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Re: Grand Campaign West 39-41 Blind 42-45 Guderian

Posted: Thu Mar 29, 2018 2:34 pm
by goose_2
hurly wrote:So while it does not surprise me to see you protecting Monks and their artifacts from any harm, I'm still pleasantly surprised your former Comp that mutated into a mess of Hell fire spared your valuable Notes and Replays on the Harddisk. May I introduce you to the advantages of a simple USB Stick and / or the more advanced options the Cloud offers for free. 5 minutes of Backup duty each week can save you hours of frustration and tons of nerves. Not even talking about the many prayers you could have spared and used for other more important things that go wrong in our crazy world
Needed to add that little wisecrack remark, just makes me feel so smart :twisted: (while on the other realizing being a hypocrite as I did not save any Panzer Corps Stuff in Backup Places at all in 2018)

So I'm still eager to see how the East Trail gets Mansteined while the West is rushed through by hasty Guderians.

Good Luck with the New Hardware and may the Force be with you (or is it the Faith ? whatever Just Do It !)

OH BABY I am back, I was able to recover all of my stuff and hope to be sending some more replays to get your assistance to upload.

Thanks for the advice, and the jabs, they are much appreciated and much needed, I need to get better at backing up files and stuff.

Thanks for all the patience as I continue to sort out the Tournament stuff.

Re: Grand Campaign West 39-41 Blind 42-45 Guderian

Posted: Wed Apr 18, 2018 6:08 pm
by goose_2
Uh-Oh! I am not able to find my replay's...I may be sol at finding my replays to have hurly post. I will try and continue to look this weekend, but unsure if it will happen.

Monte Cassino Guderian Blind

Starting prestige 11196 after replacements 10063 upgrades 9456 and a little Overstrengthening 9175.
Upgraded 7th Marder 3H to a JagdPanther.

Around Sperlonga: +1 Movement 4th SE Tiger; T-34/41; SE Bf109G; Henkel.
In San Giorgio: Green Grenadier; 8.8cm AA; +1 Range Wurfrahmen; Albert Kerscher; StuG3 B.
Around Sora: Helmut Lent and Joseph Priller; +3 Def 1st SE Panther; +1 Def 2nd SE Tiger; Wurfrahmen; StuG3 B; Mobile AA.
Around Ceprano: Oleh Dir; JagdPanther; +3 Att Wurfrahmen; StuG3 B; +1 Movement 3rd SE Pz4H; Heinz Rondorf; Mobile AA.

Let’s see how I did and how I chose to represent it for this playthrough.
It has been 3 months of back and forth with these persistent allied forces. Now they are throwing the Polish 2nd Corps that are itching to pay us back for the battles that started this war way back in ’39. We have been given a simple task. Hold Monte Cassino to allow for our strategic withdrawal from this sector, but I see our task as more ambitious.
I want to crush the allies and even retake the initiative in this battle. Starting by retaking Cassino itself and continuing forward. We have been given many long range Nebelwerfer batteries to help us do just that. Prepare to be aggressive men, move out.

Battle Report: 05/10/1944 2 Rounds per day
Turn 1 and 2 Sunny (98% )
Immediately destroyed Polish Inf and 25 pdr in the Alps around Mound Monte Cassino.
Unfortunately, our boys in the air were unexpected by a plane out of the sun, and the boys flying with Heinrich Bar were recognized at being able to attack +1 Stronger than other planes. :|
Still was able to shoot down a Spitfire.
All other forces needed to help with this push were moved forward.
The enemy in the morning moved their Polish forces in the Alps aggressively destroying the 1st Battalion Fallschimjaeger from the 4th Regiment and seized Hill 236.
Their Mobile AA guns hit our Do-335A -4 me as well as a Bomber was nicked by our 88 trying to damage 2 of our StuG3B’s.
The Flamms riding with Albert Kirscher in the hills was hit by Churchill Mk IV both damaged 3 machines.

In the afternoon destroyed the Churchill accosting Albert Kerscher.
The real beat down came around San Giorgio as we pushed back a Humber, and destroyed Cromwell and Wolverine.
In the air our boys in the air as we shot down a Hurricane, Typhoon, as well as a Mosquito.
Around Monte Cassino destroyed another Polish Battalion from the 2nd Corps.
They retaliated by destroying 2 of our AA guns with their artillery guns as well as a Cromwell tried hitting the Flamms riding with Heinz Rondorf guarded by Wurfrahmen which only damaged 2 of their machines, none of mine. 8)

Turn 3 and 4: Cloudy then Rainy 05/11/1944 (100%) from here on out
In the morning destroyed 2 more groups of Cromwell’s around San Giorgio, along with a group of M3 Stuarts.
Also around Monte Cassino destroyed Mobil AA vehicle and even another Polish Battalion and retook Hill 236.
Even in the air we are dominating as we shot down a wing of Spitfires and Typhoon’s.
We gathered together some replacements to replenish the battered 4th Regiment.
The enemy was able to damage 1 of our JagdPanther’s as well as a double attack from their Churchill’s and a 57mm AT battery against our 3rd SE Pz 4H which cost me 5 of mine and 5 of theirs.
The afternoon the rain came pouring in which had us refueling our boys in the air.
Around Cassino our forces destroyed a battery of 57mm AT units. We then backed out of Hill 236 to set up a trap.
Around San Giorgio the devastation continues as we destroyed another 3 Polish Battalions of the 2nd Corps.
They answered with their Cromwell’s accosting the 2nd Gebirsjaeger but Oleh Dir’s men were able to damage 4 of their machines with minor damage to their men. However their Wolverine’s found our StuG’s even though they were being guarded by our Wurfrahmens they were still damaged 8 of them. They retook Hill 236 and nicked the 4th Parachute Regiment.

Turn 5-6: Sunny 5/12/18
Now that we are in the 3rd day of this battle we are beginning to bring the fight to Cassino proper by forcing the surrender of a British Battalion as well as a Polish Battalion.
The Churchill guarding Hill 236 was ill suited to defend Hill 236 as they were destroyed, as well as destroyed a Cromwell and Polish Battalion around San Giorgio.
In the air brought down 2 separate wings of Mosquito’s, as well as a Spitfire MkVB, and even a group of Lancaster’s.
We even swung around Castelforte and destroyed a 6 inch battery of artillery.
North of Cassino destroyed an M-10 Wolverine and repaired 8 StuG3B’s to bring it back up to snuff.
The enemy retaliated with damage from their artillery guns and their P-38 Lightening fliers nailed 4 of our SE Panther’s.
In the afternoon continuing to push around San Giorgio as we destroyed another British Battalion and a group of Engineer’s.
Around Castelforte beat back another battery of Italian infantry.
Around Southern part of Cassino got another 2 Polish Battalions from 2nd Corps.
Around Hill 236 destroyed 25 Pounder and yet another Polish Battalion, which helped me diminish the Polish Corps and retook Hill 236.
In the air shot down 2 Lightning Wings.
In the North of Cassino destroyed 5.5 inch artillery battery as well as a battery of 25 pounder’s.
The enemy continues to assault our Wurfrahmen and 6th Gebirsjaeger Battalion.
Artillery and Anti Tank Battery hit the 6th Gebirsjaeger reducing them by 40% but also able to hit them for 40% of their Str.
3 of our Wurfrahmens were damaged by 3 Flying Fortresses and artillery assault.

Turn 7 and 8: Sunny Clouds coming in the afternoon 05/13/44
In the air shot down Mitchell’s and 2 Wings of Flying Fortresses.
On the ground our forces are rolling over the majority of the remaining enemy units as we destroyed or force surrendered 4 separate Battalions of British Battalions as well as another Polish Battalion and even a 6 inch artillery battery. We even moved forward and seized Castelforte as we now completely own around the Liri and Rapido River’s.
Our assault continues in the North as we destroyed battery of 57mm anti-tank units, and destroyed a Polish Battalion and devastated Polish reserves and seized Northern Tip of Cassino.
Their morning counter attack included 2 machines being damaged from our Wurfrahmen’s and assault on our StuG3B’s which reduced them to just 2 functional machines. It was not over as our JagdPanther, men with Oleh Dir and even another StuG3B sustained 10% damage of their unit Strength. (Our aggression and forward advance was punished hard by the enemy) :evil:

As the day tracked into the afternoon destroyed another group of M-10 Wolverine’s in the North.
In the South destroyed the rest of the remaining British forces left coming from Castelforte, this gives us confidence that we will be able to seize all of Cassino before this battle is over.
The enemies counter attack consisted of an AA guns nicking our SE Bf109G, and their artillery and 57mm M1 AT hitting our mobil AA guarded by Wurfrahmen’s damaging 4 of mine and 6 of theirs.

Turn 9 and 10: Starts out Cloudy and goes to Sunny in the final hours of this battle 05/14/1944
At the start of this last day of battle the take over of the entirety of Cassino begins to take full shape as we destroyed the Bridge Engineer’s funneling reserves across the river.
Also able to destroy a battery of 57mm Anti-tank units as well as 2 separate groups of 8 inch Long Toms. (They never planned on us making it this far, we were able to do this based on our ability to destroy yet almost last of the remaining Polish Battalions from the 2nd Corps.
They still have reserves around Cervaro. (They just have way too many units left to fully hold this area, but we have hurt them massively.) We are beginning to pressure these units.
Cassino is all but mine as no real defense left and ready to seize the rest in the last hours of this day.
Thanking God that this battle is almost over and the general retreat order is being granted as we see the pressure coming from General Andres and the Polish Reserves and our boys see the large counter attack coming towards Castelforte, but will be too late to do anything.
In the afternoon destroyed the Heavy Weapons Battalion racing forward in half-track around Castelforte. In these last hours overwhelmed 2 more Polish Battalion reserves and even removed last Bridge Engineer on the Rapido River as we seized the remainder of Cassino.

Decisive Victory ending with 10832 in prestige. Yay! above 10K :D
Based on the number of units coming at me, made me glad I was playing on Guderian. :D :D :D

Here are the final words of my fictional commander.

You are all amazing, just absolutely incredible.
We were tasked with holding only Monte Cassino and stymying the enemy Advance beyond the Alps. You took these orders and turned into the opportunity to gain lost ground, by overwhelming our astonished enemy’s who felt comfortable in the city at the foot of the Alps. This makes me proud to be leading you in this now desperate time in the history of our nation. Men you are the best.
Unfortunately we clearly see the futility of remaining here and trying to continue this foolish battle, and instead have been allowed to retreat to the Caesar Line to prevent the capture of Rome itself.
Before we retreat 11th 8.8cm Flak have been awarded the Iron Cross 2nd Class for their assistance in seizing control of the skies.
Pull back! Pull back!

Next time Beaches of Normandy with 13832 in prestige, good because it is Tiger 2 time :twisted:.

Until next time…Stay Lutheran My Friends. ;)

Re: Grand Campaign West 39-41 Blind 42-45 Guderian

Posted: Tue May 08, 2018 2:58 pm
by goose_2
Beaches of Normandy Guderian Blind
9 Turns over 9 hours.
Brought all units I can and Soft Cap at 86%

Starting prestige 13832 after replacements 12811 upgraded 3rd SE Pz4H to a King Tiger 11807 and a little Overstrengthening 11271.
In the air brought: Exp Ta-152H, +4 Att FW-190, Joseph Priller, SE Bf109G, Heinrich Bar, 2 Henkels, Exp Do-335A, Uber Rudel, Helmut Lent
Around Summervieu: +1 Move SE Tiger; +1 Move SE King Tiger; JagdPanther; 2 Mobil AA’s; 2 StuG3B’s; and 2 Wurfrahmen’s.
Near Bayeux: 6th Gebirsjaeger and Oleh Dir Grenadier
Around Tour-en-Bessin: +3 Def SE Panther; +1 Def SE Tiger; 2 Flamm’s Albert Kirscher and Heinz Rondorf; T-34/43; 2 StuG3B’s; 88; and Wurfrahmen.

Let’s see how I did and how I chose to represent it for this playthrough.

Out of your holes men and scramble for the Beach!
Blamm!!! KA-POW!!!
The men on the beaches or being pounded as we speak, they are coming all over across the entire Beach front, we must throw them back into the water and show them they cannot get a foothold onto our French occupied territory. If they are able to gain that foothold I am afraid we will never be able to get back the initiative in this conflict.
Blammm!!! CRASH!!! (The sound of planes overhead)
C’mon men that is the sound of our fly boys leading the way. (At least I hope it is)
I know this seems daunting, but now is no time to be squeamish, it is now or never.

