 10am
Well now this is what I call an invasion as the enemy damaged severely over half of our +3 Att Wurfrahmen were sent to the scrap heap. Then their Crusader’s hit Heinz Rondorf’s Flamm’s sending almost half destroyed. British infantry nicked our StuG3B but because it was guarded by another StuG3B so we hurt them more than they hurt us. Real slugfest between another British Battalion and our 6th Gerbisjager Battalion but we damaged more of them then they did of us. Finally a Sherman hit our StuG3B guarded by Wurfrahmen but still sent 3 of my StuG’s to the garbage pile.
Our retaliation was legendary as we were able to eliminate Their Matilda 2, Sherman, Crusader, and Humber along with M7 Priest and 2 British Battalion’s.
To recover we needed to call up replacements for our +1 Range 6th Wurfrahmen and our 3rd SE Pz4G was awarded with a +1 Movement hero.
We were also able to seize Tonzac.

Turn 4: Cloudy 11am
Clouds continue to hamper our vision and effectiveness of Rudel.
The enemies are coming on strong as they overwhelmed and destroyed the Kradschutzen and reduced one of our StuG’s to just 2 machines.
Our counter was more destructive as we destroyed M7 Priest, M5 Stuart, and 2 British Battalion’s.
Based on losing the Kradschutzen and the enemy forces moving closer to Bordeaux we bought another Wurfrahmen to bolster our defense of Bordeaux.
Our forces retook Hourtin.

Turn 5: Sunny 12pm
Enemy forces continue forward as they seized the airfield next to St. Helene.
But we retaliated by destroying a 2pdr and sent another Crusader grouping to the scrap heap and were able to seize Mirambeau.

Turn 6: Sunny 1pm
As the afternoon rolls in more troops move forward to harass our forces as 2 Heavy Weapons Battalions hit our T-34/41’s for a loss of 70 of their forces while they were able to disable 3 of our machines…As well as their Matilda 2 running up against Albert Kerscher guarded by 2 artillery battalions for the loss of 1 of our Flamm’s at the cost of 3 of theirs.
We followed up with a counter attack of destroying British Infantry and Heavy Weapons Infantry Battalion and a 2pdr battery.

Turn 7: Sunny 2pm
Forces are continuing to be accosted by the enemy as their Churchill moves up to damage one of our T-34/41’s that was guarded by a StuG. One of their Heavy Battalion’s put the hurt on our KV’s caught in the forest sending 3 to the disabled list…
Uh-OH! Men we must rush back to Bordeaux as there is a group of Commando’s unloaded out of sub that we only spotted once and couldn’t send to the bottom. NUTS!!!
Our counterattack before routing some of our forces back to Bordeaux were able to destroy an M5 Stuart, Matilda 2, 7pdr battery, and Heavy Weapons Battalion.
We were able to retake St. Helene and the airfield as well as Pons and brought up 8 replacements for the diminished StuG’s

Turn 8: Sunny 3pm
Men, the raid is too strong…:shock:
As this hour unfolds I have seen our Strongpoint destroyed and they were able to seize Boughy and Cguignac and are coming for my ships. Their Churchill’s hit my 4th SE Pz for 2 of mine damaged. Also our 1st SE Pz4G was caught in the forst by their Heavy Weapons Infantry, but thankfully I was protected by a StuG3B, they still sent half of our machines to the scrap heap. And before we could retaliate another Churchill hot our 3rd SE Pz4G, but this one was guarded by 2 StuG’s -2 each.
Our retaliation was productive as we were able to destroy a Churchill and capture Major Hassler and destroyed a Heavy Weapons Infantry Battalion.
Our captured Churchill IV (e) was recognized at having the ability to see farther than other vehicles, which is surprising as they have only 15 kills.

Turn 9: Sunny 12/08/1942 8am
Commandos self emulated by running into our unseen Wurfrahmen. 8) KV-1C hit by commando -3 me -1 them, and Churchill nicked 1st SE Pz4G guarded by StuG3B and their arty nicked our Wurfrahmen.
Our defense starts taking shape on this last day of operations.
We destroyed 2 battery’s of 40MM Bofor’s and a detachment associated with 7.2 inch arty’s.
We also eliminated some more Marine Commandos as we seized airfield next to Mortage-sur-Gironde, and retook Bourg and Stittelone.
Bought 3 reg reps for StuG3B.

Turn 10: Sunny 9 am
Enemies attacks are still occurring. Churchill hit 4th SE Pz4G guarded by StuG3B and Wurfrahmen -2 me -3 them. They almost destroyed the West Side Strongpoint.
We almost have their Commando raid squashed as we were able to send 2 groups of them packing.

Turn 11: Sunny 10 am
Enemy is still pressing around Bordeaux as they have destroyed our last Strongpoint. This removes our eyes around Bordeaux, but we are ready to wipe them out. 8)
We were able to destroy the last of the Marine Commanos, and we bought 7 Regular replacements for the 4th SE Pz4G in anticipation of our final push.

Turn 12: Sunny 11 am
The enemy’s Churchill found our StuG’s hitting them for 3 damaged machines.
In answer to their continued attack, we destroyed their 6 Pounder battery guarding last airfield.
We were able to rush forward and seize Montagne-sur-Gironde and retake Cavignae.

Turn 13: Rainy 12 pm
Last hour brings rain on our troops and brought forth their Engineer’s to hit our +1 Range Wurfrahmen and crippled 4 of them.
But this did not prevent us from pushing forward and seizing Begaden and the last needed airfield to secure the Decisive Victory. 8)

Decisive Victory ending with 1429 in prestige
After playing this I went ahead and watched Night Phoenix’s playthrough and saw that destroying the submarine first makes this scenario a lot easier. I recommend doing that. ;)

Here are the final words of my fictional commander.

This was closer than it needed to be men, and we lost a Battalion of recon units on their motorcycles. Let us lick our wounds and get ready for the upcoming holiday Season, hopefully we will not have anymore trouble from our hostile neighbors across the pond.

Next time Evacuating 7 Italian Units with 2926 for upgrades 18 units and 11 Rounds 07/09/1943

Until next time…Stay Lutheran My Friends. ;)

Re: Grand Campaign West 39-41 Blind 42-45 Guderian

Posted: Tue Nov 14, 2017 5:12 pm
by goose_2
Syracuse Guderian Blind

Starting prestige 2926 after replacements 2541 after upgrades 472.
11 Turns and need to retreat at least 7 Italian units:
Upgraded 2 Bf-110G’s to Me-410a’s, Heinrich Bar to an FW-190a and +3 Att Bf-109G to an 11 Str.
On the Left near Augusta: Brought +1 Def 2nd SE Pz4G, Oleh Dir, +1 Range Wurfrahmen, StuG3B, T-34/41.
Near Ramacca: 6th Gebirsjaeger, +1 Spot Churchill IV, KV-1C, 2 StuG3b’s.
Near Barrafranca: 4th SE Tiger, 1st and 3rd SE Pz4G’s, +3 Att Wurfrahmen, and KV-1B.

Let’s see how I did and how I chose to represent it for this playthrough.

After our unfortunate defeat in the Afrika Theater the enemy is emboldened and continueing their Advance into Sicily. We cannot prevent the full scale invasion of our Italian allies, however we can make sure we are able to utilize the effectiveness of our Italian allies as we are tasked with making sure that at least 7 Battalions escort us into the next leg of our defense of the Sicilian region. Let’s make sure we get even more of them to accompany us in this continuous struggle.

Battle Report: 07/09/1943
Turn 1: Sunny (82% )
Oh My! This is more than we expected or prepared for as we wake up to the enemy seizing Augusta and attacks everywhere on the map against our Italian allies as well as a serious dog fight between our FW-190a and a Spitfire where 2 of ours were sent to the ground to 6 of theirs, as well as one Italian unit completely destroyed.
Our counter measure however was able to retake Augusta and even pressure Caltagirone and Mazzarino.
Uber Rudel has been recognized as flying with another hero who is capable at attacking as well. (+3) Nice! :mrgreen:

Turn 2: Sunny (60%)
Enemy continues the ransack of our Italian allies. (I am afraid this will cause them to lose their nerve to continue this fight.) As they were able to destroy one of their Tanks, AA guns, and Fighter group. :oops:
Their troops also were able to seize Modica and it’s airfield as well as Gela.
Based on the air superiority of the enemy we have called forth Josef Priller and his fliers to help gain back control of the skies. (They have their work cut out for them)
But our 7th Bf-109G Fighter wing has been recognized as having even more attacking power as they are able to kill at +4 rate as other fighter wings with similar experience. ;)
We seized Caltagirone and brought up a couple of replacements for our damaged L3/35’s.

Turn 3: Sunny (61%)
The enemy continues to hit hard as our core army has taken nicks and dents against their equipment, but no unit losses in this hour of combat.
Enemy seized Comiso.
We called up more replacements for our beleaguered Italian units as our Army is able to fill in the gap in their ranks and send more and more enemy units to the grave.

Turn 4: Sunny (62%)
As the morning hours wrap up on this first day of their assault, they were able to wipe out one of our Alpini Battalion’s and were another part of Gela, but we retaliated by seizing Vizzini and Augusta, so I feel like things are turning around.

Turn 5: Sunny (62%)
The afternoon approaches with the attack still taking shape as the enemies forces were able to wipe out 2 additional Italian Infantry Battalion’s and seized another part of Gela and Avola, and even pressured Palazzolo and Barrafranca. (I am starting to think this may be more than I can handle.)
But my boys did not let me down as I was able to retake all of Gela. Our boys seem to have stopped all peripheral pushes except the Southern push as that continues to pick up steam. This means that I will need to take this opportunity to exit out more than the needed Italian units to garner more than the needed amount for future plans and scenarios.