Battle Report:
Turn 1: 06/06/1944 Sunny 8am (86 Softcap)
As we got out of our bunkers we could see on the horizon blasts from ships continue to hit the defenders around the beach along with several planes strafing and bombing at will, as Paratroopers already in position attempted an assault on our 88’s guarded by 2 artillery batteries destroying 20% of their men. The enemy landed and seized much beach ground on this first hour of battle.
Our boys in the air retaliated by sinking a Battleship and heavily damaging a Heavy Cruiser.
5th He 177A recognized as having 2 more damage than usual to their attacks. 8)
Our flyboys also shot down an entire wing of Tempests in the air.
Our Defenders around (Sword Beach), so named by allies invading and am using for all designations going forward, were able to destroy a 6 Pdr. And Infantry Battalion, as well as seizing part of the Beach.
On the other side our defenders at Omaha Beach shot down P-47B wing, also destroyed Engineer and US Battalion to take back more of the beach back.
Near Tour-en-Bresin eliminated 2 Airborne Battalions as well as overwhelmed a 75mm artillery battery ready to wreak havoc on our rushing forces towards the beach.
The Defenders at Juno Beach were able to destroy a Canadian Battalion and defenders at Gold Beach destroyed a British Heavy Weapons Battalion.
(They will regret the carnage that comes from trying to attempt a landing here.)

Turn 2: 06/06/1944 Sunny 9am (87)
They are not deterred however as they seized La Madeline as well as Grandcamp-Maisy.
The enemy continues to deploy strongly everywhere on all beaches, however their weakest holdings appear at Sword Beach so we see that as our best chance to throw all invaders back off the beach. There pressure is everywhere as a Stronghold is eliminated, and presence expands.
In the air shot down Spitfire wing and eliminated Paratroopers around Ranville.
Henkels managed to sink some Heavy Cruisers as we also shot down a wing of P-51D Mustang’s.
At Gold Beach destroyed another Battalion and even 2 Battalion’s at Omaha Beach.
In the areas before the beaches our troops continue to get bogged down with eliminating unexpected Para’s as we eliminated 2 more battalions and a battery 75mm artillery unit, just have 1 more battalion left to mop up.

Turn 3: 06/06/1944 Sunny 10 am (100 and from here on out)
Enemy’s presence continues to overwhelm frontline defenders as another Strongpoint destroyed and seizing the rest of La Madeineas the rest of Arromanches.
A plane found our Wurfrahmen along with a 25 Pounder which reduced our strength by half its starting strength. A couple of more groups of planes strafing of our SE Units damaged a few of them. The strength of this invasion is more than I thought could be mustered by our enemy. :oops:
In the air shot down P-51D Mustang, Spitfire, and even Tempest Wing’s.
Around Ranville was able to destroy Para’s and 25 Pounder arty defending them, and even was able to seize it back under German control.
On Sword Beach eliminated 2 more Heavy Weapons Battalion’s and seized even more of the Beach back.
At Gold Beach able to destroy another Canadian Battalion.
At Omaha Beach destroyed yet another 2 American Battalion’s.
On Juno Beach eliminated another Canadian Battalion and are engineer’s repaired a few auxiliary AA units.
Behind our lines able to destroy last Airborne unit behind my lines.

Turn 4: 06/06/44 Cloudy 11am
Enemy continues to press forward despite sustaining heavy losses as they bring to bear their weight down upon our beleaguered forces as they destroy auxiliary Flak, 2 auxiliary Machine Gun unit’s wiped out as well as 2 Stronghold’s and 1 Fort around the Omaha Beach region.
This insanity is now reached unsustainable levels as they control all of Juno, Gold, and soon will own Omaha Beach. Only shot at success is to beat back assault coming at Sword Beach.
In the air shot down P-47B.
At Sword Beach destroyed British Infantry and Heavy Weapons Infantry Battalion’s also around Ranville. Destroyed 6pdr battery defending near Ouistrehan as well as destroyed Infantry Battalion near Colleville destroyed a British Infantry Battalion at Omaha Beach. Able to seize Grandcamp Maisy and destroy another US Battalion and force the surrender a group of M4 Sherman’s.
Called up 20% replacements for Machine Gun nest as well as 5 regular replacements for greenish Wurfrahmen.

Turn 5: Sunny 06/06/1944 Noon
Enemy control of the beach continues to take shape as they destroyed 2 more AA guns, 2 Strongpoints, and a Machine Gun Nest. They were able to seize Luc and Vierville as their hold on Gold and Juno Beaches is strong, but their hold on Sword Beach is Floundering as well as hold on Omaha Beach is lightening.
As the afternoon approaches we eliminated all of the remaining forces at Sword Beach and are in the process in taking it back for the Decisive Victory.
We were able to completely sink 3 separate transports and force the surrender another British Infantry Battalion as well as a 6 Pdr Battery.
At Omaha destroyed another M4 Sherman and US Infantry Battalion and began taking much of it back. This included destroying another Battalion of Brit’s near Colleville.
We used this opportunity to call up our best soldiers to bolster the weakened 6th Gebirsjaeger.

Turn 6: 06/06/1944 Sunny 1pm
Enemy ships destroyed the last of our Omaha Machine Gun Nest and their Infantry destroyed the last Omaha Strongpoint, and their ships disabled a tank running with Albert Kirscher.
Seized all of Sword Beach and will soon control the nearby airfield. 8)
(For this accomplishment received a message from headquarters notifying us of our success at seizing control of an entire Beachhead.)
We sunk another 2 Transports and weakened 2 more.
44th Henkel recognized at defending with 3 extra strength than normal. :twisted:
Near Luc I was able to force the Surrender of 2 more British Battalions, as well as a Cromwell, and M4A1.
At Omaha Beach we also beat back all forces to gain temporary control of this Beachhead as well. 8)
We even had the forces left to destroy another Sherman and another Infantry Battalion.

Turn 7: 06/06/1944 Cloudy 2pm
I had a couple of Fighter Traps worked out really good. Ships continue to harass our forces running with Heinz Rondorf. Our Flamm’s riding with Albert Kirscher was hit hard by a group of M4A1’s leaving us with only 2 operational machines. :cry: :evil: :(
I can see a large force coming forward towards Ouistreham creating huge pressure on our forces near there.
In the air shot down a Spitfire, Tempest, and Typhoon from the sky.
We were able to even seize La Madeline, Vierville, and Isigny as we destroyed another American Battalion and M4A1’s.

Turn 8: 06/06/1944 Sunny 3pm
Only attacks were a couple of nicks from ships otherwise the attacks have floundered, but the enemies hold on Gold and Juno Beaches are secure, our hold at the other 2 beaches is solid.
Our Bombers were able to sink 3 more transports and even weakened 2 more.
We destroyed Cromwell and British Infantry Battalion.

Turn 9: 06/06/1944 Sunny 4pm (Last hour)
In the last hour of battle the enemy is left to harassing fire from their ships as well as a couple of brazen attacks on my StuG’s for some minor damage.
We spent this final hour on the beach destroying what I could and seizing Colleville and part of Gold Beach and Port-en-Bessin.
Our Wurfrahmen with already seen +3 Defense on reports, has been recognized with additional 3 defense greater than expected.

Decisive Victory ending with 13566 in prestige
In looking at the final Battlefield I realize that with 5 more rounds I would have been able to wipe them all out.

Here are the final words of my fictional commander.

We accomplished much by throwing many of their men off the beach. In fact High Command has informed us they consider this effort a Decisive Victory for us, but we were unable to kick the British and Americans completely off the Beach and their presence only continues to get stronger as more ships continue to shower us with their blasts, and their planes continue to race overhead.
Based on this untenable position we are backing away from the Coast and will face the enemy at a more opportune time.
Do not worry, we will regain the initiative.

Next time Bayeux 06/08/1944 with 15066.

Until next time…Stay Lutheran My Friends. ;)

Re: Grand Campaign West 39-41 Blind 42-45 Guderian

Posted: Thu May 17, 2018 5:18 pm
by goose_2
Bayeux Guderian Blind

Starting prestige 15066 after replacements 14335 upgrades 13345 and a little Overstrengthening 12475. (87 Softcap)
Upgraded +1 Def 2nd SE Tiger to King Tiger.

What I brought:
In the air brought: Exp Ta-152H, +4 Att FW-190, Joseph Priller, SE Bf109G, Heinrich Bar, 2 Henkels, Exp Do-335A, Uber Rudel, Helmut Lent
Around Subles: +1 Movement 3rd SE King Tiger; +1 Def 2nd SE King Tiger; 2 StuG3 B’s; +3 Def Wurfrahmen; Heinz Rondorf; 6th Gebirsjaeger; Oleh Dir; 2 Mobile AA’s.
Near Chouain: 1 Range and +3 Att Wurfrahmen; +1 Movement 3th SE Tiger; +3 Def 1st SE Panther; 88; 2 more StuG3B’s; Albert Kerscher; JagdPanther; and T-34/41

Let’s see how I did and how I chose to represent it for this playthrough.
The Allies are ashore and pressing inland. Now that we are away from their ships guns we are rallying to push back on the enemy centering around the town of Bayeux.
Once we seize back control of this city we intend to press back against the Allies still trying to organize at the beach. We are confident that most of their ships are away from the harbor and it is ok to press them back where we can.
We essentially have 2 days to get this done, so do not delay. Press on men.

Battle Report: 06/08/1944 2 Rounds per morning hours
Turn 1 and 2 Sunny (87% )
As the first order of operations we rushed across the Drome River and destroyed a battery of 37mm AT units as well as a group of 75mm artillery units. (You should have seen their faces when we surprised them enjoying their morning coffee.) :lol: :lol: :lol:
We rallied our defense around and auxiliary artillery bracing for their coming counter attack, and destroyed another 37mm AT battery outside of Bayeux.
The enemies counter attack was not fully realized as only their Bombers knocked out 3 of our auxiliary Pz4G’s.
As the morning continued we were able to destroy 3 Airborne Battalions as well as a 75mm battery South of Bayeux.
Our boys in the air surprised their air force as we shot down P-51B Mustang and B-26 Marauder wings from the sky.
The enemies push on our defenses in Bayeux has overwhelmed most of our auxiliary forces as they seize much of that city and bombing our aux Panzerwerfer damaging 4 of them.

Turn 3 - 5: Sunny ending the day Cloudy 06/08/1944 (92%)
As the day transitioned into the afternoon our planes continue to overwhelm the enemy in the sky as we shot down P-47B and B-25 Mitchell’s wings.
The only other destruction wrought on the enemy was their Greyhound recon’s pressuring Vaucelles.
We backed out of the rest of Bayeux to lure them into a trap which was sprung on their Greyhounds, which were destroyed because of their brazen attack on our auxiliary units.
Unfortunately their M4A1’s found the Grenadier’s marchin with Oleh Dir reducing their number to half it’s starting Strength. :(
As the battle continued around Vaucelles destroyed a group of M4A1’s and the Para’s defending Vaucelles, which allowed our boys to occupy it.
We also destroyed another group of M4A1’s North of Bayeux, as we seized back the initiative in Bayeux. We were able to destroy 3 Infantry Battalions and seize parts of Bayeux back including one of it’s airfields.
The enemies counter attack consisted of their AA guns knocking out 2 planes flying with Joseph Priller. A few assaults on some of our ground units, but mostly limited in their effectiveness.
Retaliated by destroying the M1 Bofors assaulting our planes and even forced the surrender of a number of Wolverine’s.
De stroyed 2 Engineer Battalions as well as 2 US Infantry in and around Bayeux as we continued to take more of Bayeux even eliminated a battery of 105mm artillery.
Repaired 4 machines for auxiliary Panzerwerfer’s.
The enemy finished the day by eliminating a reserve battalion.

Turn 6 - 7: Sunny 06/09/44 morning (95 to start with and ended with full 100)
All of the enemy forces in and around Bayeux. This included artillery battery, 2 Heavy Weapons Battalions and both 57mm Anti-Tank Battaery’s.
Bayeux is now in our hands, now can we hold it?
A hellcat rushed forward and blasted our men in our T-34/41’s destroying 7 of them at only 5 of their machines damaged.
The morning ended with us taking out a group of M4 A3’s and Hellcats sent to the scrap heap.
Planes came out and wreaked havoc on various units.