Phase 2: 07/09/1943 from 1pm-5pm
Turn 6: Sunny (62%)
Pressure still coming as they destroyed another Italian Battalion and took Palazzolo.
We reversed the pressure as we were able to push back and destroy a lot of their advance, but now need to reload.

Turn 7: Sunny (64%)
The remaining push from the enemy did only good at disabling a single StuG3B, the rest of their attacks have lost their effectiveness.
Our +1 Def 1st SE Pz4G has found another hero in its midst that has great defensive capabilities. (+2 Def)
We were able to turn their assault into our own push as we seized Comiso, Palazzolo, and Mazzarino.

Turn 8: Sunny (67%)
As we reach the end of the day the enemy has nothing left to continue their assault.
Bought 2 trucks to help 2 of our Italian compatriots exit from the map, and our assault has brought the pressure to Ravenusa

Phase 3: 07/10/1943 morning hours
Turn 9: Sunny (69%)
Para’s attacked StuG3B and disabled 3 of them.
Counter attack seized Avola and airfield next to Ravenusa and even pressuring Marina di Ragusa.

Turn 10: Sunny (69%)
The enemy has nothing left to continue the assault, but we are spotting many boats off shore that would be a real problem if this evacuation was going on much longer. (Pleased I am doing this on Guderian.)
This last hour of the day left 19 total Italian units ready to evacuate. 8)
Turn 11: Sunny (73%)
Last hour seized Modica and its airfield, and Licata as we exit out these 19 Italian Brethren.
We were able to take back all but Marina di Ragusa and Pachino.

Decisive Victory ending with 1195 in prestige
Not super tough, just had to get creative to get some of those extra units. I am going to engage American Forces at Etna Line North. I need to exit Italian units again to use in next scenario and to restrict allies to less than 1 Objective and Marginal hold at least 2 Objectives.

Here are the final words of my fictional commander.

The Americans assault is just picking up steam but this is no time to quit my Italian brethren. No, in fact it is time to dig in deeper and lean in harder as we make these allies pay for every inch they try and seize from your country.
(In private to just his men.)
Men, I cannot rely on our Italians to continue much longer in this fight so it will be best to use them to help as stabilize the front, but I would not expect them to have much in them to push back, thankfully we have enough units rescued to help fill in many gaps in our limited units we can deploy. Now let’s help with this continued evacuation.
Rudel for your continued destruction of the enemy forces you are being awarded with the Knight’s Cross. While the boys flying the 5th He177A awarded Iron Cross 2nd class for their continued help sinking the enemies vessels.

Next time saving Etna Line North with 1936 in prestige that soft cap is really biting me in this Campaign.
Supposed to get 150 per turn, with 12 rounds.
Until next time…Stay Lutheran My Friends. ;)

Re: Grand Campaign West 39-41 Blind 42-45 Guderian

Posted: Tue Dec 05, 2017 6:38 pm
by goose_2
Etna Line North Guderian Blind
11 Turns all around the days 7/29-8/1/1943.
Holding back 2 units as want to use 98% soft cap and I have plenty of auxiliary units thanks to my brilliant evacuation last scenario. I just watched Night Phoenix’s version and I recommend fighting back for more kills and prestige. (Sorry Buddy)

Starting prestige 1936 after replacements 1936 as used regular replacements to save prestige.
Upgraded SE Pz4G with +3 Def hero to Panther and upgraded Gebirsjaeger and Oleh Dir to 43 upgrade…:oops: 949 remaining prestige.
In Roccadi Capri Leone: KV-1C and SE Tiger.
In Gioiosa Marea: Wurfrahmen, +3 Def SE Panther, +1 Movement 3rd SE Pz4G, and 2 StuG 3B’s.
In Maletto: +1 Range and +3 Att Wurfrahmen, Oleh Dir, Heinz Rondorf, Albert Kerscher, and +1 Def 2nd SE Pz4G.
In Giarre: Gebirsjaeger.
The auxiliary Italians spread throughout the map.

Let’s see how I did and how I chose to represent it for this playthrough.

The enemy is greater than 1st anticipated and we will not be able to throw them out as we have so often done in the past. Too many of our brothers in arms are involved in throwing back the Bolsheviks out East to help hold back the Western Advance. This leaves us here to hold back the enemy while using our Italian allies to help hold back the lines for a few days so that we can correctly set up for our evacuation from this disaster.
It is no time to get weak in the knees but help shore up these weak lines and through back these interlopers where we can.

Battle Report: 07/29/1943 8-4pm 3 Rounds each
Turn 1-3: Sunny 7/29/1943 98 until Round 3 where it hit 100
We immediately began by pressing them back and destroying 2 75mm artillery batteries.
In the morning the enemy started out by seizing lots of the islands objectives, but at least our boys in the air surprised their Bombers as they tried in vain to rain death on us. 8) But then another Bombing raid hit our boys in our Pz4G’s decimating 4 of them. :(
In the afternoon our forces continue to try and move forward by beginning to pressure San Fratello, as we sent a Battalion of M3 Lee tanks to the grave along with 2 separate Battalions of American Heavy Weapons Battalions.
Our boys in the air shot down P-40 Warhawk’s and P-38 Lightning wings.
The enemy immediately rushed back in the afternoon by almost eliminating both of our Wurfrahmen units and almost destroyed all of the men running with those ordinance platforms. As well as our Italian Alpini Battalion brought to half strength, and damage on our Italian M41M.
As day transferred into night we seized the airfield next to San Fratello.
Our assault begins to take shape as we destroyed 2 Battalions of Heavy Weapons infantry and 2 groups of M4 Shermans and even a group of M3 Lee’s. We even eliminated a Battalion of US Infantry. Our fly boys shot down another P-38 Fighter Wings and B-25 Mitchell Bomber’s.
In this process we exited out our green Wurfrahmen and brought out our 12.8cm Flax battery and another group of StuG3B’s.
(Love the exit holes. I really hope they keep that in Panzer Corps 2.)
The enemies brought out even more air units to bomb half of our StuG3B’s to the ground as well as their Fighter damaging 1 of our SE Panther’s.

Turn 4-6: Sunny All Day :D 7/30/1943 (100 starting soft cap but end with 98% Soft Cap)
The 2nd Day we exited out our +3 Wurfrahmen and brought out another StuG3B as well as another FW-190a.
The 2nd Day comes with new destruction as we shot down another group of P-40 Warhawk’s. Our boys on the ground as well as our Bombs were able to take out 2 LAC’s, 105mm artillery battery, Wolverine, and group of M4 Sherman’s as well as a Battalion of US Infantry.
The enemy took out their aggression on our Italian Brethren solely as they hit our Italian AT’s battery and reduced Italian Infantry Battalion and leaving me with half of our Strength.
As the hours go into the afternoon we bring the battle to Troina as we destroyed 2 Regular Infantry Battalions and a Heavy Weapons Battalion, a group of M3 Lee’s and 90mm AA battery, as well as a 105mm artillery battery.
The enemy followed up by their LAC ambushed by L3/35’s which still destroyed half of our Italian machines. (Sorry Boys I do not think they can stand on line with us) The enemy regrets trying to hit what they perceived as a vulnerable Italian Infantry Battalion guarded by our StuG’s as they were able to issue some casualties but cost them 7 times the amount of damage to them.
Unfortunately this brought our StuG’s into view and allowed the enemy to hit them with 2 other Enemy Battalions and reduced us to nominal strength even though we were guarded by an M43.
The evening ends with us exiting our L3/35’s or what is left of them and our battered StuG’s.
We still were able to press forward and seize Troina and Agira as we destroyed the LAC, 2 Paratrooper Battalion’s and even destroyed 3 Regular Infantry Battalion’s.
Unfortunately the enemy now brought forth a fully fleshed out 2nd wave as an M4A3 hit our Flamm’s riding with Heinz Rondorf. -2 each.

Turn 7-9: Sunny 7/31/1943 (100 soft cap for the remainder of the game)
Now our men are pushing back in force as we seize San Fratello in the morning.
We exited 2 beleaguered Italian brethren, to rest up for the next fight. ;)
Brought out our Marder 3H to help bolster up the rest of our defenses.
Our men eliminated another group of M4A1’s, and a battalion of Heavy Weapons Infantry as well as 2 Engineer Battalions.
The enemy was able to follow up with their air boys bombing an Italian artillery to an anemic single gun left to be manned. As well as a combination attack on our Italian L40 da 47/32 that left them with only 1 machine. Heinz Rondorf was reduced to 3 machines and Albert Kerscher’s forces reduced to 7 machines, as well as 2 more StuG3B’s reduced by 2. (The enemy’s attack is far from over and is causing our motor pool major headaches as we need to retreat additional units for refit and repair.)
(This is no time to get weak knees now boys, press forward.)
The afternoon had us exiting 2 more Italian units to rest and refit.
We were still able to press forward despite the enemy’s efforts to throw us back as we are now pressuring Capizzi.
We were also able to shoot down a B-25 Mitchell formation, and corral 3 Infantry Battalion’s, 2 groups of M8-Greyhounds trying to cause mischief, as well as a group of M4A3’s.
In our exuberance our SE Tiger’s were caught with their pants down in the woods as they were brought down to just 3 machines left operational, as we received continued pressure from their AA units on our boys flying with Heinrich Bar and artillery fire on our 6th Gebirsjaeger.
The evening gave way to destroying a 75mm HMC, a group of M4A3’s and M7’s as well as another Battalion of Engineer’s.
As the evening closed in we exited out an additional 4 Italian units to ensure enough units for our next mission.
The enemy followed up by getting aggressive with their fly boy’s as they took on the very skilled Helmut Lent and his fly boys for the loss of 2 of our planes to 6 of theirs. 8)