Turn 8 - 10: Sunny all afternoon 06/09/44
Their airmen have just brought us more opportunities to tear into them as we shot down their P-51D Mustang’s, and 2 wings of P-51B Mustang’s and even 2 groups of B-17 Flying Fortresses.
Our boys on the ground remoived the M3 Guarding the Main Airfield and seized it.
Force moved forward and destroyed the Heavy Weapons Infantry defending Vaux-sur-Aure and seized it.
Our forces continue to move forward, with nothing to attack, until we came across a US Infantry battalion and 2 groups of Shermans.
We are even pressuring Longues-sur-Mer and the 37mm AT defending it.
The enemies Heavy Weapons Infantry battalion caught our StuG3B’s flat footed destroying 4 of their machines, as well as a Wolverine blasting our +3 Def Wurfrahmen guarded by unseen auxiliary Panzerfwerfer’s lost 3 machines.
End the day by tearing through M3 and M4 Sherman around Main airfield and also destroyed pesky M-10 Wolverine accosting my troops.
Dugout the Heavy Weapons battalion defending Longues-sur-Mer.
We even devastated US Infantry Battalion and 76mm AT in last airfield and seized it.
The last hours of the day found their guns nicking our Mobil AA abd Heavy Weapons taking out 2 more of our StuG3B’s guarded by 2 artillery’s.

Turn 11: last hours of this battle 06/10/1944
Destroyed what I could and seized last airfield objective for Decisive Victory.

Decisive Victory ending with 13664 in prestige.
Looking at the map I see I could have easily taken over the entire map if I had 5 more rounds, and bummer found our I missed out on a couple of very good capturables. Oh well blind!
;) :D
Super Easy

Here are the final words of my fictional commander.
They thought that because we have backed out of the beach that they were going to be able to storm the French countryside, but we showed them what over confidence gets you. Dead Soldiers.
Now we will continue a slow defilade through the Bocage as we make them pay for every kilometer they try and take from us. We may yet turn this around, and through them back into the sea, just not today.
For their efforts in helping pummel the infantry battalions accosting Bayeux our +3 Def 9th Wurfrahmen were awarded the Iron Cross 2nd Class as well as 7th JagdPanther for his work on the enemy armor.
The Knight’s Cross went out to the +3 Attack 15th Wurfrahmen as their help in defense and assault garnered us the victory here.

Next time Villers-Bocage with 15664 in prestige, UH OH! No air units??? :evil:.

Until next time…Stay Lutheran My Friends. ;)

Re: Grand Campaign West 39-41 Blind 42-45 Guderian

Posted: Fri Jun 08, 2018 5:59 pm
by goose_2
Villers-Bocage Guderian Blind
9 Turns over 9 hours.
Not able to use any air units, as such purchased many more ground units to help with assault.

Starting prestige 15664 after replacements 15045 and some Overstrengthening 14295.
Bought 4 sIG 38(t)m’s and 2 R eg Inf’s as well as added a truck to my green Grenadier.
5 Assault Groups
Force by Super Tiger: 2 StuG3B’s, sIG38(t)m, Oleh Dir, SE King Tiger.
Force by La Forge: +1 Move SE King Tiger; Albert Kerscher; KV-1C; StuG3B; Wurfrahmen; sIG38(t)m; 6th Gebirsjaeger.
Force to the South East: Regular Inf and +1 Spot Churchill
Force by Longvillers: +3 Def SE Panther; T-34/41; JagdPanther; sIG38(t)m; StuG3B; Wurfrahmen; Conscripts; Regular Inf.
Force West of Longvillers: +1 Move SE Tiger; Heinz Rondorf; Wurfrahmen; sIG38(t)m; StuG3B; Conscripts; Grenadier; KV-1B.

Let’s see how I did and how I chose to represent it for this playthrough.

All Right we have the enemy right where we want them.

Our Tiger’s riding with Michael Wittmann are ready to wreak havoc on the British and their command vehicles. If we send enough of them to an early grave we can declare Victory on this operation. Due to the cloudy weather we have no access to our air units, but neither does our enemy.
Move Out!

Battle Report:
Turn 1: 06/13/1944 Cloudy 8am (100 Softcap for entire mission)
After our artillery softened up Heinz Rondorf lit up a 6Pdr battery and Michael Wittmann destroyed first of enemies Command Center vehicles.
The enemy had no response

Turn 2: 06/13/1944 Cloudy 9am
Destroyed 3 groups M3 Stuarts and lit up an entire Heavy Weapons Battalion, the same way we did the 6Pdr the previous hour.
Oleh Dir’s men recognized as showing 2 extra defensive powers after lighting up a group of 17Pdr’s.
Michael Wittmann blasted an entire battery of artillery, and seized part of Villers-Bocage.
T-34/41 recognized as being skilled at attacking greater than expected by 2 points after destroying suppressed 6Pdr’s.
The enemy responded by attacking with their Command Tank hitting StuG3B’s guarded by another StuG3B -1 them -3 me, and an M3 Stuart hit Conscript -5 me.

Turn 3: 06/13/1944 Cloudy 10 am
Rallied together to eliminate a group of M3’s.
Took over another 2 parts of Villers-Bocage.
Flamms lit up another British Infantry Battalion and Heavy Weapons Battalion. (Loving the effectiveness of Heinz Rondorf and Albert Kerscher)
Artillery nicked one of the machines riding with our Wurfrahmen.
Bristish Infantry Battalion hit Conscripts guarded by an artillery -4 them -3 me.
Artillery hit our Green Infantry destroying 20% of their Strength.

Turn 4: 06/13/44 Cloudy 11am
Michael Wittmann destroyed M3 Stuart.
6th Gebirsjaeger devastated Recon trapped in the forest.
Seized another part of Villers-Bocage by destroying another British Infantry Battalion.
We even rushed forward to destroy 6 Pdr and M7 Priest.
Brought up 80% replacements to run with our diminished Conscripts.
Lit up another 17Pdr and destroyed another Churchill Mk7 to seize yet another part of Villers-Bocage.
The enemy responded by bringing out their effective Churchill’s and hit our KV-1B’s destroying 3 of those machines.
British Infantry Battalion hit our Conscripts again for devastating losses of 80%.
Their 17Pdr’s ripped into our Churchill’s for 6 machines damaged, followed up by a 6 Pdr damaging 2 more, while their artillery nicked Albert Kerscher.

Turn 5: Cloudy 06/13/1944 Noon
Michael Wittmann destroyed the British Command Tank at Point 213 and then seized control of this key area.
Albert Kerscher’s Flamm’s lit up 7.2 inch artillery battery.
Our forces continued the destruction as we destroyed a group of M3 Stuart’s and M7 Priests.
We also took another group of 6 Pdrs and even seized another 3 parts of Villers-Bocage.
Before we were finished with our actions we had destroyed yet another Infantry Battalion and Churchill MkVI.
The only enemy reaction was to attempt to hit our JagdPanther guarded by StuG’s destroyed one of our machines for a 30% loss to their troops.

Turn 6: 06/13/1944 Cloudy 1pm
Able to start the afternoon by destroying another 2 batteries of 6 Pdr’s and seize yet another 2 parts of Villers-Bocage including a Main Objective.
With the help of Michael Wittmann able to destroy 25 Pdr, 17 Pdr, Infantry Battalion and even another British Command Center.
Even after all this my central attack was able to overwhelm another Daimler that was spying and allowed us to seize another Main Objective of Villers-Bocage.
We strategically backed out of Point 213 to set a trap. :twisted:
Infantry attempted to seize Point 213 and was wiped out in fruitless assault.
Heavy Weapons Infantry hit StuG3B guarded by 2 arty’s damaged 1 of ours and 20% of their units.
6Pdr’s were able to damage 4 of our T-34/41’s but were able to hit back for 3 of their guns destroyed.
Regular infantry attacked Green Grenadier for 10% loss on our units for 20% damage to theirs.
British Inf hit Weakened Green Infantry guarded by artillery battery 30% damage to them and 10% damage to us.

Turn 7: 06/13/1944 Cloudy 2pm
Now the rest of the assault continues to take shape as we eliminated 6 Pdr, and 17Pdr as well as 2 Heavy Weapons Battalions and even a regular Infantry Battalion as we seize even more Villers-Bocage objectives and Point 213.
Unfortunately our brazenness was met with unexpected rush forward by unexpected enemy units as a Firefly reduced our Wurfrahmen down to just 4 operational machines.
As well our Green Grenadier reduced to 40% starting strength by an attack by their Cromwell MkVII’s.
Assaults came on strong reducing our Regular infantry to just 30% of its starting strength.
Our StuG’s guarded by 2 additional artillery units were still reduced to just 4 functioning machines by an assault by British infantry Battalion and Cromwell Mk VII.

Turn 8: 06/13/1944 Cloudy 3pm
Little did I realize that this would become our final hour of assault as we were able to take out final Command Tank. We finished in strong fashion eliminating many more enemy units before we pulled back having accomplished our strategic mission early.
The enemy will not be so comfortable as we now have crippled their command structure.

Decisive Victory ending with 13463 in prestige
This mission was not too hard and one where I strongly recommend using the suppress Flamm technique for some extremely fulfilling kills. LOVE, LOVE, Love those Flamms. :twisted:

Here are the final words of my fictional commander.

We caught them with their pants down and burned them out of some very toughly held positions. They felt safe at the front but Michael Wittmann and we were able to compromise their weakly held positions and decimate their command structure.
This is the way operations may have to be conducted going forward as we fight where we can destroying as much as we can, we will hopefully gain back the initiative, but in the meantime our cat and mouse method will continue to be honed to a razors edge.
For their ability to penetrate deep into the enemy lines and devastate entrenched units from their bunkers the men riding with the 2nd SE Tiger’s are being awarded the Knight’s Cross while the 1st SE Panther’s are being awarded the Oak Leaves to their Knight’s Cross.

Next time Caen 06/29/1944 with 15213.

Until next time…Stay Lutheran My Friends. ;)

Re: Grand Campaign West 39-41 Blind 42-45 Guderian

Posted: Tue Jun 26, 2018 6:18 pm
by goose_2
Caen Guderian Blind

Starting prestige 15213 after replacements 14227 and some Overstrengthening 13613.

What I brought:
In the air brought: Exp Ta-152H, Joseph Priller, SE Bf109G, Heinrich Bar, +2 Att Henkel, Exp Do-335A.
By May-sur-Orne: 1 Conscript; sIG 38(t)M; +3 Att Wurfrahmen; Albert Kerscher; +1 Movement 3rd SE King Tiger; and +3 Def 1st SE Panther.
By Soliers: JagdPanther; +1 Def 2nd SE King Tiger; +1 Range Wurfrahmen; StuG3B; Conscript; and Mobile AA.
By Cagny: +1 Movement 4th SE Tiger; Mobile AA; 88; Oleh Dir; and StuG3B.
By Giberville: Green Grenadier; 6th Gebirsjaeger; 2 sIG 38(t)M’s; Heinz Rondorf; StuG3B; +3 Def Wurfrahmen; and +2 Att T-34/41.

Let’s see how I did and how I chose to represent it for this playthrough.
Since landing on the Normandy Beaches at the start of this month the Allied armies have attempted to seize Caen, they have been successful but ever since they started Operation Epsom on June 26th their overwhelming forces are gaining ground and soon will be attempting to cross the Odon and Orne River’s.
We are here to make sure that does not happen, and in fact to push them back away from Caen.
Our tactics and machines are set to overwhelm them on the river crossings and from their flanks to push around and seize back needed objectives to garner the needed Decisive Victory on this one.

Battle Report: Day 1 06/29/1944 2 Rounds per day
Turn 1 and 2 Sunny (100% entire playthrough)
We spent the morning hours on this first day by backing as many auxiliary units away and moving our Core units into position.
We were able to destroy a group of Valentine’s and a Battery of 6 Pdr’s North of May-sur-Orne.
The enemy then retaliated by seizing Ranville and did a number on many Strongpoints and seizing airfields and Gavrus.
They attacked many auxiliary units but still able to get 1 Bomber Trap.
In the afternoon moved towards Gavrus as burnt up 25 Pdr and destroyed another group of Valentine IV’s defending Gavrus.
In the air our flyboys shot down a wing of Mosquito’s, Hurricane Mk2D’s, 2 Lancaster’s and even were able to bomb a group of 5.5 artillery battery out of existence.
The enemy followed up by destroying a Strongpoint and an auxiliary 88 and 3 parts of Caen seized.

Turn 3 - 4: Day 2 Sunny 06/30/1944
This 2nd day started around Gavrus destroyed Cromwell Mk IV and Britain Infantry defending Gavrus.
In the Caen area Force Surrendered group of Cromwell’s and destroyed Canadian Infantry Battalion on Caen Canal.
Shot down Typhoon and brought up 4 replacements for auxiliary 88.
Lastly was able to destroy Humber in Ranville and seize it back.
The enemy retaliated back by having a British Inf battalion attacking our sIG 38(t)M guarded by Wurfrahmen’s -4 them -1 me. The enemy pressing in on the 88 on the Caen Canal but arty’s helping hold the line.
But the enemy was able to destroy another Stronghold and seized Bretteville-sur-Odon.
From the air destroyed a group of Cromwell Mk VII and overwhelmed Canadian Battalion.
Around Gavrus seized them and reloaded most units.
Brought up 8 replacements for auxiliary Flak and 4 for auxiliary Hetzer.
The enemy damaged our StuG3B’s and our Conscript’s were hit by Churchill Mk. VII, British inf, and 2 arty’s on Odon leaving me with only 5 strength before.
They were also able to destroy the auxiliary 88.

Turn 5 - 6: Day 3 Sunny 07/01/44
Again the battle rages warm around Gavrus as we were able to destroy another British Infantry Battalion and a group of Valentine IV’s.
Near Ranville destroyed Cromwell Mk. VII on the Orne River.
Destroyed Churchill Mk VII on the Odon River along with Cromwell MkVII around Bretteville-sur-Odon.
The 2nd SE King Tiger was recognized as being able to attack with 1 extra attack strength than normal, by eliminating another British Battalion pressed onto the Odon River as well as eliminated another Canadian Battalion.
Enemy Churchill Mk. VII rushed onto the Odon River to hit our StuG3B but we were protected by Wurfrahmen -2 me and then an artillery hit our Wurfrahmen -3 me.
They seized another part of Caen.
As the morning sped into the afternoon lit up their 6 Pdr near Tourville-sur-Odon.
On the Odon River able to destroy 2 British Infantry Battalion and Churchill Mk VII.
On the Orne River able to take out 2 groups of Sherman’s.
Conscripts were able to bolster their strength.
Enemy trap by seizing part of Caen across the river that destroyed 6 of theirs.
Canadian Battalion on the Orne River hit our Conscript guarded by sIG 38(t)M -3 me -8 them.
Canadian Battalion also hit T-34/41 guarding Ranville that was guarded by a Wurfrahmen -6 them and -1 me.

Turn 7 - 8: Day 4 Sunny 07/02/44
Destroyed 2 Canadian Battalions 1 on the Orne near Ranville the other on the Orne River.
Also overwhelmed 2 other Canadian Battalion’s near Northern Caen as we are swinging back around.
On the Oden River eliminated British Battalion forced on their as well as 6 inch battery.
Near Tourville-sur-Odon destroyed 25 pdr defending it as well as the British Battalion and seized control of the city.
Our forces were also able to destroy a group of Cromwell Mk VII’s that should never have been in Caen.
The enemy responded by Bombing our StuG3B’s wrecking 3 of them. Fighter Trap sprung.
Canadian Battalion tried hitting T-34/41 in Ranville guarded by an artillery -8 them.
Fighter nicked +1 Move SE Tiger 2 and maybe a couple of other nicks here and there, but nothing we cannot absorb.
In the afternoon our airboys seized back domination of the air by shooting down Spitfire, Tempest, and Typhoon wings.
Destroyed British Infantry pressured onto the Odon River and retook part of Caenas we are crossing the Odon River and going on the Offensive.
On the Orne River overwhelmed a total of 3 Canadian Battalion’s and were able to cross and seize another part of Caen.
They day was not over until the Flamm’s riding with Albert Kerscher lit up another British Battalion.
We fixed 3 of the machines in the group of Hetzer’s.
The enemy retaliated by a British Battalion damaging 1 of the sIG 38(t) M; also had another British Battalion hit our Wurfrahmen guarded by a sIG 38(t) M -4 me -2 them; British Inf hit Mobil AA -6 me -1 them; we even had a group of Engineer’s go on the Odon to hit our Conscripts guarded, unbeknown by the engineers, by a Wurfrahmen -8 them -1 me.

Turns 9 and 10: Day 5 07/03/1944
On this 5th Day of the assault our offensive really takes off.
Our boys in the air shot down the Spitfire XIV and Typhoon’s.
The Engineer’s on Odon were finished and force surrendered British Inf Battalion on Orne River.
Destroyed 20mm Battery.
Eliminated British Battalion near Carpiquet and in Caen as well as seized them.
Our Special Elite Panthers rolled over their Cromwell’s.
Enemy reseized main part of Caen and attacked our Conscript’s where we gave as good as they got, as well as an artillery nicking damage on our 6th Gebirsjaeger.
In the afternoon we destroyed a Canadian Battalion as we pushed onto Caen-Canal.
We bombed another British Battalion uselessly trying to cross the Orne River.
We also eliminated an Engineer Battalion and British Battalion as we worked to take over even more of Caen along with eliminating a group of M-7’s and even their Bishop’s.
Our forces continued pushing forward as we seized airfield next to Carpiquet.
We also destroyed another British Battalion near Tourville-sur-Odon.
The enemy continued to rain down terror on the 6th Gebirsjaeger.

Turns 11 and 12: Day 6 07/04/1944
Destroyed last British Battalion near Tourville-sur-Odon as well as Canadian Battalion pushed on Caen Canal.The destruction and seizure continued as more Battalion’s eliminated and seized more of Caen as well as Carpiquet and another airfield near it.
The enemies AA hit a couple of planes flying with Joseph Priller.
As the day continued into the afternoon we destroyed 3 inch AA battery to seize last airfield near Carpiquet.
Destroyed a Supply Dump in Saint-Manvieu-Norrey as we eliminated a 6 inch battery.
Destroyed another Canadian Battalion near Bounville.
The enemy retaliated strongly against our StuG 3B’s as 5 destroyed.

Turns 13 and 14: Day 7 07/05/1944
This is the last day to push are way into Caen for the unexpected Decisive win.
Because of our ability to destroy the Supply Dump we were awarded with a Churchill Mk IVC.
We destroyed a 17 Pdr battery and were able to push forward into 2 more Main parts of Caen.
There counter attacks were many and various but we shrugged them off as we pressed forward in the last hours as we destroyed the Canadian Battalion in Benouville and seized it.
We bombed 5.5 inch arty out of existence as well as destroyed last group of Cromwell’s and shot down a wing of Spitfire’s.
We were able to push our ways to last 2 main parts of Caen as we Flamed up a 6Pdr and 25Pdr Battery’s.
There was a counter attack but at this point who cares. :roll:

WE WIN!!!!

Decisive Victory ending with 16201 in prestige.
This map has some real challenges and playing on Blind Guderian is really meaning I am missing things, but that just makes replay more exciting.

Here are the final words of my fictional commander.
They started to take back Caen and headquarters thought we would have to slowly back out behind the rivers to keep them at bay, but we pressed them forward and were even able to raid some of their supply depots. I would like to stay and continue pummeling their forces here but word has come through that the enemy is gathering a force around our western flank around St. Lo, but first lets reward the fighters of this epic battle.
For their efforts in helping pummel the infantry battalions crossing the Odon and Orne our 14th StuG3B were awarded the Iron Cross 2nd Class, also the 12th SE Bf 109-G awarded the same and Exp Do-335A awarded the Iron Cross 1st Class for helping seize control of the skies.
The Knight’s Cross went out to the +1 Range 6th Wurfrahmen as their help in defense and assault garnered us the victory here.
For their efforts of being everywhere when needed Oleh Dir and his men were awarded Knight’s Cross with Oak Leaves and Swords. Tremendous accomplishment!!!
Now move out as we need to push them back and not let them break out!

Next time continuing more of the battle started in Normandy as we deal with the attempted allied break out at St. Lo with 18701 in prestige to challenge them with.

Until next time…Stay Lutheran My Friends. ;)

Re: Grand Campaign West 39-41 Blind 42-45 Guderian

Posted: Wed Jul 11, 2018 7:24 pm
by goose_2
St. Lo Guderian Blind
13 Turns over 6 days.

Starting prestige 18701 after replacements 17618 upgraded 2 Conscripts to Regular inf, and 14th StuG3B to 30cm Nebelwerfer with truck 16718 and some Overstrengthening 15391.

Tried to spread out to avoid any sneaky stuff from the enemy.
7 Assault Groups
Around Coutances: 5th Reg Inf (formerly Conscripts); +3 Def Wurfrahmen; StuG3B; +4 Att FW-190A; Helmut Lent; Uber Rudel; Do-335A.
North of Coutances: 88; Heinz Rondorf; StuG3B; +3 Def SE Panther.
Nearby airfield: +2 Att T-34/41; 26th Grenadier; Joseph Priller; +1 Att/+1 Def 2nd SE King Tiger.
In Morigny: sIG38(t)m; Mobil AA; +1 Range Wurfrahmen; and SE Bf 109-G.
Airfield near St. Lo: Heinrich Bar; Oleh Dir; sIG38(t)m; +1 Move SE King Tiger.
In St Lo: Nebelwerfer; 3rd SE King Tiger; 6th Gebirsjaeger; StuG3B; +3 Att Wurfrahmen.
Airfield in the South: Albert Kerscher; Exp-Ta152H.

Let’s see how I did and how I chose to represent it for this playthrough.

While we were busy in Caen the Americans got creative and are attemting to swing around St. Lo, which currently is weakly held…Let’s rectify this situation and seize control of this map.

Do not let any of them past you men.

Let’s eliminate this threat quickly so we can swing back to help hold Caen.
Move swiftly men.

Battle Report:
Turn 1 and 2: 07/25/1944 Sunny Day 1 (86 Softcap)
Early start to this mission focused on finding and destroying 4 different groups of recon groups.
We were also able to push forward by destroying a US Reg and Heavy Weapons Infantry Battalion and seize back part of St. Lo.
The enemy rushed forward with many units and tons of aircraft as enemy seized Morigny.
The afternoon found us shooting down as many enemy air units as possible taking out 2 wings of P-47B’s, B-17 G, and B-26 Marauder.
Around St. Lo eliminated Engineer Battalion and backing out to lure the enemy into a trap.
The enemies artillery launched pain on our 6th Gebirsjaeger damaging 30% of their battalion. The enemy destroyed Strongpoint and seized a part of St. Lo.
Trap sprung on M4 A3E2 seizing St. Lo and attacked 6th Gebirsjaeger and had 5 of their machines sent to the scrap heap.
Bomber nicked our SE King Tiger.

Turn 3 and 4: 07/26/1944 Cloudy Day 2 (88)
Started the day by destroying M3 and M4 A3E2 as well as US Infantry Battalion in St. Lo.
Our forces around Morigny destroyed the recon defending it and reclaimed possession of it.
Michael Wittmann blasted an entire battery of artillery, and seized part of Villers-Bocage.
In the air continued to eliminate more enemy wings of B-26 Marauder’s, B-17G’s Flying Fortress, and even 2 groups of B-25 Mitchell’s.
Seized Periers.
The enemy responded by nicking my aux 15cm Nblwf and continuing to move forward.
Bought 1 reg rep for aux Nblwf then lit up US Inf Battalion South of St. Lo.
Caught their unprepared units with their nickers down as we destroyed 2 US Heavy Weapons in transports as well as group of 75mm SPG.
Shot down B-17G Flying Fortresst and M3 Stuart in St. Lo.
2 artillery busted up 2 of our Mobil AA’s and enemy seized another part of St. Lo and self emulated on fruitless attack as well as an M-10 Wolverine finding and hitting our Flamm’s riding with Heinz Rondorf. This lost me 5 of my machines.