Day 4: The Last day of Combat Rounds 10-12 8/01/1943
This last day of battle finds us still pressing back the enemy advance as we were able to seize Capizzi.
Our attack came on strong as we destroyed 2 75mm HMC’s, 3 inch M3, 2 P-47D’s, and a US Heavy Weapons Infantry Battalion.
Our exit continues to take shape as we exited out Heinz Rondorf and 3 more Italian units.
The enemy wasted no time in bringing forth yet another wave of an attack. Our Boys manning the P-26/40 ambushed an M4A3 and an M4 Sherman and M8 Greyhound hit another StuG3B guarded by an additional StuG yet 6 of our machines were destroyed.
The afternoon came and we were able to seize the airport next to Nicosia, as we destroyed a 3 inch AA battery as well as a group of M4A3’s and M4 Sherman’s.
We continued the evacuation of 3 more Italian units as well as our AA and SE Tiger and SE Pz4G.
The 3rd wave of an attack continues to materialize as a large attack comes around Nicosia, where an AA hit Heinrich Bar taking down 2 planes, as well as another hitting Helmut Lent and his boys for -4, even a few nicks on our 6th Gebirsjaeger and StuG3B.
The last hours of this battle consisted of us destroying another M8 Greyhound and US Heavy Weapons Battalion.
We were able to exit out 1 last Italian unit, we only missed exiting out 1 and lost 3 in this engagement. This leaves 18 units to play with next scenario.

Decisive Victory ending with 3245 in prestige
I look forward to seeing how Night Phoenix handles this scenario as I am very much enjoying his Prokhorovka assault right now. His Eastern Campaign has been a huge help in planning out my strategy for these later missions. This particular scenario was going to even more difficult had I had 5 additional rounds as their 3rd wave was just getting started and could have been a major head ache had I been forced to play 5 additional rounds. Sometimes Guderian has its advantages. ;) :twisted: :mrgreen:

Here are the final words of my fictional commander.

This invasion is more than even the great Wehrmacht can handle. We have too many units coming at us for us to continue this fight here let us rest and refit our damaged units as we plan our evacuation of this doomed island. At least some of our Brethren earned some much deserved honors as Albert Kerscher and his Flamm boys are being awarded with the Knight’s Cross and our 2nd SE Pz4G is awarded with the Iron Cross 1st Class.

Next time Messina with 4345 for replacements/upgrades and 11 Rounds

Until next time…Stay Lutheran My Friends. ;)

Re: Grand Campaign West 39-41 Blind 42-45 Guderian

Posted: Tue Dec 19, 2017 9:09 pm
by goose_2
Messina Guderian Blind

Starting prestige 4345 after replacements 3313 after upgrades 472.
Mission Objective: Hold 5 objectives while at the same time evacuate 8 Ground Units and 11 Rounds to do it in…No Problem. Yikes! :shock:
Upgraded +4 Att Fighter to an FW-190a and Downgraded 12.8cm AA to an 8.8cm, I want to use it as an AT as well. 2130 prestige and did a little Overstrengthening on the Bombers and Fighters and SE Pz’s…now 2010 and I am holding back 3 units for 100% SoftCap.

In the air Bringing: +4 Att Fighter; Heinrich Bar; Josef Priller; Helmut Lent; Uber Rudel; and 2 Henkel’s.
Around Ali-Ferne: 4th SE Tiger; StuG3B; Wurfrahmen; +1 Def 2nd SE Pz4G.
Around Crossroads Checkpoint: +3 Def 1st SE Panther and +1 Movement 3rd SE Pz4G’s; +1 Range and +3 Att Wurfrahmen; Oleh Dir; 6th Gebirsjaeger; 8.8cm Flak.

Let’s see how I did and how I chose to represent it for this playthrough.

We find ourselves pressed back against the sea on this one.
Orders from on high state that we are to hold at least 5 of the areas marked on the map, while at the same time make sure we evacuate at least 8 Italian units to the main land Italy.
Hey, now that is enough! I will not tolerate dissent in my corps. Keep your opinion in the crapper because I do not want to hear it here. We did not join our beloved Corps because we wanted easy tasks and an easy life, so instead of griping about what is asked of us let’s show them how we carry out orders. I know what fighting power we still have left in us, let’s push these invaders away from the coast and show we still have a lot more fight than they are ready to deal with.

Battle Report: 08/11/1943
Turn 1: 8/11/1943 Sunny (100% )
We start this first day by tearing the enemy apart by shooting down a wing of P-47B and P-38 Lightening.
We also sank to the bottom of the Mediterranean a Heavy Cruisre and Destroyer.
Our Ground Forces destroyed 2 Battalions of Heavy Weapons Infantry Battalions.

The enemy bomber and used their ships to reduce our Italian artillery battery and Italian Infantry Battalion to just 3 Strength.
Engineer Battalion were able to damage a single StuG3B machine and a couple more Italian auxiliary units were hit for damage and we will be evacuating out these damaged units first, and work what I can to press them back.
The enemy also pressed forward and seized Barcallona Pozzo di Gotto.

Turn 2: 8/12/17 Sunny (100%)
We seized back Barcallona Pozzo di Gotto and began transferring 3 Italian units.
We rushed attack forward as we sunk a Destroyer. Our man were able to get around and destroy a battery of 155mm Long Tom Artillery guns as well as a 7.2 inch artillery battery. It is nice having those guns silenced. :twisted:
A group of M4A1’s and Valentine IV’s have been sent to the scrap heap, as well as a Battalion of Engineer’s and LRDG’s.
Our fly boys brought down their P-40 Warhawk’s and a wing of P-38 Lightning’s.
(Based on the large amount of air units I bought 2 Sd.Kfz 10/4’s for 100 Soft Cap and 2119 in prestige left.)
The enemy followed by eliminating a Battalion of our Italian allies as well as their Italian recon unit probing the lines.
Their Bombers hit our newly purchased AA sending 3 to the grave yard.

Turn 3: Sunny 8/13/1943 (100%)
Setting up trap in Roccalumena in order to set up a trap.
Brought out an additional Fighter to help in the air. (Soft Cap at 90)
Sunk 2 additional Destroyer ships, and a Light Cruiser. (Sure glad we have these Henkels in the air.)
Our boys eliminated another group of M4A1’s.
As well as a battery of 57mm AT’s and another 7.2 inch artillery units.
Our fly boys brought down another wing of P-38 Lightnings, 2 groups of B-25 Mitchell’s as well as a B-26 Maraduar wing. (Trying to reseize the initiative in the air.)
We also destroyed an additional Battalion of Regular Infantry and Heavy Weapons Infantry and even a group of Rangers.
All enemy attacks proved fruitless except for being able to reclaim Roccalumena.

Turn 4: Sunny 8/14/1943 (90%)
Retaking Roccalumena as reestablishing ourselves on this battlefield as we destroyed 2 more Destroyers in the water, 2 groups of Valentine IV’s as well as a group of M-24’s, and a battalion of Engineer’s.
This attack proved so effective that the enemy had no retaliation left.

Turn 5: Sunny 8/15/1943 (90%)
Continued dominance of the battlefield comes into this day as well as we were able to sink a Battleship, Destroyer and Light Cruiser, as well as destroy a battery of 6 pdr’s, with no retaliation again from the enemy.

Turn 6: Sunny 8/16/1943 (90%)
We landed 2 more Italian units for our evacuation objectives as we begin to pressure Letojanni.
We continue to push forward as well destroying another Light Cruiser, Engineer Battalion and LRDG.
Unfortunately, this is when the 2nd Wave appeared out of nowhere as Churchill’s appeared to seize the abandoned airfield and another Churchill attacked my +1 Def Pz4g damaging 2 of my tanks.

Turn 7: Sunny 8/17/43 (90%)
We seized the southern most airfield near Letojami and landed 3 more Italian units across the Strait.
We try to attempt to push back this 2nd Wave as we destroy a Dingo and Bishop group of units.
This is when their 2nd Wave air force comes out to wreak destruction everywhere on the map as a P-47B hit our 2nd FW-190A bringing 6 of ours to the ground, as another Churchill hit our 2nd +1 Def SE Pz4G guarded by our StuG3B’s and was able to minimize damage incurred as only 1 of our units was destroyed. But then 3 units ganged up on our StuG 3B and destroyed half of them.

Turn 8: Sunny 8/18/1943 (100%)
We landed 3 more Italian units across the Strait, almost have enough for Victory.
Still unable to acquire air dominance as retreated damaged Fighter wing, but still able to bring down a wing of P-47B’s as well as destroyed another LRDG Battalion.
Unfortunately their fly boys found our boys landing on the airfield and completely destroyed the 2nd Fighter wing FW-190A’s. :cry: :evil: :(
Our 2nd SE Pz4G was nicked for another damaged tank and Bombers hit SE Tiger’s for 2 damaged units.

Turn 9: Sunny 8/19/1943 (100%)
Landed 3 more units for enough Italian units to garner Decisive Victory.
We worked to dominate the air to seize back the Initiative as we brought forth another FW-190A Fighter wing as well as shot down P-47D and P-47B as well as destroyed a Crusader Mk3 and Churchill Mk VII.
We also called up 5 more replacements for our StuG3B’s.
The enemies attack is still coming on strong as they brought our 6th Gebirsjaeger down to an anemic 100 soldiers left in the entire Battalion, and seized Milazzo. Nicks were incurred on our newly replaced StuG3B’s and +3 Att Wurfrahmen machine’s were left with just 4 operational.