Day 3: 07/27/1944 Sunny Turn 5 and 6 (93)
Around Periers destroyed Mobile AA, Wolverine M-10, as well as a group of Recon’s and even their Sherman’s.
At the crossroads North of Morigny we destroyed a Battalion of US Infantry and another recon.
Around St. Lo destroyed US Infantry Battalion in a truck and a Battalion of Engineer’s.
Enemies Artillery hit Nblwf -5 me, and Stronghold hit by M4-A3 -2 each and nicked regular 5th infantry.
In the afternoon destroyed US Battalion on Vire River.
For destroying another Recon group in St. Lo our 3rd SE King Tiger’s were able to add this recon equipment and increased our visibility of the enemy by 1 extra distance than normal.
Also fried another US Battalion in St. Lo to help seize back control of more of it.
Infantry running with Oleh Dir found a 75mm SPG in the woods and destroyed every single one of them.
Also obliterated 2 groups of Sherman’s in the Bocage.
The destruction was strongest near Periers as we eliminated 3 US infantry Battalions and a group of M4A1’s.
The enemy could only hurt our Wurfrahmen in their counter attack damaging 2 of our machines and their mobil AA got caught in an ambush leaving them with 8 less machines.

Day 4: 07/28/44 Sunny Turns 7 and 8 (97)
This morning we increased our presence on the map as we seized the Northern most airfield, by destroying the Rangers near this airfield.
The battle around St. Lo continues as we destroyed another US Infantry Battalion, a battery of 105mm arty and a group of M4a13’s and now have possession of all but the Northern most tip of St. Lo.
In the air shot down a wing of B-17G Flying Fortress and eliminated the last of the mobile AA’s that we had ambushed the day before.
The enemy attacked our 6th Gebirsjaeger with their M4A1’s but since I was guarded by a StuG3B we gave as good as we got. -2 each.
Also our artillery was nicked by their artillery.
In the afternoon destroyed another M4A1 and 75mm SPG, as well as in the North destroying another M4A1’s. (There is not much left to destroy on the map)
The enemy snuck past us and were able to exit one of their units which I received chastisement from headquarters about.
Their Fighter nicked my Tiger.
They reduced my StuG3B to just 1 machine left because of 2 attacks by their tanks.
Their Fighter planes also found our Wurfrahmen and destroyed 3 of them.

Day 5: Sunny 07/29/1944 Turns 9 and 10 (100)
Last day of real battle and again trying for total control of the air by destroying 2 P-47B’s and B-25 Mitchell’s shot from the sky.
Finished last Heavy Weapons infantry Battalion in North airfield, and even destroyed M4A32 near Tribehou.
In St. Lo destroyed last battery of 105mm artillery.
The enemy retaliated by their Bombers hitting 3 more of our vulnerable Wurfrahmen’s and another StuG3B reduced to just 4 machines left as attacked by tanks and Rangers.
In the afternoon destroyed M5, M4A3, and Rangers around Tirbehou.
In the South destroyed another M4 Sherman, as well as a recon and seized Berigny while I was at it.
Shot down 2 B-17G Flying Fortresses and a wing of B-25 Mitchell’s.
In St. Lo eliminated last Heavy Weapons Infantry Battalion and waited until final day to seize it. Based on this 5th Infantry was recognized at being able to deal 1 extra damage than expected.
Seized Point Hebert.

The enemy has nothing left to attack with that is of any consequence so the remainder of the battle was spent maximizing prestige and kill count.

Decisive Victory ending with 17573 in prestige
Super easy mission.

Here are the final words of my fictional commander.

They thought that we were unprepared and against any other commander they might have been overwhelmed, but when they want the best they call us because we get it done right all the time every time.
Unfortunately while we were away Caen has been lost and there is no forming a gap in our forces that we have been called to fill on the opposite side of France, near Falaise, so hop aboard the trains my fellows so we can fill this gap.
For their ability to garner control in the air as well as the field we awarded to Rudel the Oak Leaves to their Knight’s Cross.

Next time Falaise 08/12/1944 with 20323.

Until next time…Stay Lutheran My Friends. ;)

Re: Grand Campaign West 39-41 Blind 42-45 Guderian

Posted: Wed Jul 18, 2018 3:44 pm
by goose_2
Falaise Guderian Blind
15 Rounds over 7 and half Days
Starting prestige 20323 after replacements 19805 and some Overstrengthening 18943.
Holding back 3 units for later deployment. (Softcap 99)

What I brought:
In the air brought: 5 Fighter’s: Exp Ta-152H, Joseph Priller, SE Bf109G, Heinrich Bar, +4 Att FW-190A, +2 Att Henkel and +3 Def Henkel, Exp Do-335A and Uber Rudel.
Around Taillebois: +1 Range Wurfrahmen; Oleh Dir; +1 Movement 4th SE Tiger; sIG 38(t)M; and Mobile AA.
Around Briouze: +3 Att Wurfrahmen; sIG 38(t)M; +3 Def 1st SE Panther; and Heinz Rondorf.
Around Falaise: +1 Def/+1 Att 2nd SE King Tiger; 26th Grenadier; 88; sIG 38(t)M; 30cm Nebelwerfer; and StuG3B.
At Trun: Mobil AA and 6th Gebirsjaeger.
At Argentan: +1 Movement/+1 Spotting 3rd SE King Tiger; +3 Def Wurfrahmen; and Albert Kerscher.

Let’s see how I did and how I chose to represent it for this playthrough.
We keep getting flung from one desperate side of the map to the other.
We are now tasked with pushing forward around Falaise and seizing all objectives and holding them for 2 and half days with only 7 and half days provided, if we are unable to do this I am afraid that are hold on all of France is going to be in jeopardy.
I have confidence in our troops to do this great task, the problem I see is the time given to do it. So let’s waste no time and press forward taking and holding what we can for as long as we can.

Battle Report: Day 1 08/12/1944
Day 1 Sunny Turns 1 and 2 (99%)
This first day spent mostly moving forward and destroyed 1 British Battalion North of Falaise.
The enemy flanked us around Falaise by moving a Firefly up to hit StuG3B guarded by sIG -2 them -6 me, as well as a Cromwell hitting a sIG38(t)M -1 me -2 them.
Around Carrouges our +3 Att Wurfrahmen was hit by P-47B and regular inf destroying 3 of our machines.
The afternoon destroyed US Infantry Battalion and M20 LAC near Carrouges.
In the air shot down Spitfire IX and P-47B.
Around Falaise destroyed Firefly and Cromwell.
To help fill in gaps in the line brought out 5th Regular Inf and KV-1C around Falaise. (96)
A fighter came in and hit the 5th Regular Infantry in Taillebois eliminating 20% of their Strength.
Enemy Shermans found our Flamm’s riding with Heinz Rondorf but even though we were riding in the weaker tank we hit well by hitting 4 of their tanks while only 1 of our machines was damaged.
Their recon rushed forward and seized Carrouges.

Day 2 Sunny 08/13/1944 Turn 3 and 4 (98)
This 2nd day found the attack around Falaise really taking shape as we eliminating a Sexton, M5 Stuart, and Canadian Battalion.
In the air shot down Spitfire IX.
Was able to bomb an M4 Sherman into oblivion.
Near Carrouges destroyed US Infantry Battalion and another M4 Sherman, and now pressuring Alencon.
Destroyed Humber near Taillebois and pulled out and placed +1 Att 2nd Regular Infantry Battalion around it as a trap.
The trap did not work as planned as when the enemy seized Taillebois they attacked Mobil AA destroying 6 of our machines.
They also came across our +1 Range Wurfrahmen and destroyed it.
Also our 31st StuG3B was attacked and left with just 1 functioning machine.
(Rough Round)
In the afternoon we destroyed an M4A3 near Alencon.
Around Brouze destroyed US Infantry Battalion and recon group.
Around Falaise destroyed Humber and British Battalion.
But it was the destruction around Taillebois that reached historic levels as we destroyed 2 Regular Inf’s in Bren Carriers, 3 Cromwell Mk IV’s, and 1 British Battalion.
Brought out +2 Att 5th T-34/41(r) at Brouze.
This left the enemy only 1 attack from the British Infantry Battalion hit our 5th Regular Infantry Battalion -3 us -5 them.

Turn 5 - 6: Day 3 Sunny 08/14/44 (100 from here on out)
Destroyed US Infantry Battalion around Biouze and rushed forward to seize Carrouges.
Destroyed British Battalion in a lorry near Falaise.
Destroyed M4A3 near Taillebois.
Bought 9 elite reps for StuG 3B and set up trap around Chambois.
Enemy retaliated by their Bombers hitting Nebelwerfer and M5 Stuart -5 me -1 them.
Their Bomber hit our 88’s -2 me.
Bombers nicked KV-1C.
The thing that went our way was the trap in Chambois was sprung as they hit our 6th Gebirsjaeger causing 80% destruction to their unit while we suffered less than 10% of ours.
In the afternoon destroyed M5 and Churchill Mk7 around Falaise and pushed forward to pressure Lisieux.
Taking over the air again as we shot down Spitfire Mk XIV, Lancaster Mk1, Mosquito, and Typhoon wings.
Our Bombers obliterated a group of Churchill MkVII’s around Taillebois along with the destruction of 3 British Battalions and seizing Taillebois itself.
We even finished off the Canadian Battalion in Chambois and reseized it.
This destruction was too overwhelming as they had nothing left to retaliate against us.

Turn 7 - 8: Day 4 Sunny 08/15/44
Moved forward to Domfront and destroyed 57mm AT Battery.
In Lisieux destroyed Sexton.
Blew Up Bishop near Caen.
Bought 6 elite for 5th Regular infantry Battalion.
Enemies Hellcat came across our +2 Attack T-34/41’s guarded by Wurfrahmen -4 me -5 them.
The afternoon had clouds roll in still able to destroy Hellcat at Domfront as well as US infantry Battalion hiding in a nearby Forest.
Seized Lisieux and blew up 6 Pounder as well as a nearby Daimler nearby.
Immediately repaired 4 replacements for our T-34/41’s.
The enemy thought they would catch our T-34/41’s by surprise as they were being repaired but our nearby artillery prevented too much damage as they were only able to nick one of our tanks, while we were able to hit 4 of his.
The rest of their attacks were stymied by our well placed artillery.

Turns 9 and 10: Day 5 08/16/1944 Rainy
On this 5th Day of the assault we are finally moving back near Caen. (I cannot believe we have been able to fight back to where we were almost 2 months ago.)
Destroyed 37mm AA near Vire as well as US Infantry Battalion and seized the nearby airfield.
Also seized airfield near Domfront as we destroyed nearby M4 Sherman.
Called up one more replacement for the accosted T-34/41.
Near Caen destroyed 17Pounder and our KV-1C’s were recognized for killing 1 more than anticipated in battles. (+1 Attack hero)
The rain kept the enemy at bay.
As the afternoon took shape the sun came out which helped us to destroy a group of Wolverine’s next to Vire and called up 1 replacement for our +1 Att 5th Regular Inf.
Near Sourdeval was able to wipe out 2 US Battalions.
The enemy brought out their airforce unfortunately for their first group of P-47D’s they ran into our Uber Rudel’s in their Me-410A’s this brought down 9 of their planes. :D :D :D
Wolverine hit our T-34/41 near Domfront destroying 3 more of these fragile machines at the cost of 5 of theirs.
Enemy wing of Lightnings was able to nick our Flamm’s riding with Heinz Rondorf but since we were being escorted by an unseen Moile AA, it had cost them 4 of their planes.
Near Caen our Nebelwerfer’s were hit by a group of Engineer’s but they were caught off guard by our sIG’s guarding it. They still were able to hit 2 of our artillery’s.

Turns 11 and 12: Day 6 08/17/1944 Sunny
Air Battle again heats up as we shot down P-47D, P-38 Lightning, and B-17G Flying Fortress.
Near Domfront destroyed group of M10-Wolverine’s, M7 Priests and even the engineer’s defending it and able to wrest control of the city.
Destroyed M-57 AT near Sourdeval.
Called up replacements for Nebelwerfer and 1 for sIG 38(t)M.
The enemies Marauders were caught by surprise by our air force costing them 8 planes.
The Engineer’s were able to nick our Nebelwerfer’s near Caen.
In the afternoon we were able to destroy group of Rangers near Domfront moving up in half tracks.
In the air finished of Marauders and wing of P-51D Mustang’s.
Destroyed 76mm AT Battery in Sourdeval.
The enemies Shermans found our 5th Regular infantry Battalion guarded by Wurfrahmen’s hitting 20% of our men costing them 4 tanks however.