Turn 10: Sunny 8/20/1943 (79%)
For our efforts at evacuating our Italian Brethren we have been awarded some Experimental Equipment as we are now flying a Ta-152H as well as a Do-335A. I have never seen such fast flying machines, hopefully these wonder weapons can help turn the tide of this war. :D
We were able to destroy another group of Crusader’s Churchill’s and even some Sherman’s from the map. Our flyboys brought down their pesky B-24 Liberator’s.
The enemy caused more damage and then it ended 1 day early as Decisive Victory was declared for our effectiveness, as we finished the battle at an 86 Soft Cap.

Decisive Victory ending with 2755 in prestige
That 2nd Wave with their dominate airforce proved problematic as we lost a unit, but moving forward watching the Italians at Cantanzaro with 3447 in prestige to start with.

Here are the final words of my fictional commander.

Thanks to our efforts men we have enough equipment and wherewithal to continue this fight on the mainland of Italy. The enemy will be hard pressed to push us further back if they try to land on the Italian mainland itself. Do not expect them to rest to long on Sicily however. This war is far from over.
(Privately to just his men)
These Italians seem to be waffling in their commitment to this battle. I hope we do not have traitors in our midst, I am sure we don’t, but keep your eyes peeled just in case we need to concentrate our guns at our back.

Next time Cantanzaro with 3447 in prestige.

I need to shoot Hurly some Replay’s to post.
Until next time…Stay Lutheran My Friends. ;)

Re: Grand Campaign West 39-41 Blind 42-45 Guderian

Posted: Sun Dec 31, 2017 1:19 am
by hurly
Long Time with no new Replays
I guess the Battles are getting a lil bit tougher .... :lol:

Ok same procedure as always just 3 files per Post
(04.08.2017) Gironde, Turn 13
(67.48 KiB) Downloaded 150 times
(13.08.2017) Syracuse, Turn 11
(76.11 KiB) Downloaded 147 times
(22.08.2017) Etna Line North, Turn 12
(76.61 KiB) Downloaded 131 times

Re: Grand Campaign West 39-41 Blind 42-45 Guderian

Posted: Sun Dec 31, 2017 1:20 am
by hurly
one more for now
(02.09.2017) Messina, Turn 10
(71.95 KiB) Downloaded 123 times

two more replays
(23.09.2017) Catanzaro, Turn 12 Guderian .zip
(72.43 KiB) Downloaded 131 times
(26.09.2017) Taranto, Turn 12 Amazing last
(70.03 KiB) Downloaded 124 times
This one is special to me as this is probably the only scenario my late dad actually fought in.
He spent most of his wartime in North Norway attacking "Geleitzüge" in the Polar Sea but was part of this Raid on the Italian Fleet
As a communicator on a Ju88 Torpedo Bomber they attacked the Italian Ships and depending on his memorabilia his plane/crew/group (don't know how they split up these credits) was actually "credited" delivering the final Blow on the Battleship Roma. He was not particularly proud about it though, as he said, the Italians did not expect to be attacked by the German Luftwaffe and actually waved their hands to the approaching Bombers as they thought they were still Allies.

Re: Grand Campaign West 39-41 Blind 42-45 Guderian

Posted: Mon Jan 08, 2018 10:21 pm
by goose_2
hurly wrote:one more for now
(02.09.2017) Messina, Turn 10

Thanks Hurly for the assist. I was able to type up another one for this great playthrough. I busted through 3 scenarios in 44 this weekend as I prepare to do Caen itself.
but for now...

Catanzaro Guderian Blind
12 Turns I forgot to write down time period.
Brought all units I can and Soft Cap at 93%

Starting prestige 3447 after replacements 3057.
Upgraded SE Pz4G with +1 Def hero to Tiger and upgraded +3 Def 1st SE Panther D to Panther A 2286 left in prestige and after some Oversterengthening 2249.
Brought in the air: Josef Priller; Heinrich Bar; Ta-152H; 2 Henkels; Do-335A.
Around Belmonte Calabro: SE Tiger; Mobil AA; and StuG3B.
Around Grimaldi: KV-1C; +3 Def SE Panther; +1 Range Wurfrahmen; 88; Oleh Dir; on the side T-34/41 and StuG3B.
Around Cotronei: Mobil AA; +1 Movement 3rd SE Pz4G; +3 Att Wurfrahmen; and StuG3B; On the Left: 6th Gebirsjaeger; KV-1B; +1 Def 2nd SE Tiger.

Let’s see how I did and how I chose to represent it for this playthrough.

Things just went from bad to worse.
By now you have heard that are recent Brothers in Arms have betrayed us and are now turning their guns on us after their leadership have tried signing a peace agreement with the Western Allies. Based on this we need to fill the gap this presents in our defense of the Italian mainland. We are now tasked with defending this territory from the actual inhabitants of this country and will need to extract them from their no longer mutual agreement of the right standing with the German Nation.
We shall prevail, make no mistake about this men, we have come too far, gone through too much just to let these Italians cause us to fail, so let’s see how they handle the German Blitzkreig!

Battle Report: 4 Rounds each
Turn 1-4: Sunny for the entire battle 93 until Round 4 where it hit 100
We immediately destroyed Italian Infantry Battalion and seized Nocera Scalo to no retaliation from the enemy.
The next round seized Catro and Lamezia Terme as well as destroyed 2 more Italian Infantry Battalion’s.
The enemy took out there aggression was taken out on our Mobil AA guarded by a StuG3B -7 me -2 them.
Still pressing forward in the 3rd Round by seizing Botricello.
In the air our boys in the air were able to shoot down 2 Wings of their forces as shot down Typhoon Mk1B’s and Spitfire-IX’s.
Also was able to disable entire group of P-26/40’s and 2 groups of M-15/42’s.
Also was able to eliminate a Battalion of Alpini’s.
Their assault begins to take shape as Bomber hits our +1 Range Wurfrahmen’s -8 me; and P-26/40’s hit our KV-1B’s guarded by StuG3B -1 me -5 them; and L-40 hit mobil AA guarded by Wurfrahmen -1 me -2 them.
The last Round of this First Phase found us regrouping and calling up 8 replacements for our weakened Wurfrahmen’s as well as 7 for our Mobil AA units.
To clear the way to make this happen we destroyed the L-40 and P-26/40 assaulting those troops. Also were able to eliminate 2 LRDG’s and a group of M5 Stuart’s to hopefully remove more of their vision of the battlefield.
Even our flyboys were able to shoot down a wing of Mosquito’s.
The enemy’s still has enough to kick back as LRDG hit our StuG3B’s damaging only 1; Their Strategic Bombers as well as another group of LRDG hit our Mobil AA’s guarded by StuG3B’s -4 me. Their Bombers nicked our T-34/41’s.
3 units, LRDG, L-40, and Crusader hit StuG3B guarded by another StuG -4 me -5 them. (Those Stug’s are tough customers.) ;)

Turn 5-8: 2nd Phase
As we entered this phase of the battle we were able to end this first part by pressuring Catanzaro.
We did this by destroying a group of Dingo’s, 2 LRDG’s, L-40’s, Crusader Mk3’s; Sterling Mk1’s and even M41M’s as we wreaked a path of destruction everywhere. Even our boys in the air shot down another wing of Blenheim’s.
The enemy retaliated by taking it out on our T-34/41’s as they damaged 4 of our units but we only were able to damage 3 of theirs.
But the 6th Round has broken their back as we destroyed a group of LRDG, 2 groups of Crusader Mk3’s, Sterling Mk 1’s and even group of Bishop’s defending them all.
This so devastated them that they were unable to retaliate for the next 2 rounds, this allowed us to repair 6 of our T-34/41’s and 4 of our StuG3B’s.
Round 7 found us shooting down Hurricane Mk2C, and able to destroy Bishop’s M5Stuarts and 2 Italian AA’s, and repaired another StuG.
This allowed us to move forward to pressure Filadelphia.
Round 8 found our 2nd phase of combat end with us seizing most of Catanzaro and nearby airfield as well as Zagarise and Filadelphia.
Our planes shot down Spitfire VB’s.
Our ground boys destroyed 2 Italian Infantry Battalion’s and 2 battery’s of 75mm artillery.
Enemy thought they could retaliate by hitting 3rd SE Pz4G in Zagarise guarded by StuG3B which caused them to lose 90% of their units but still managed to damage 2 of ours.

Turn 9-12: 3rd Phase
Ended this first part of 3rd Phase by seizing main part of Catanzaro, and Roccelletta and even pressuring last Main Objective of this battle of Pizzo.
We did this by sinking Light Cruiser, destroying M40 artillery group and battalion of Alpini and Bersaglieri.
They retaliated by sending a group of Valentine’s to hit StuG’s guarded by other group of Stug’s and we gave as good as we got with 2 machines damaged on both sides.
We followed up by destroying that group of Valentine’s.
Their ships continued to nick our Stug’s and Wurfrahmen’s.
Turn 11 found us destroying another group of Valentine’s and Heavy Wepons Infantry Battalion, as well as sinking another Light Cruiser.
Their planes came on super strong with yet another wave attack as they attacked so many places that made me glad this battle is almost over. (Thank God for Guderian. ;))
Final Round of Final Phase found us destroying one more battalion of Bersagleiri and seizing Pizzo, as we sunk another Heavy Cruiser.
The enemy’s next wave is coming and really beginning to take shape that were painful to watch, but nothing completely destroyed so able to replace.

Decisive Victory ending with 2993 in prestige
Night Phoenix went the other way which I think ended up being more difficult, next will be Tarranto 9/9/1943.

Here are the final words of my fictional commander.