Turns 13 and 14: Day 7 08/18/1944
This is the last full day of battle as we started off by eliminating the 5.5 inch artillery and engineer’s defending Caen.
The forces defending Sourdeval including a battery of 105mm guns and M4 Sherman’s and seized control of the city.
Vire defense was crushed as well destroying another battery of 105mm guns and Engineer Battalion seizing it as well.
It is at this time that headquarters informed us that we are now at a point where we need to defend them from counter attack, the only problem is we were a day late and a dollar short according to the time table handed down to us from headquarters.
Before the morning hours ceased we also finished Rangers in half track near Domfront.
We successfully set up 2 ambushes which we took full advantage of, and a Hellcat hit our Flamms riding with Albert Kerscher that were guarded by SIG’s. This caused us to damage 6 of their units, but they were still able to damage 3 of ours.
All the other assaults were well defended.
The afternoon we finished off that Hellcat and M4 Sherman near Domfront.
In Caen we destroyed another Engineer Battalion and seized another part of it.
Our forces around Vire destroyed their last M4 Sherman as well as seized Lz Graverie.
Based on our overwhelming force and destruction the enemy had nothing left ready to attack with.

Turns 15: Day 8 08/19/1944
The hours of this last morning of battle finds us destroying yet another group of M4 Sherman’s near Sourdeval.
Around Caen destroyed an AA battery.
Near Alencon destroyed M-10 Wolverine group and seized the airfield next to Le Beny-Bocage and destroyed a 5.5 inch battery.

Marginal Victory ending with 19274 in prestige.
Just not fast enough as we had to hold them for 5 rounds and I only held for 3…Bummer. :( :cry:

Here are the final words of my fictional commander.
DANG IT!!!! :evil:
I just knew these orders were too ambitious and we just were not given enough time or man power.
We successfully took over all objectives, just not quick enough, in fact even as I speak the units we left to retain our gains are being overrun.
We have lost the battle for France and now need to recuperate over in the Netherlands. This chance for rest and respite will not last as it is only a matter of time for the Allies to continue with their advance, and we no longer seem to have much strength left to oppose them.
Let’s go rest men and get some much needed down time.
Our 26th Grenadiers for their ability to dig in the enemy from the places where the enemy felt safe are being awarded the Iron Cross 2nd Class.
Our Flamm’s riding with Heinz Rondorf were able to fry enough enemy units to garner themselves a nice looking Knight’s Cross.

Next time the start of operation Market Garden with 22274 in prestige to challenge them with.
3 rounds to do this mission :? 3 Rounds:? This is going to be impossible!

Until next time…Stay Lutheran My Friends. ;)

Re: Grand Campaign West 39-41 Blind 42-45 Guderian

Posted: Fri Jul 27, 2018 9:06 pm
by goose_2
Arnhem Guderian Blind
3 Turns :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: over 1 day.

Starting prestige 22274 after replacements 21495 and some Overstrengthening 18854.

Since I only have 3 rounds focusing on blasting South and winning this one, as such I am holding back 7 units to place at Arnhem after the 1st Round.
To get this done:
In the air: SE Bf 109-G; Heinrich Bar; Joseph Priller; +4 Att FW-190A; Exp-Ta152H; Helmut Lent; Uber Rudel; and Do-335A.
In Arnhem South: 2 5th Reg Inf’s (formerly Conscripts) and 26th Grenadier.
North Arnhem: Oleh Dir; 6th Gebirsjaeger; Nebelwerfer; and 88.
Near Doesburg: Heinz Rondorf; Albert Kerscher; 2 Wurfrahmen’s; and Mobil AA.
North of Arnhem in forest: 2 StuG3B’s; Mobil AA; +3 Def SE Panther; Jagdpanther; and +1 Att/+1 Def 2nd SE King Tiger.

Let’s see how I did and how I chose to represent it for this playthrough.
We are waking up today to an unexpected invasion of our time off.
We now have 1 day to evacuate….1 single day…
Rush across this bridge men and eliminate the enemy on the other side…otherwise you will be trapped on the wrong side of the bridge when we blow it up.
1 single day…no exceptions.

Battle Report:
Turn 1: 09/17/1944 Sunny Morning Hours (100 Softcap)
The enemy started by storming Arnhem with many, many Paratroopers and their attacks were able to reduce 1 of our Battalions running with the 5th Regiment reduced to less than 400 soldiers.
We answered with our planes by shooting down 2 Spitfire’s IX’s and 4 Paratroopers out of the air.
On the ground we threw back the enemy as best as we could by destroying 5 separate battalions and even retook part of Arnhem.
We also brought out 2 SE King Tiger’s; 3 arty’s; StuG3B; 2 sIG38(t)M’s in Arnhem.

Turn 2: 09/17/1944 Sunny Afternoon Hours (97)
The enemy ran in to so many Fighter Trap’s I was unable to follow the report with even 1 completely shot down.
Enemy seized Veenendaal and nearby airfield.
These hours in the day we shot down as much as we could in the air which included a Tempest; 2 SpitfireMkVB’s; and even 3 Paratroopers in the air.
On the ground we were able to beat back 5 Para’s.

Turn 3: 09/17/1944 Clear Evening Hours (98)
In the remaining hours of the day the enemy had nothing left to cause my damage.
In these last hours we pressed as hard and as fast as we could but unable to exit the needed units because of AT units. :evil: :evil: :evil:
Even though we were still able to eliminate 7 Paratroop Battalion’s.
Seized Doiel and its airfield and even seized Elst.

(On my 2nd try I came up one unit short. I finally was able to get Decisive on my 3rd try, but I did not continue from that playthrough as doing a Blindthrough, but enjoy the challenge/puzzle this map created on Guderian difficulty. Fun quick battle.)

Marginal Victory ending with :oops: forgot to write down

Here are the final words of my fictional commander.

We pushed and as hard and as fast as we could but now the Bridge is gone…we needed to abandon the rest of our units on the North side of Arnhem because now we need defend the Bridges and bring 5 units to Eindhoven in 1 day again of battle. (5 rounds)
No time for medals men we need to set up or fail in this next mission.

Next time Nijmegen 09/20/1944 with 20320.

Until next time…Stay Lutheran My Friends. ;)

Re: Grand Campaign West 39-41 Blind 42-45 Guderian

Posted: Tue Aug 21, 2018 5:32 pm
by goose_2
I actually have some time today to type up some reports...I hope to get 2 in today

Nijmegen Guderian Blind
5 Rounds 1 day
Starting prestige 20323 after replacements 19805 and some Overstrengthening 18943.
Holding back 4 units to help push down and abandoning Arnhem to focus on saveable bridges. (Softcap 100)

What I brought:
In the air brought: 5 Fighter’s: Exp Ta-152H, Joseph Priller, SE Bf109G, Heinrich Bar, +4 Att FW-190A, 2 Fighter Bombers: Exp Do-335A and Uber Rudel.
Around Grave: All 4 SE Tanks and Nebelwerfer.
South of Nijmegen: 2 Wurfrahmen’s; Oleh Dir; Heinz Rondorf; and KV-1C.
North of Nijmegen: Regular Inf; +1 Spotting 6th Gebirsjaeger; 2 StuG3B’s; 2 sIG38(t)M’s; 2 Mobil AA’s.
South of Arnhem: 26th Grenadier; +1 Att Regular Inf; StuG3B; and sIG38(t)M.

Let’s see how I did and how I chose to represent it for this playthrough.
Men…the loss of the Arnhem Bridge has been quite the set back and something that has put us in a tenuous position for our next assignment.
We are tasked with holding Bridge around Nijmegen and have been given 5 hours to do it…
3 words…GET IT DONE!!!

Battle Report: Day 1 09/20/1944
Day 1 Sunny Hour 1 8am (100%)
The initiative belongs to the enemy as they moved in with their Polish Paratrooper’s which were repulsed by both of our 5th Battalions of Regular Infantry. (For which they will both be awarded Iron Cross 2nd Class)
Enemy Fighters hit our StuG and sIG’s damaging 3 and 2 respectively.
The enemy seized part of Arnhem and part of Nijmegen as well as Malden.
We have a limited amount of time to retaliate and repulse so attacking very aggressively by in the air shooting down 3 P-47D’s as well as bombing a 37mm Polish Anti Tank Battery out of existence.
Around Arnhem destroyed 3 Polish Battalions and 2 American Paratrooper Battalions around Nijmegen.
Around Grave destroyed another 3 Battalions of American Paratroopers along with an artillery battery.
To help secure Grave deployed Albert Kerscher; JagdPanther; +2 Att T-34/41; and KV-1B. (Softcap 84)

Day 1 Sunny Hour 2 10am (84)
The enemy had one of their fruitless attacks fully eliminated as well as my defense held on all other attacks. :twisted:
Around Arnhem destroyed 1 Polish Battalions and seized part of Driel.
Destroyed 2 American Paratrooper Battalions as well as an Engineer Battalion and even a 75mm artillery battery around Nijmegen.
Around Grave destroyed another 3 Battalions of American Paratroopers along with a group of Sherman’s as we are already pressuring Uden.

Day 1 Sunny Noon Hour Turn 3 (84)
Started the afternoon by destroying 2 American Paratrooper Battalions and seizing back Nijmegen.
Around Grave destroyed another 2 Battalions of American Paratroopers.
In the air shot down another 2 P-51D Mustang’s.
Around Uden destroyed another Sherman group.
Around Driel destroyed yet another Polish Battalion and seized its airfield.
Enemy retaliated by nicking our +3 Att Wurfrahmen.

Turn 4: Day 1 Sunny 2 Pm
In the air shot down another 2 P-51D Mustang’s.
Around Uden destroyed group of Sherman Firefly’s and seized Uden itself and followed up by eliminating their Cromwell’s MkV11’s.
Around Nijmegen destroyed last US Paratrooper Battalion and ended up being able to seize control of Malden, Beuningen, and even Wijchen.
Near Arnhem we were able to destroy last Polish Battalion and their AT battery as our troops are ready to claim the Decisive Victory. 8)
The enemy ha ran out of steam to even attempt any kind of retaliation.

Turns 5: Day 1 4pm Sunny
As this glorious day of battle comes to an end we are able to destroy another recon and Cromwell and even began an assault on Groesbeck.
But now this battle is over and we can rest with a recovery from our defeat in the last scenario.

Decisive Victory ending with 20607 in prestige.
Super Easy!

Here are the final words of my fictional commander.
You made up for last missions inability to carry out your mission with an overwhelming show of force here in Nijmegen.
Now let’s hope that with these extra resources we can turn this ambitious campaign of the allies into an unmitigated disaster.
Our 40th SdKfz 10/4’s for their ability to help secure the air are being awarded the Iron Cross 2nd Class, along with both groups of 5th Regular Infantry Battalion’s.

Next time the defeat of British 30th Corps at Eindhoven with 22140 in prestige to challenge them with.

Until next time…Stay Lutheran My Friends. ;)

Re: Grand Campaign West 39-41 Blind 42-45 Guderian

Posted: Wed Aug 22, 2018 9:14 pm
by goose_2
Was able to type up 1 today :mrgreen:

Eindhoven Guderian Blind
25 Turns 25 days…long especially compared to the previous 2 scenarios.

Starting prestige 22140 after replacements 22114 and some Overstrengthening 21611.
Holding back 1 unit at 94% Softcap.

To get this done:
South in Uden: +1 Att Jagdpanther; StuG3B; +1 Att/+1 Def 2nd SE King Tiger; Mobil AA; Albert Kerscher in Flamm; and T-34/41.
Near Grave: +3 Def 1st SE Panther; Mobil AA; +1 Move/+1 Spot SE King Tiger; and Exp-Ta152H.
In Malden: +1 Att 5th Reg Inf.
In Nijmegen: Heinz Rondorf in Flamm; +1 Movement SE Tiger; Nebelwerfer; 2 Wurfrahmen’s; Oleh Dir; and SE Bf 109-G.
In Elst: 5th Reg Inf; 2 StuG3B’s; and 88.
South of Arnhem: Joseph Priller; 26th Grenadier; sIG 38(t)M.
North of Arnhem: +1 Att KV-1C; KV-1B; +1 Spot 6th Gebirsjaeger; 2 sIG38(t)M’s; and +4 Att FW-190A.