We made them pay for their betrayal of the German cause. This betrayal continues as we will move into Tarranto and secure more of Southern Italian coastline and make these allies pay for each inch of ground they try and take from us. Unfortunately as their continual forces come on shore we need to step away from this part of the coastline.
For their help in pressuring the assault on the enemy forces defending Catanzaro itself both the captured KV-1C’s and the 6th Gebirsjaeger awarded Iron Cross 2nd Class, as well as the 3rd SE Pz4G’s awarded Iron Cross 1st Class. For helping own the skies Joseph Priller’s Fighter wing was also awarded the Iron Cross 2nd Class.

Re: Grand Campaign West 39-41 Blind 42-45 Guderian

Posted: Thu Jan 18, 2018 7:58 pm
by goose_2
Taranto Guderian Blind

Starting prestige 3893 after replacements 3490 after a little Overstrengthening 3052.
Holding Back 1 KV-1C or StuG3B, whichever I feel like bringing to maximize prestige. For now (99)

In the air Bringing: Heinrich Bar; Josef Priller; And Experimental Fighter and Experimental Bomber; and 2 Henkel’s.
Around Bari: +3 Att Wurfrahmen; T-34/41; 6th Gebirsjaeger; 4th SE Tiger; 8.8cm Flak; and StuG3B.
Around Groia Del Colle: StuG3B; +1 Range Wurfrahmen; +1 Movement 3rd SE Pz4G; +3 Def 1st SE Panther; KV-1B; and Mobil AA.
Around Matera: StuG3B; Mobil AA; Wurfrahmen; Oleh Dir; and +1Def 2nd SE Tiger.

Let’s see how I did and how I chose to represent it for this playthrough.

After our success in defending the toe of the Italian boot, we have now been tasked to defend the heel. So we find ourselves in Tarranto to buttress the lack of Italian defense, so prepare to once again to need to fight off our former colleagues.
Let’s show these men how to defend a country.

Battle Report: 09/09/1943
Turn 1: I forgot to write down dates :oops: Sunny (99% )
Our forces rushed forward to seize Monopoli as our ground forces were able to wipe out an AA battery, Alpini and regular Infantry Battalion.
6th Gebirsjaeger also found to be excellent at reconnoiter…(+1 Spotting Hero)

Our Fighter Trap worked. 8) But their AA guns found a couple of our Strat Bombers. Various enemy units attempted to damage our StuG3B but were only successful at damaging 1. The enemy ships damaged 1 of our SE Pz4G’s, and their artillery guns damaged our Mobil AA units crippling 4 of them.

Turn 2: Sunny (100%) (95 after bringing out our KV-1C)
Our assault really took shape as we were able to eliminate each of these ships RV Vittorio Veneto BS, RN Roma BS, RN Raimondo Montecoccoli LC; and RN Eugeio di Savoia LC.
In the air shot down P-40 and Hurrican MkD wings.
We also were able to eliminate 2 Battalions of Alpini Infantry and M-35 group.

The enemy followed up our brazenness by sending 3 units to hit our vulnerable StuG3B leaving them with a single machine left to regroup around.
Ships continued to damage another 3 Mobil AA machines.
2 of their AA’s hit our Special Bombers for this mission -4 me.

Turn 3: Sunny (100%)
Our boys in the air continue to rain down destruction as 2 Transport Ships were sent to the bottom of the Mediterranean.
As well as shot down a wing of P-40’s.
Boys on the ground eliminated Italian AA and artillery battery’s, as well as an Italian Battalion of Regular infantry and Bersagleiri.
Our tanks made short work of L-40’s, M5 Stuart’s, and Cruiser MkIV.
Brought up 7 replacements for our mobil AA unit.
The enemy’s invasion is really beginning to take shape as they seized Matera and nearby airfield. Their AA’s hit Strat Bomber -2 me and their ships lobbed painful assault on our 6th Gebirsjaeger -3 me.

Turn 4: Sunny (100%)
Seized Airfield next to Tarranto and part of Tarranto as well as Martina Franca.
We were able to move forward in our advance by destroying Cruiser Mk4; Crusader Mk 3and Battalion or Bersagleiri.
Also shot down Stirling Mk1.
Repaired one of the damaged StuG3B’s.
Attacks becoming more bold as their ships and Infantry damaged 3 of our StuG’s, and 2 Groups of 2 P-26/40 hit T-34/41 and their combined assault was able to damage 5 of our tanks while we were only able to damage 3 of theirs.

Turn 5: Sunny (100%)
In this round we begin to really throw back the enemy as were able to take back Matera and more of Tarranto.
We were able to destroy M7 Priest, and Cruasader Mk 3’s as well as 2 Battalions of Heavy Weapons units caught in half tracks, as well as Alpini Battalion’s.
Brought up 9 replacements to rally around beleaguered StuG3B unit.
The enemies only retaliation was to nick our KV-1C’s.

Turn 6: Sunny
Continued to push forward by seizing Oria.
Our planes sunk last Light Cruiser, and our ground forces eliminated British Infantry Battalion in half track and Crusader Mk3.
British Infantry Battalion attacked 6th Gebirsjaeger damaging 20 % of our fighting force while we eliminated 50% of theirs.

Turn 7: Sunny
Even more triumph for our forces as we seize another part of Taranto and Brindisi.
Our Bombers continue to send even more boats to the bottom of the sea as we sink Infantry trapped in boast as well as RN Litorrio.
Ground forces eliminated 2 Battalions of British Infantry as well as a group of M7 Priest’s and P-26/40’s.
Called up replacements for StuG3B’s and 6th Gebirsjaeger.
Enemy follows up by shooting down 2 of my spy planes, and P-26/40 hitting mobil AA machine -3 me.

Turn 8: Sunny
We continue the destruction as we shot down Spitfire VB’s, and ground forces eliminate 2 British Infantry Battalions, P-26/40’s, L-40’s.
Only retaliation comes from Infantry assault on our StuG’s damaging 2 of them.

Turn 9: Sunny
Forward push still moving as we finished the turn by seizing Pulsano and Manduria.
In the air we dominate the air as we shoot down 2 Typhoon’s and Mosquito.
Destroyed Grant’s, M-15/42’s, and L-40’s, as well as a battery of 105mm artillery and battalion of Italian Infantry.
We also called up 9 more replacements for our StuG3B’s.
The enemies attack still picking on our StuG’s -2 me.

Turn 10: Sunny
Spent most of the round reloading and moving troops forward for final push before this battle ends and only destroyed British Infantry Battalion.
Bersagleiri rushed forward to continue attacking my StuG’s but these were guarded by another StuG so limited damage to only 2.

Turn 11: Sunny
Preparation paid off as we seized last part of Taranto, the airfield next to Matera as well as Lecce and it’s airfield.
We did this by destroying another British Infantry and Bersagleiri Battalion.
Enemy only has enough strength to get a couple of nicks from their 25 Pounder’s and Grants.

Turn 12: Sunny
On this last round we were awarded with a P-26/40 and Italian 88 gun. 8)
We made sure to press forward and end by seizing Otranto, Leuca, as well as Galipoli and it’s airfield, as we destroyed 25 pdr, Grant and Battalion of Bersagleiri and Regular Infantry.
We pulled it off, men. :D :D :D

Decisive Victory ending with 4549 in prestige
I was unsure I would be able to take over all the territory but last minute push and lack of defensive units made this possible..

Here are the final words of my fictional commander.

WOW! Just WOW!
Your ability to meet every achievement set before you makes me proud to be part of this Wehrmacht. You continue to make your ancestors and your fathers proud with the accomplishments you are achieving. I am certain that if you were placed on the defensive on the Eastern Front the Bolshevik would be in full retreat. Instead High Command has us here defending the Italian Countryside. We shall continue to make these interlopers pay dearly for each inch of ground they try to seize. Well Done Boys, very well done.
Based on their help to sink the ships in the harbor our boys flying with the 44th Henkels and the Experimental Do-335A as well as our Ground Forces for their pushing the enemy back and taking the necessary territory our 5th T-34/41’s have been all awarded with the Iron Cross 2nd class.

Next time Volturno-Line with 5249 in prestige.

Until next time…Stay Lutheran My Friends. ;)

Re: Grand Campaign West 39-41 Blind 42-45 Guderian

Posted: Thu Feb 01, 2018 7:03 pm
by goose_2
Volturno Line Guderian 2nd Time
Yeah I cheated on my Blind playthrough on this mission. I screwed up big time and played this way, way too aggressive and it cost me, so I replayed as I was too frustrated with the results of first playthrough. :oops:
12 Turns I forgot to write down time period.
Brought all units I can and Soft Cap still at 100%

Starting prestige 5249 after replacements 5066 and a little Overstrengthening 5029.
Brought in the air: 3 Fighter’s Josef Priller; Heinrich Bar; Ta-152H; and Fighter Bomber Do-335A.
Around Vasto: 2nd SE Tiger, 88, +3 Att Wurfrahmen.
Near Atessa: 2 StuG3B’s, KV-1C; Oleh Dir.
Around Isernia: Heinz Rondorf; +3 Def SE Panther; Mobil AA; Wurfrahmen; StuG3B; and 6th Gebirsjaeger.
Near Teano: StuG3B; Mobil AA; Ital 88; +1 Movement 4th SE Tiger; and 3rd SE Pz4G; +1 Range Wurfrahmen; and Albert Kerscher.

Let’s see how I did and how I chose to represent it for this playthrough.

We have continued to take a pounding from the Allied ships as they continually push us back from the coast, but it is here on the River Volturno that their advance will crash. We have received permission to hold them back from crossing the Volturno River, but I want to push back on their advance. So after we have exhausted their forces we will start by pushing with a Northern assault force around Bojano and Castelmauro and from there pursue even deeper probes into their Northern lines. In the South we shall steadily break back their advance past Naples as they try to cross the Volturno River. Once exhausted we will push back and seize Naples back from them along with Telese. It will be in this counter attack that we will seize the Decisive Victory from the battlefield. We will make them regret coming into Italy this way.

Battle Report: I just have it separated out in Turns old school style
Turn 1-12: Sunny for the entire battle
Our advance Northward rushes forward as we seized Bojano and Castelmauro.
We accomplished this by knocking out a P-38 Lightning and destroying a Battalion of Paratroopers and a battery of 6 Pounder’s.
But the enemy countered by rushing forward in the South to seize Naples and Benevento and their Bombers hit our StuG’s damaging 4 of them.

Turn 2:
Annihilation of enemy continues as we shot down P-38 Lightening as also destroyed Bridge Engineer and Battery of 25 Pounder.
Their air superiority is brought to light as their Bombers found an unprotected Heinz Rondorf in his Flamm’s disabling 2 of them.
On the ground their Churchill’s found our StuG’s guarded by Wurfrahmen’s and disabled 3 more of them.
At the same time their forces continue to seize more of Naples and Telese.

Turn 3:
Continuing to gather strength for Northern push as continue to disable more of their equipment. Starting in the air shooting down wing of P-47B’s and B-25 Mitchell’s.
On the ground destroyed 2 Sexton’s and British Battalion.
Bought 1 regular rep for StuG3B and 4th SE Tiger awarded with a +1 Movement.
Their retaliation begins to take shape as well as a Mobil AA shot down 1 of the planes flying with Josef Priller.
On the ground their Churchill’s hit Heinz Rondorf, but because he was guarded by 2 artillery batteries even such 2 of our vehicles were disabled.
Also some M4 Sherman’s hit StuG3B’s damaging 2 of them.
The greatest battle happened when another Group of Churchill’s tried accosting our 6th Gebirsjaeger but because of their rugged defense we were able to destroy 7 of their machines.

Turn 4:
Our Counter attack really begins to take shape as we were able to destroy 2 groups of Churchill’s MkIV’s as well as a group of M4 Sherman’s. This littered the battlefield with many broken tanks but did not keep us from eliminating 2 Heavy Weapons Infantry Battalions as well as an entire Regular Infantry Battalion.
They retaliated by seizing Casetta and nicked my +1 Range Wurfrahmen.

Turn 5:
The round up continues as we were able to eliminate another 3 Battalions as 1 Regular Infantry fell, 1 Heavy Weapons and a group of Paratrooper’s. We also eliminated a group of M8 Greyhounds and M14MGMC’s. This allowed us to move forward and seize Riccia and its airfield.
This brought out the beasts as they were able to eliminate our boys riding with our Mobil AA’s. Bomber’s damaged 4 from our Wurfrahmen’s. Their Infantry moved up and seized Pozzucoli and hit StuG3B guarded by another StuG -2 me -1 them.

Turn 6:
Again another battle where we eliminated 3 more battalion’s, 1 group of British Infantry and Heavy Weapons, as well as US Engineer’s. Out of the air shot down Spitfire and brought out Rudel to help eliminate more enemy units. We also were able to eliminate a group of Crusader Mk3’s and M4 Sherman’s.
Enemy found a way to sneak back into airfield near Riccia as well as occupy Castel Volturno.

Turn 7:
Continue to dominate in the air as we were able to destroy 2 Typhoon’s and on the ground destroyed another 2 Battalions of US infantry and Paratrooper’s as well as a battery of 25 Pounder’s. We were able to move into Termoli.
The enemy retaliated by nicking 1 of our StuG’s by a Bomber.

Turn 8:
We eliminated the Bomber that nicked our StuG’s as well as eliminated another Battalion of US Infantry and a Battalion of Bridge Engineer’s as well as destroyed an entire group of Humber’s, we were even able to retake Castel Volturno.
They retaliated by nicking 1 of our Tiger’s.

Turn 9:
This is where we completely eliminated the remainder of the 1st Wave of attacks, as we eliminated another 3 Battalion’s including 2 Heavy Weapons Infantry as well as a group of Engineer’s. We also destroyed a group of their probe units for their 2nd wave which is coming as we destroyed a group of M8 Greyhound’s and a group of Humber’s. This allowed us to retake airfield near Riccia and take Pouzzuoli.
This so sent them in disarray that they had nothing left to counter act with.

Turn 10:
We continued to move forward and cross the river to go on the assault. This brazen attack allowed us to eliminate 4 Battalions of Infantry including Bridge Engineer’s, Ranger’s; US Engineer’s, and British Regular’s. We also shot out of the sky a wing of Mosquito’s. Our tanks eliminated a group of M7 Priest’s as well as Crusader’s. This allowed us to seize 3 parts of Naples and Benevento, Rotello and even the airfield. 8)
At this point the enemies 2nd Wave showed its ugly head, but failed to attack anywhere as our forces are just too strong. 8)

Turn 11:
At this point we are just having fun in our attacks as we eliminated 2 Lorry’s of troops, and a group of Truck’s, and even a group of Crusader’s. We also pressed forward as we seized another part of Naples and even moved into Telese.
The enemy has really brought out all of their guns as many planes and enemies came out of everywhere doing so much damage that we failed to take a full account of the extent of the damage only to note no losses of entire units. Thank God this operation is almost over.

Turn 12: Last Round
At this point we seized the rest of Naples and its airfield.
We eliminated a group of M7 Priest’s and Crusader’s as well as shot down a wing of P-38’s.

Decisive Victory ending with 6248 in prestige
So, this is very possible to accomplish on Guderian, just let them eliminate themselves as they love to put themselves in a very vulnerable position on river hexes and this makes this a much easier task then trying to rush forward like a moron I did on my first playthrough. :oops:

Here are the final words of my fictional commander.

They continue to throw themselves against our superior weapons and force us to eliminate so many lives as they continue in a futile attempt to retake territory that we have already seeded to them. So we will continue to destroy every last one of them until they go crying back home to Mommy. ;)
For helping own the skies our Experimental Wing of Ta-152H’s Fighter’s was also awarded the Iron Cross 2nd Class.

Next time the army imported into 1944.

Until next time…Stay Lutheran My Friends. ;)

Re: Grand Campaign West 39-41 Blind 42-45 Guderian

Posted: Fri Feb 16, 2018 1:00 am
by hurly
and here two replays of the Volturno Line Scenario to end the GC West 42-43
(30.09.2017) Volturno Line, Turn 12 1st
(72.9 KiB) Downloaded 131 times
(03.10.2017) Volturno Line, Turn 12 2nd
(72.49 KiB) Downloaded 126 times

Replays of Catanzaro and Taranto can be found


Re: Grand Campaign West 39-41 Blind 42-45 Guderian

Posted: Fri Mar 02, 2018 9:02 pm
by goose_2
Here is the Guderian Army imported into 1944

4 Total Infantry 3 heroes
I need more infantry but am afraid to buy any at this point and unsure what to do about this situation.
2 Conscripts 0 stars.
Oleh Dir as Grenadier with 4 stars +2 Def/+3 Movement/+3 Initiative
6th Gebirsjaeger +1 Spotting 3 stars

8 Tanks 3 heroes 4 SE Tanks 5 Heroes
2 Flamms (Still rocking with these bad boys as mobile infantry)
2 Flamms are Albert Kirscher and Heinz Rondorf both with 4 stars
Churchill IV(e) 1 Star +1 Spot
2 T-34/41’s 1 with 3 stars and 1 with 1 star
KV-1B 2 Stars
KV-1C 2 Stars
P26/40 1 star
+3 Def 4 Star 1st SE Panther
+1 Movement 3rd SE Pz4G 3 stars
+1 Def 2nd SE Tiger 4 Stars
+1 Movement 4th SE Tiger 3 Stars

3 recons all 0 stars and no heroes as not using

3 AT units all 0 stars and no heroes as not using

7 artys 2 Heroes
6 17cm artys +1 Movement/+1 Range, +2 Att, +3 Att, +1 Def, and 2 with no heroes
3 Wurfrahmen 1 with +3 Att other with +1 Range hero, the last one with no heroes.
4 StuG3B’s with 1 or 2 Stars

3 AA units 1 or 2 stars
Struggling to build these up

5 Fighters 5 Heroes

3 FW-190A’s Heinrich Bar 3 Stars; 3 Starred +4 Attack; 2 Stars no heroed Fighter;
Josef Priller in a FW-190D 2 Stars
EXP Ta-152H 1 Star +4 Def/+1 Spot

3 Fighter Bombers 5 heroes

4 Stars 1 Helmut Lent 2 heroes +1 Att/+1 Def/+6 Initiative Me-410
4 Stars Uber Rudel 4 Stars with 2 heroes +12 Att/+9Def Me-410
1 Star Exp Do-335A +3 Att/+3 Movement

2 Strat Bombers 3 stars no Heroes
Just not enough time to build these up the way I want.

Playing on Guderian is fast and easy, not always able to get Decisive, as playing blind but really enjoying the speed and ease with playing at this level. You need to play fast and hard, which is more my play style. I am learning to show more restraint thanks to Night Phoenix’s lessons, but it still rubs me wrong as Aggression is a lot more fun than defensive subterfuge, but I am trying.

Next time will be Anzio with 7248 in Prestige.

Re: Grand Campaign West 39-41 Blind 42-45 Guderian

Posted: Wed Mar 07, 2018 7:17 pm
by goose_2
Anzio Guderian Blind

Starting prestige 7248 after replacements 6848 upgraded Pz4G SE to 4H and bought sd.Kfz 10/4 after a little Overstrengthening 6597.
Holding Back 2 to hopefully buy 2 Grenadier’s at Conca and Littoria.