Let’s see how I did and how I chose to represent it for this playthrough.
This airborne operation is more extensive and deeper than we could have even fathomed. The Allied forces continue to bolster their forces even as we speak. Based on this we are attempting to continue to hold Arnhem even though the Bridge itself has been destroyed.

Once we establish control around all accosted areas on the map, including Uden, Graves, Malden, Nijmegen, as well as Arnhem. Then our troops will make the long trek towards Eindhoven itself.
This will be quite the challenge regardless of how much time they give us.
Let’s move out as I them moving in.

Battle Report:
Day’s 1 and 2: 09/23-24/1944 Cloudy and then Sunny Hours (94 Softcap)
Started the day by destroying Polish Paratrooper’s in Driel and seized it.
In the air shot down Mosquito and Typhoon.
We were also able to rout the defenders of Beuningen and Wijchenand seize them.
Artillery and Mosquito hit 26th Grenadier -3 me and Bomber nicked StuG3b.
In the afternoon shot down another Mosquito and Typhoon.
Near Osterbeek destroyed 6 pdr AT.
Was able to destroy 2 Polish Battalion’s in part of Driel and seize control of their airport.
Arty coming on strong as they nicked 6th Gebirsjaeger.
Arty nicked 6th Gebirsjaeger as well as another artillery nicking our +2 Att Wurfrahmen.
One of the US Regular infantrymen found and disabled 5 of our StuG3B’s.

Day’s 3 and 4: 09/25-26/1944 Sunny Morning Cloudy Afternoon Hours (100 from here on out)
This day started in the North with our men seizing part of Oosterbeek.
In the air shot down Hurrican Mk D, Spitfire, and Typhoon wings.
In Groesbeek destroyed 2 Battalions of US Paratrooper’s and seized control of it.
Near Veghel destroyed a British Battalion and a group of Archer’s AT’s and as such am now pressuring Veghel.
We saw the need to finish filling out our ranks by calling out Rudel to help in the assault.
The enemy responded with their artillery batteries nicking our 6th Gebirsjaeger.
A Polish Battalion attacked the 26th Grenadier which resulted into more than half of our battalion being lost while about half of theirs was lost. Our Grenadiers have only about 300 men left so we will need to call up replacements for them to be an effective force to utilize.
As the clouds settled in the afternoon we destroyed last US Battalion and 2 57mm Batteries in Groesbeek and Kronenburg.
We were also able to push out British Paratrooper’s guarding Oosterbeek and seized control of it.
In Driel we destroyed Polish AT Battery, as such our 5th Regular Infantry Battalion was recognized as having extra movement able to be utilized. We also destroyed the Polish Paratrooper’s in Driel and seized it.
We also destroyed a 57mm AT battery near Oss and now pressuring.
The last bit of destruction was the 6 Pdr near Veghel.
Our Engineer’s were able to bring up 5 of our StuG3B machine’s back up to fighting strength.
The only damage from the enmy was to 2 of our Mobil AA’s from their artillery guns.

Day’s 5-6: 09/27-28/1944 Cloudy first day Sunny 2nd day
Around Oosterbeek destroyed British Paratrooper’s.
Around Driel we were able to destroy a battery of artillery and then seized all of Groesbeek, Kranenburg, as well as nearby airfield.
Near Verghel destroyed a group of Sherman’s and Churchill’s.
This first day the enemy seized Grave and a Sexton nicked +3 Att Wurfrahmen.
The Second day found ourselves destroy the last Polish Paratrooper and begun the long trek South.
The destruction continues as our men destroyed a Sexton, Cromwell, M3 Stuart, and British Infantry Battalion.
Based on this overwhelming destruction the enemy had no response.

Day’s 7-8: 09/29-30/1944 Sunny
Started this day with destroying Sherman in Grave and then our 2 groups of Flamm’s vaporized 2 British Infantry Battalions trapped in their Lorry’s as well as eliminated another British Battalion around Veghel.
This helped us to retake Grave and its airfield, as such the enemy had no response.
On the 2nd Day set up a trap around Oosterbeek by destroying a Paratrooper battalion and backing out after destroying the 6 inch artillery battery defending the area.
We also destroyed the 105mm artillery battery defending the forces in Oss.
Final assault consisted of seizing Guijik after destroying a Humber.
The enemy found our vulnerable sIG38(t)M in the woods which found 7 of them getting disabled.
British Paratrooper’s seized Oosterbeek and hit our 6th Gebirsjaeger -20% me.

Day’s 9-10: 10/01-02/1944 Rainy Day 1 Sunny Day 2
This day started by punishing British Paratrooper’s in Oosterbeek and retook it.
Brought 80% Elite reinforcements to bolster t 36th Grenadier’s.
Paratrooper’s hit 6th Gebirsjaeger that diminished us by 10% but eliminated 40% of theirs.
The 2nd day started by destroying another British Paratrooper Battalion around Oosterbeek and set up another trap. 8)
Also destroyed a British Regular Infantry Battalion and seized Boehel.
Our Engineer’s repaired 2 of our +3 Att Wurfrahmen.
We also moved forward to destroy M-7 Priest and British Regular Infantry Battalion around Veghel.
We even destroyed US Para’s near OSS.
The enemies air force came out strong nailing some vulnerable units in trucks as well as 2 of our traps around Oosterbeek for brilliant effect.

Day’s 11-12: 10/03-04/1944 Sunny both days
Was able to destroy last 6 Pdr around Oosterbeek and retook it.
Also destroyed 6 Pounder South of Boekel.
In the air shot down P-51 Mustang, P-47D, as well as P-38.
We wanted to maximize our forces and as such called up 6 elite representatives for 4th and 5th Regular Infantry Battalion.
Destroyed US Paratrooper’s in OSS.
Bomber nicked Flammpanzer riding with Albert Kerscher, and nicked 26th Grenadier.
Their Firefly’s came out and assaulted our T-34/41 destroying 6 of ours where we were only able to disable on of theirs.
The 2nd day we looked to shoot down more of their air force as we shot down P-38 and 2 B-17G’s.
Destroyed Daimler near Venray and seized Oss and even Wageningen.
It was time to call up necessary replacements for our diminished forces as we replaced 3 of our Jagdpanther’s as well as bolstered the ranks of the 26th Grenadier and 6th Gebirsjaeger’s bringing them up to full ranks.
Paratroop Battalion guarding Ede came out to hit our weakened sIG38(t)M guarded by another sIG38(t)M which damaged one of ours but depleted them by 20%.

Day’s 13-14: 10/05-06/1944 Sunny both days
Destroyed Paratrooper’s in Ede and seized it.
Our boys destroyed the Sexton South of Veghel and also shot down Marauder with our AA’s.
We also came across a group of Engineer’s in a Bren Carrier, which we quickly eliminated.
Engineer’s also repaired 7 of our damaged T-34/41’s.
On the enemies turn for rebuttal their Cromwell’s hit Heinz Rondorf rolling with his Flamm’s each belligerent lost 2 machines.
A Battalion of Engineer’s tried hitting our StuG3B’s guarded by Wurfrahmen. They were able to disable one of our machine’s but we eliminated almost 50% of their strength.
On our 2nd day of combat Rudel’s Bombers eliminated the enemies Cromwells’ and they were recognized at having additional +2 Defensive posture in their planes.
Used our boys riding in our SE Tiger’s to eliminate the group of Firefly’s accosting our troops.
Our Flamm’s lit up Engineer’s as well as 6 Pdr’s defending Venray and seized control of it.
Our boys who have been pressuring Veghel for quite a while were finally able to route out the Heavy Weapons Battalion defending it and crossed the Bridge across the Aa River and seized control of the entire area.
On the Dommel River we destroyed Daimler and 6 Pdr.
The enemies response was to have their British Paratrooper’s come out of Wolfheze to attack our 6th Gebirsjaeger’s to devastating result for them as they were reduced to less than 20% of their starting strength but they got 30% of our Strength.

Day’s 15-16: 10/07-08/1944 Sunny both days
On the start of this 15th day of combat we destroyed the last Paratrooper’s in the North and seized Wolfheze.
Near Venray destroyed the Bishop’s in the area.
Near Dommel River destroyed 17Pdr and Archer as we crossed the Dommel River to start pressuring Son itself.
This first day the enemy had no response.
On the 2nd day we removed the 40mm Bofors guarding Deame.
This is where the enemies air force came out strong as we were able to surprise one of their Bombers, but another group of Bombers disabled 3 of our Flamm’s riding with Albert Kerscher. Fighter Group strafed a group of regular Infantrymen riding in their trucks as well as another group strafing 88’s in their trucks.

Day’s 17-18: 10/09-10/1944 Cloudy 1st Day and Sunny on 2nd Day
(Our Reports keep getting shorter as we struggle pushing back on the enemy around the Eindhoven fortress.) :(
In the air shot down Tempest and Spitfire wings.
On the ground near Son we destroyed a 17Pdr AT battery, but again are held up in our advancement based on the vast amount of rivers to circumvent.
The enemy tried ineffectual attacks on our StuG3B’s, but their Archer’s found our +3 Attack Wurfrahmen’s knocking out 8 of them easily.
The next day we wiped out another 17pdr AT battery in Son as well as their 40mm Bofors guarding an airfield allowing us to seize both of them. We also destroyed the Archers that dared to accost our Wurfrahmen’s which gave us the freedom to repair the 8 that were damaged.
In Deume we Flammed out the defenders as well as the M5 Defending it and seized control of it and Asten while we were at it.
The enemy had no response. :roll:

Day’s 19-20: 10/11-12/1944 Cloudy 1st Day and Sunny on 2nd Day
Started this first day by finishing off last Typhoon Fighter wing.
On the ground we destroyed a group of Churchill’s and pressuring Best as well as destroyed a group of Shermans near Asten as we are attempting to cross the Zuid-Willensvaart Canal.
The enemy tried pulling off 2 attacks that were stymied by my defense.
Their Fireflies hit our T-34/41’s guarded by a group of StuG3B’s taking out 2 of mine but breaking 3 of their machines.
The next day found us able to destroy the 17Pounder battery defending Best and seized it as well as routed the Heavy Weapons Infantry Battalion in Son and seized that as well as we begin to cross the Wilhelmina Canal.
In the air we were also able to shoot down a wing of Mosquito’s.
As we had control of the air it surprised us when we saw yet another wave of their air force come out and harass us yet again. Their air force appears to be endless. They damaged units on the ground around Asten and Someren.
The attacks on the ground continued as well as they hit our StuG3B’s, knocking out 4 of them, our Wurfrahmen’s knocking out 3 of them, the Flamm’s with Heinz Rondorf knocking out 3 of them as well as 2 more T-34/41’s.
(In other words the enemy is far from neutered)

Day’s 21-22: 10/13-14/1944 Sunny 1st Day and Cloudy on 2nd Day
In the air tried what I could to seize back control by destroying their P-51 Mustang, Tempest, and Lancaster wings.
We crossed the Wilhelmina Canal and destroyed Sherman and Churchill’s on the other side.
In Boxtel destroyed the Infantry Battalion and seized control of it on the 2nd day.
We seized Someren and destroyed 17Pounder and Churchill.
We also were able to lit up British Infantry in Bren Carrier and left them with only 1 vehicle left to fight with.
We called up replacements for +1 Movement with 5th Regular Inf, Wurfrahmen, and T-34/41’s.
There only act of aggression was to launch artillery barrages.
The 2nd day was able to Force the surrender of the Heavy Weapons and Regular Infantry Battalions, as well as destroyed a group of Firefly’s and M7 Priest’s.
In 2nd day finished the conquest of the air by shooting down Lancaster, B-17 Flying Fortress, and Liberator.
Finished the day with continued crossing of Wilhelmina Canal and beginning to pressure Eindhoven.

Day’s 23-24: 10/15-16/1944 Sunny both days
This day started with us frying out the Regular Infantry Battalion east of Asten.
Bombed Bishop into oblivion.
Destroyed Challenger guarding Eindhoven.
The enemy retaliated by disabling 2 more StuG3B’s.
The next day was able to destroy the Sherman that was trying to cross Wilhelmina Canal.
The enemy remaining around Eindhoven wrought a lot of destruction on our forces pressing in as their forces still have tremendous strength around Eindhoven itself. (Anyone approaching this map should be cautious around Eindhoven whenever you begin to approach it.)

Day 25 Last Day: 10/17/1944 Sunny
This last day we were able to destroy Firefly, Sherman and some Infantry Battalions, but it was all in vain as we were pushed back from our position and forced to abandon the entire area as we could not secure all objectives within the time allotted.