Placed over near the Coast of Ardea: Oleh Dir; 2 StuG 3 B’s; +1 Range Wurfrahmen; 8.8cm AA; and KV-1C; +1 Def 2nd SE Tiger as well as in the air Heinrich Bar, Uber Rudel, and 2 Henkels.
At Campoleone: T-34/41; StuG3 B; sd.Kfz 10/4; Albert Kerscher; +1 Movement 4th SE Tiger; and Joseph Priller.
At Valletric: sd.Kfz 10/4; 90/53m 41C AA; Heinz Rondorf; +1 Movement 3rd SE Pz4G.
Near Cori: +3 Def 1st SE Panther; Exp Ta-152H and Exp Do-335A.

Let’s see how I did and how I chose to represent it for this playthrough.
The allies have grown increasingly frustrated with their ineffective attack of our impenetrable Gustav Line as such they have become bold by launching a successful amphibious invasion of the Anzio region. We are tasked with throwing them back into the sea. Wait…oh is that it?
I guess we are tasked with guarding the supplies needed to continue the defense of Italy. So we must protect against their attacking forces, it appears their Naval guns are to menacing to attempt throwing them off the beach heads, but maybe we can show our decision makers that we are capable of more than they want to give us credit for, eh?

Battle Report: 01/22/1944 2 Rounds per day
Turn 1 and 2 Sunny (99% )
Immediately organized a Battalion of Grenadiers to help guard Littorria and Conca.
Around Arden destroyed the 3rd US Infantry Half Battalion and moved into Lido dei Pini.
Around Aprilla South of Campoleone destroyed 1st US Infantry Battalion and moved into Aprilla.
Near Conca fought with US 5th Battalion but not destroyed.
The enemy retaliated by strafing Oleh Dir and destroyed 20% of their strength, and T-34/41 had 2 damaged by bomber’s. Unfortunately our newly organized Grenadier’s in Conca were assaulted and reduced by 80%. :cry:
The Green Grenadier’s in Littorria however gave as good as they got and defended well. :)

In the afternoon started by calling up additional forces for accosted Grenadier Battalion in Conca’s well as a few for the ones in Littorria.
Near Velletri awarded 2 sdKfz 251/1’s with sweet heroes to help with the defense.
In the air shot down 35th P-38 Fighter Wing; 5th P-38 Fighter Wing; and 42nd B-26 Marauder’s. 8)
Near Lido dei Pini was able to destroy the 4th US Battalion.
Near Aprilla beat back 2 US Battalions but none destroyed.
Near Conca destroyed 5th Battalion and 23rd US Heavy Weapons Battalion.
The enemy retaliated by nicking our +1 Range Wurfrahmen; the 10th US Infantry damaged 4 of our StuG3B’s in the woods around Lido-dei-Pini; 9th US Infantry Battalion seized airfield near Aprilla; 2 Heavy Weapons Infantry Battalions destroyed half of our Panthers defending Conca and US infantry damaged 80% of the green Grenadiers near Conca.

Turn 3 and 4: Sunny 1/23/1944 (100%) from here on out
In the morning rounded up many enemy units
Near Lido-dei-Pini Forced the surrender of the 10th US HW Battalion and 105mm artillery Battery.
Near Littoria destroyed 38th Regular US infantry and 7th US Heavy Weapons Battalions.
Near Arilla Destroyed 10th US Infantry Battalion, but…
This brazen rush forward has however led to some vulnerable units. The enemy destroyed the green Grenadier Battalion and seized Littoria. Enemy also seized Conca and hit Heinz Rondorf leaving me with only 5 remaining machines. Arty nicked 2nd Panzer Grenadier transport and enemy seized Padiglione. M3 nicked Mobil AA guarded by StuG3B. (This is a lot of enemy aggression.)
The afternoon I worked to consolidate my losses and strengthen my stand for areas lost.
Called up replacements for 14th StuG 3B’s and for green Grenadier.
In the air shot down 58th B-24 Liberator’s as well as the 29th Libaerator’s.
Force surrendered 43rd M4 Sherman’s in Conca as well as the 17th US Infantry Battalion and even their 105mm artillery battery.
Around Arilla destroyed 9th US Infantry Battalion and 15th M3 group of tanks.
Around Lido-dei-Pini destroyed 14th group of M4 Sherman tanks as well as the 13th US infantry Battalion.
The enemies attacks are diminishing as only attacks were against 24th Supply Dump, and hitting 3 of our Italian AA Battery’s.

Turn 5-6: Sunny 1/24/18 (100%)
It was on this 3rd Day of Combat that are boys retook the initiative. We did this by destroying the 12th US Infantry Battalion along with 105mm artillery battery as well as seizing Padiglione and nearby airfield to Aprilia. We were also able to retake Conca and destroy the 13th and 17th Heavy Weapons Infantry Battalion.
The morning found their ships reigning pressure on our StuG3B’s damaging 3 and the 24th Dump near Littoria is hanging on a thread as only 6 str points left.
The afternoon continued with our pressure as we forced the surrender of the 19th Engineer Battalion as well as the the 18th US Heavy Weapons Battalion guarding Anzio. Also were able to bomb the the 39th US Infantry Battalion into oblivion.
We were able to finally relieve the pressure on the 24th Supply Dump by eliminating the 34th US Infantry Battalion.
The enemy continues to assault our StuG’s destroying 4 more machines, and another assault on our 24th Supply Dump by a new assault by the 40th US Heavy Weapons Infantry Battalion reducing it to just a meager 2 strength, they were also able to nick one of our tanks rolling with our T-34/41’s.

Turn 7 and 8: Sunny Clouds coming in the afternoon 1/25/44
Called up forces to bolster up our beleaguered StuG3B’s.
Force Surrendered 75mm AT Guarding Anzio which is allowing me to pressure Anzio and Nettuno.
Also retaliated to take out 40th Heavy Weapons Infantry Battalion and 105mm artillery battery pressuring Littoria.
The enemy’s brought out their planes to damage 1 of our 3rd SE Pz4G’s and Bombers hit the 23rd Supoply Dump damaging 2. The enemies attacks almost completely destroyed our Mobil AA’s which I will be retreating to utilize in the next mission. Enemy ships continued to damage 3 more StuG3B’s, and enemy reduced our T-34/41’s to a meager 3 rolling tanks. :shock: :cry: :(
This forced our Engineer’s to repair 2 of the damaged T-34/41’s.
Our air boys shot down 65th P-38 Lightning’s.
On the ground successfully destroyed 16th Ranger’s Battalion.
Enemy ships brought our +1 Range Wurfrahmen to an anemic 2 str left. :shock: :cry: :(
Continued enemy attacks reduced our T-34/41’s to just 2 machines left.
M5 tried hitting our 26th Grenadier -1 me -6 them and a few more nicks and scrapes but nothing to make a fuss about.

Turn 9 and 10: Starts out Cloudy and goes to Sunny in the final hours of this battle 1/26/1944
At the start of the day I was informed that because of our success on retaining all supply dumps we were awarded 5 groups of mines to use in later scenarios.
Destroyed 24th Heavy Weapons Infantry Battalion in Littoria and seized it.
Force surrendered a Battalion of Rangers.
Our boys in the air shotdown their 55th P-47B and the 64th B-25 B Mitchell’s.
Tiger took out 155mm M12 GMC and destroyed 61st M5’s.
We were even able to force surrender 53rd Wolverines.
Ships again reduced another group of StuG’s down to 7 Str. Heavy Weapons found KV-1C’s in forest destroying 3 of them as well as M4 Shermans hit 1st Panzer Grenadier Transport guarded by StuG 3B’s -2 them -3 me. The enemy also retook Lido-dei-Pini.
Last hours spent bombing M4A1 in Lido-dei-Pini and reseized it.
Force surrendered 64th M4 Sherman’s and also destroyed 1 of the 155mm Long Tom’s defending Anzio.

Decisive Victory ending with 7408 in prestige
I won but they ended their counter by destroying my Italian AA. :cry: :evil: :shock:
I could have fought better and smarter but that is what a blind playthrough is for.

Here are the final words of my fictional commander.

We have guarded needed assets adequately and even put pressure on their beach heads everywhere, unfortunately those ships cannons that we just do not have the time or resources to silence is causing us to have to pull back and lick our wounds, thanks to our efforts though we will be able to utilize additional resources in our next mission. Now let’s pull away from these nasty ship cannons.
Pull back! Pull back!

Next time Cassino with 9908 in prestige.

Until next time…Stay Lutheran My Friends. ;)

Re: Grand Campaign West 39-41 Blind 42-45 Guderian

Posted: Wed Mar 28, 2018 8:10 pm
by goose_2
Cassino Guderian Blind
12 Turns over 12 days.
Brought all units I can and Soft Cap at 93%
Laid all 6 mines around Cassino also around near Sperlonga

Starting prestige 9908 after replacements 8773 and a little Overstrengthening 8417.
Around Sperlonga: 2 Henkel’s, Joseph Priller; Heinrich Bar; 2 SE Tiger’s, KV-1C, 3 StuG 3 B’s.
Around Leprano: Ta-152H, D0-335A, Heinz Rondorf, Uber Rudel, Albert Kirscher, KV-1B, Mobile AA, T-34/41.
Near Sora: SE Pz4H, SE Panther, and +1 Range Wurfrahmen.
At Monte Cassino: +4 Att FW-190A, 8.8cm AA, +1 Spot Gebirsjaeger, +3 Att Wurfrahmen, StuG3B, and Oleh Dir.

Let’s see how I did and how I chose to represent it for this playthrough.

All right men we have been tasked with evacuating the monks and their centuries old artifacts from the soon to be accosted Monte Cassino. If we can successfully escort these men and their relics from this Mountain Pass we will be dually compensated. We have also been tasked with taking the initiative back on this map to ensure the Decisive, so prepare to do more than defend, prepare for attack.

Battle Report:
Turn 1: 2/08/1944 Cloudy
The day started with a bunch of forward attacks, mostly running into my mines as enemy is reeling from our defense with mines. :twisted:
Near Sperlonga was able to destroy 75mm arty. Around Cassino eliminated New Zealand Battalion.
Most of the time was spent bracing for the insane assault coming…
On the enemies turn they destroyed 3 groups of mines and New Zealand Battalion hit +3 Att Wurfrahmen guarded by a StuG3B along with a few other nicks along with 1 fighter trap and bomber trap was sprung
But the enemy countered by rushing forward in the South to seize Naples and Benevento and their Bombers hit our StuG’s damaging 4 of them.

Turn 2: 02/09/1944 Sunny (95)
In the air brought down 64th and 67th P-38G Fighting Wings well as the 27th P-47B and even 31st B-24 Mew Zealand.
Force surrendered New Zealand Battalion defending Spurlonga and seized it along with Pontecoroca.
Also force surrendered the 29th and 34th New Zealand Battalion.
The enemies counter attack to the North of Cassino, is too strong for us as the enemy has destroyed s more groups of land mines, and observation Post, as well as destroyed auxiliary Mtn Troop and seized the Northern tip of Cassino…Their assault brough the +3 Att Wurfrahmen down to just half of it’s machines. They are poised to seize the rest of Cassino.

Turn 3: 02/10/1944 Sunny (100)
In the air our fly boys really took over as we took out the 61st B-24 Liberator’s and 28th P-51st B Mustang Fighter wing’s.
On the ground we pushed towards and even seized San Giorgio and Gaeta by destroying 2 batteries defending the 57mm AT units defending them.
We also Force surrendered 35th New Zealand Battalion and the LAC M20 group moved forward to close.
Also destroyed the 38th US HW Inf Battalion and 3rd New Zealand Battalion and group of 4th M4 Sherman’s around Altina.
Their retaliation begins to take shape as well as they destroyed 2 Observation Post Strong Points and almost destroyed my last minefield. I was able to coax out the New Zealand Battalion in Gaeta exited to attack the 4th SE Tiger in the hills guarded by StuG 3B they were still able to destroy 3 of our vulnerable units but cost them 40% of their fighting strength. Unfortunately our auxiliary 17th Gebirsjaeger Battalion where it was reduced to half strength and the enemy seized more of Cassino proper.
This is not going to be a cake walk to seize this back and push forward to seize the needed Decisive in this mission.

Day 4: 2/11/44 Cloudy
There is nothing left in the skies to take down as I rule the skies. 8)
Around Gaeta destroyed 59th New Zealand Battalion and seized Gaeta.
Around San Giorgio destroyed 30th US Bridge Engineer and 47th US Infantry Battalion’s along with 105mm artillery battery as we are going across Rapido and Liri River.
Around Cassino proper destroyed 2 separate groups of M4 Sherman’s.
Around Atina destroyed the 7th New Zealand Battalion.
Even with all this action going on the frontline we still were able to call up replacements for our auxiliary Gebirsjaeger’s.
Their counter attack consisted of seizing all of Cassino and nicked our +1 Range Wurfrahmen as well as our mobile AA unit’s.
The greatest blunder on their part was when their M-10 Wolverine group were ambushed by our T-34/41’s guarded by StuG 3B’s, which left 4 of them heaping wrecks.

Day 5: Sunny 2/12/1944
The round starts with us set to start pressuring Castelforte by destroying the weakened Wolverine’s.
We eliminated the battery of 75mm artillery battery around Caeta.
Around Cassino destroyed M-8 Greyhound recon’s in Cassino and retook that part of Cassino.
Around Attina destroyed 75mm HMC M8 and 2nd group of M4 Sherman’s.
Using this continued push to also call up more replacements for both 6th Gebirsjaeger and Oleh Dir as well as to restore the damaged +3 Att Wurfrahmen’s.
Their Flying Fortresses have arrived, but are unprotected. 8)
Wolverine’s blasted our 18th KV-1B’s damaging 4 of ours with only 2 of their’s sustaining damage. Their arty nicked 1 of our T-34/41’s and enemy seized airfield near Attina.

Day 6: 2/13/1944 Sunny
Around Castelforte destroyed an unprepared 17pdr battery as well as 6 inch artillery battery.
In Cassino destroyed another group of M-10 Wolverine’s and repaired 1 Wurfrahmen for our +1 Range machines.
In the air brought down group of Flying Fortresses and B-25 Mitchell’s.
Enemy destroyed aux Battalion defending Cassino and retook it. AA found and shot down a couple of our Henkel’s. Unfortunately our 11th 88 Battery was brough down to an anemic 4 machine’s left to guard the skies.

Day 7: 2/14/1944 Sunny
Brought 1st Transport to Carea Coprano.
Air dominance has been fun as we shot down 2 more wings of B-17G Flying Fortresses.
Near Cassino destroyed 75mm HMCM8 and 17th New Zealand Battalion.
Near Atina seized the airfield and destroyed 14th New Zealand Battalion.
Near Castelforte destroyed 56th 20mm Oerlikon and 52nd New Zealand Battalionand even seized Castelforte itself.
Engineer’s repaired 3 more StuG3B’s.
The enemy rushed forward and were ambushed by T-34/41 devastating 8 of them. 2 Infantry Battalions damaged 4 of my StuG3B’s.

Turn 8: 2/15/1944 Sunny
Started the day by dring last transport into Carea Ceprano.
Eliminated another B-26 Marauder wing in the sky.
At Atina destroyed 6th New Zealand Battalion.
Continuing to push back several units and take over more of Cassino.
Around Castelforte destroyed 68th US Battalion.
Their counter attack was stymied as their Engineer’s in half-track’s but enemy retook airfield near Attina. Their artillery battery nicked 6th Gebirsjaeger.

Turn 9: 2/16/1944 Sunny
For our “escorting” the treasures out of Monte Cassino were awarded the 12th SE Bf 109G headed by Gustav Adler. 8) :D
Around Attina eliminated 2 New Zealand Battalions and retook both Attina and its airfield.
Cassino rallying is paying off as destroyed or surrendered 4 separate units and continuing to seize more of the city.
Around Castelforte destroyed a group of Rangers and seized Sessa Aurunca.
Repaired 4 damaged StuG3B’s.
Unfortunately enemy rallied with another group of attacks, as they retook another part of Cassino, and Hellcat nailed 4th SE Tiger resting in Sessa Aurunca damaging 2 of my Tiger’s but our guns destroyed 7 of their units.

Turn 10: 2/17/1944 Sunny
Attina and Cassino dominance has been established as we devastated 5 enemy units and seized almost all of it.
Have retreated from Sassa Aurunco after destroying the Hellcat and moving up to pressure Cervaro as well as seizing Monte Lungo.
Enemy moved forward and seized Sessa Aurunca and they hit Heinz Rondorf hard in Monet Lungo -7 me; 6 pdr hit KV-1C -2 me -5 them; and even their M-10’s hitting my weakened KV-1B -2 me.

Turn 11: 2/18/1944 Sunny
Bombed Wolverine into Oblivion. 8)
Around Monte Lung destroyed 42nd Engineer Battalion.
In the air took out 20th B-17 G Flying Fortress.
Seized the rest of Cassino.
Near Cervaro destroyed 6 inch artillery battery.
For the enemies last round their fighter group knocked out 4 of our Wurfrahmens. Their M4A3, Engineer’s, and Rangers, all massed and attacked our T-34/41’s reducing them to just 4 functioning machines that were out of ammo. Thanks God this battle is done.

Turn 12: Last Round for us. 02/19/1944
In the air destroyed 2 more Bomber Wings and around Cervaro destroyed 6pdr and seized Cervaro for the Decisive Victory.

Decisive Victory ending with 9696 in prestige
I got worried about halfway through seeing the number of units coming at me for their 2nd wave attack, but this is very possible.

Here are the final words of my fictional commander.

They continue to throw themselves against our superior weapons and force us to eliminate so many lives as they continue in a futile attempt to retake territory that we have already seeded to them. So we will continue to destroy every last one of them until they go crying back home to Mommy. ;)
For helping push back the New Zealanders and retaking Cassino the 18th KV-1B were awarded Iron Cross 2nd Class as well as helping to retake Cassino the 4th SE Tiger’s were also awarded the Iron Cross 1st Class.

Next time Monte Cassino 5/10/1944 with 11196.

Until next time…Stay Lutheran My Friends. ;)

Re: Grand Campaign West 39-41 Blind 42-45 Guderian

Posted: Thu Mar 29, 2018 2:41 am
by hurly
So while it does not surprise me to see you protecting Monks and their artifacts from any harm, I'm still pleasantly surprised your former Comp that mutated into a mess of Hell fire spared your valuable Notes and Replays on the Harddisk. May I introduce you to the advantages of a simple USB Stick and / or the more advanced options the Cloud offers for free. 5 minutes of Backup duty each week can save you hours of frustration and tons of nerves. Not even talking about the many prayers you could have spared and used for other more important things that go wrong in our crazy world
Needed to add that little wisecrack remark, just makes me feel so smart :twisted: (while on the other realizing being a hypocrite as I did not save any Panzer Corps Stuff in Backup Places at all in 2018)

So I'm still eager to see how the East Trail gets Mansteined while the West is rushed through by hasty Guderians.

Good Luck with the New Hardware and may the Force be with you (or is it the Faith ? whatever Just Do It !)