Marginal Victory ending with 23759
This map looks a lot easier than it actually plays out…Defense is varied and well executed making simple playthrough very difficult. Gaining control of the various areas on the map is easy, but time consuming, and looking at Eindhoven you do not realize how difficult it will be to get around to it and overwhelm all that resides in and around the area.

Here are the final words of my fictional commander.

Men! Retreat! Retreat!
We do not have control of the situation. Our men are being overrun and we need to abandon all areas held at the moment and regroup somewhere else.
This whole operation has not been a success for either army, but whereas the allies seem to have unlimited resources, we on the other hand are becoming more and more limited in our ability to absorb these vital losses to our forces, and as such the idea that we can come to a positive conclusion just seems out of our reach.
Hopefully our head honchos back at headquarters can come up with some sort of plan that can seize back initiative, because I do not know about you all but this constant retreat is leaving me disheartened.
It is not all bad news however as the men flying the Ta-152H’s were awarded the Iron Cross 1st Class for their help in trying to gain control of the air.

Next time will be the start of 1945 with an awarded an SE Unit and have 25759 in prestige.
Let’s just say St. Vith did not go well for me, and I will detail layout for 1st and 2nd playthroughs.

Until next time…Stay Lutheran My Friends. ;)

Re: Grand Campaign West 39-41 Blind 42-45 Guderian

Posted: Wed Sep 12, 2018 4:11 pm
by goose_2
2 AAR's from Goose in 1 day? Yep, I had most of it typed up already and was able to bust this out.

Start of West 1945 St. Vith Guderian Blind 1st Time
Your experience is now capped at 325, but any that are above 325 will retain their additional experience, so no more buying regular replacements once you have their experience above 400 you want to keep it that way.

9 Rounds 1 day
Starting prestige 25759 after replacements 24360 and upgrades 22912 and some Overstrengthening 18943.
Upgraded Heinrich Bar and +4 Att FW-190A to ME-262’s and 5th SE Panther D to Panther (G)
Holding back 1 unit to help keep: (Softcap 100)
(Hint listen to the briefing and do not bring much if any airforce as you do not need it or use it most of the time.)

What I brought for 1st attempt: ( I decided to not bother with the type up of day to day because what is the point, I lost, I whiffed the 1st playthrough and was straight up dismissed, so instead of dealing with that I will simply layout what not to bring, and then lay out what to bring)
In the air brought: 4 Fighter’s: Exp Ta-152H, SE Bf109G, Heinrich Bar, +4 Att ME-262’s, 3 Fighter Bombers: Exp Do-335A, Helmut Lent, and Uber Rudel, 1 Strat Bomber Henkel +2 Att.
In the North near Amelscheid: 1st +3 Def SE Panther; 3rd SE +1M/+1Spot Tiger 2; 26th Grenadier; Oleh Dir; StuG3B; sIG38(t)M; and JagdPanther.
In the Center near Bleialf: 5th Regular Inf; 2 sIG38(t)M’s; Albert Kerscher; Mobil AA; +1 Movement SE 4th Tiger; T-34/41.
In the South near Heckhuscheid: 5th SE Panther; 2nd SE King Tiger; Heinz Rondorf; +1 Spotting 6th Gebirsjaeger; +1 Att Regular Inf; Nebelwerfer; +3 Att Wurfrahmen; 2 StuG3B’s; Mobil AA; and sIG38(t)M.

Here is what I brought for 2nd Playthrough:
In the air brought: 1 Fighter: SE Bf109G, 3 Fighter Bombers: Exp Do-335A, Helmut Lent, and Uber Rudel, 1 Strat Bomber Henkel +2 Att. (I still brought some air force as bombers can still help, but I recommend buying more artillery and maybe some more infantry.)
In the North near Amelscheid: 1st +3 Def SE Panther; 3rd SE +1M/+1Spot Tiger 2; 26th Grenadier; Oleh Dir; StuG3B; sIG38(t)M; and JagdPanther.
In the Center near Bleialf: 5th Regular Inf; 2 sIG38(t)M’s; Albert Kerscher; +1 Movement SE 4th Tiger; T-34/41.
In the South near Heckhuscheid: 5th SE Panther; 2nd SE King Tiger; Heinz Rondorf; +1 Spotting 6th Gebirsjaeger; +1 Att Regular Inf; Nebelwerfer; +3 Att Wurfrahmen; 2 StuG3B’s; and sIG38(t)M.
(I did not write down where I brought the extra units but these are the extra 6 units I brought: KV-1B, KV-1C, 1st and 2nd Panzer Grenadiers, P-26/40, and 5th T-34/41.

Let’s see how I did and how I chose to represent it for this playthrough.
Well we have hoped beyond hope that our Commanders would come up with something, anything, and boy howdy they have come up with an extremely creative and ambitious plan to seize back the initiative. I am stunned at the amount of units they have been able to garner to pull off this truly ambitious operation.
They even have given us access to many secret and destructive V-1 and V-2 Rockets that will help loosen up an entrenched enemy.
The weather is less than optimal for an attack but we are hoping this leads to our advantage as we do not expect much in the air to hamper our forces on the ground.
Let’s move out and get the start of this First Day of Combat on the right foot and throw back the enemy from their warm and “safe” defenses they are hunkering in.

Battle Report: Day 1 12/16/1944
Day 1 Cloudy Hour 1 8am (100%)
Launched all Rockets to help soften up the frontline units and catch the dug in enemy off guard.
This helped us in the South to destroy the Infantry Battalion in Heckhuscheid and seize it, as well as the battery of 57mm M1 defending Grosslangfeld and seize it.
In the North able to destroy the Infantry Battalions holding Bleialf and Amelscheid and seize them.
We even were able to devastate the 76mm anti tank battery outside of Schoenberg, Belgium.
The enemy had no response to the initial shock of our assault.

Day 1 Cloudy Hour 2 9am
In the North around the forces around Schoenberg we eliminated the Engineer Battalion in the city as well as the 105mm battery defending it, but not able to seize control quite yet.
In the Center we are pressuring Steinebruck as we eliminated 2 groups of 76mm artillery battery’s.
The enemies brought up their M-10’s Wolverines hitting the Flamm’s rolling with Heinz Rondorf eliminating 5 of our tanks. :evil:

Day 1 Cloudy 10am Hour 3 (96%)
The forces on the battlefield were delighted to see the newest WunderWeapon off the factory floor to help us with this assault as Otto Carius riding with the 512th JagdTiger’s hopefully can help punch through any armor we may face.
The assault in the South begins to really take shape as we destroy the recon in the center as well as the 105mm artillery battery and even force surrendered the M-10 Wolverine. The amazing thing is that we routed the Engineer’s and 3 inch AA Battery defending Steinbruck itself and seized control of it.
In the North our assault continues to take shape but not with the same southern gusto as only able to eliminate another recon and Infantry Battalion in the woods near Schoenberg, and finally took control of the city itself.
The enemy’s only assault was an attempted attack that was stopped by artillery.

Hour 4: Day 1 Cloudy 11am (96%)
Started this next hour of operations by destroying a US Infantry Battalion outside of Steinebruck and even seized the airfield outside of Hemmeres.
In the North destroyed a group of 57mm Anti-tank guns.
This brought out the enemy’s M4A3E2’s as they hit our KV-1B’s knocking out 1 machine to 3 of theirs.
Their 57mm Anti Tank guns tried hitting but were stopped by artillery protection.

Hour 5: Day 1 Noon Snowy (97)
What I thought was a too ambitious operation is really starting to look possible as we eliminate a US Infantry Battalion near Hemmeres as well as the 57mm Anti Tank guns defending Checkpoint B.
We begin to move up to pressure St. Vith itself as we eliminate outside of the city proper the M4A3E2’s attempting to overwhelm our KV’s and another 57mm Battery as well as another US Infantry Battalion.
The enemy has no response as the snow blinds them from our coming units.

Hour 6: Day 1 Cloudy 1pm (97%)
It is now the afternoon and we eliminate everything around St. Vith as we push through everywhere in that area and seize control of the entire city including its airfield, as their troops prove no match for our guns and armor. (The cloudy day helps our planes soften up their defenses.)
The enemy responds by damaging some of the commandos running with Otto Skorzeny.

Hour 7: Day 1 Cloudy 2pm (98%)
In the North we continue to push forward as we destroyed another 57mm battery outside of St Vith and a 3inch AA around Rodt.
In the South we begin to move forward towards enemy units as we destroy a group of M4A3 artillery tanks as well as M7 57mm AT’s.
The enemy moved forward to damage 1 of our sIG38 (t) M’s with their infantry battalion’s but were minimized by our defensive artillery.
The pain was most prominent when their M-10 Wolverine’s followed up by hitting our StuG3B’s damaging 6 of them.

Hour 8: Day 1 3pm Snowy (100)
In the South we looked to garner full control of the situation as we eliminated the Wolverine’s assaulting us around Crufflange as well as 105mm arty.
In the North destroyed another group of Wolverine’s near Born as well as US Infantry Battalion near Crombach.
The thing that should give us much in our bragging rights was the elimination of both the regular US and Heavy Weapons battalion’s in Rodt and seize control of it.
The enemies last response was to attack Skorzeny’s Commandos guarded by StuG3B. (It did not go very well for them) 8)

Hour 9: Day 1 4pm Snowy (100)
This last hour of battle was our shining moment for our men as we eliminated last defenders in and around Crufflange and Crombach for the Decisive Victory! :D :D :D

Decisive Victory ending with 22726 in prestige.
This 2nd time was much easier, you need to consider this a ground game as it will be like this most of 45 at least this point in the campaign.

Here are the final words of my fictional commander.
We Did It! (At least the 2nd time.) :oops:
When I saw these orders I thought it would be impossible for us to pull of this entire operation, but you have given me hope beyond hope as you have not only shown me that this operation is possible, but inevitable.
We were meant to be here to seize this opportunity and make success an optional outcome to this conflict. Our enemy never expected to be going back from their advance and we have shown them never to underestimate the German Wehrmacht. Very well done as we punch forward toward Antwerp.
Our 6th Gebirsjaeger were awarded an Iron Cross 1st Class for help in pushing past the initial defenses of the enemy.
The Knights Cross is going to the 4th SE Tiger’s as they helped with the seizure of the well defended St. Vith.

Our next assignment will be to silence the heavy guns around Elsenborn Ridge with 24476 in prestige to challenge them with.

Until next time…Stay Lutheran My Friends. ;)

Re: Grand Campaign West 39-41 Blind 42-45 Guderian

Posted: Wed Sep 12, 2018 5:53 pm
by PeteMitchell
goose_2 wrote:
Wed Sep 12, 2018 4:11 pm
2 AAR's from Goose in 1 day? Yep, I had most of it typed up already and was able to bust this out.
This is really impressive, as always... and I would definitely support you entering the movie industries (on youtube of course)… 8)

Re: Grand Campaign West 39-41 Blind 42-45 Guderian

Posted: Wed Sep 19, 2018 12:56 pm
by goose_2
PeteMitchell_2 wrote:
Wed Sep 12, 2018 5:53 pm
goose_2 wrote:
Wed Sep 12, 2018 4:11 pm
2 AAR's from Goose in 1 day? Yep, I had most of it typed up already and was able to bust this out.
This is really impressive, as always... and I would definitely support you entering the movie industries (on youtube of course)… 8)
Always appreciate the encouragement...

May get in 2 today. ;)

Elsenborn Ridge Guderian Blind
11 Turns 1 day (11 long hours)…this is super tough and I am hoping to see Night Phoenix try this one out.

Starting prestige 24476 after replacements 24244 and some Overstrengthening 23764.
Bought 2 trucks for my infantry to help move them 23664.

To get this done:
In Hergenvenn: JagdTiger; +1 Spot 6th Gebirsjaeger; Oleh Dir; +3 Def 1st SE Panther; +3 Def Wurfrahmen; +1 Att/+1 Def 2nd SE King Tiger; +1 Att 5th Reg Inf; 1st and 2nd PanzerGrenadier’s; StuG3B; Heinz Rondorf in Flamm; +1 Att KV-1C; 2 Green Regular Infantry; +1 Spot ChurchillIV(e); SE Bf 109-G; Uber Rudel; Helmut Lent; Do-335A.
In the thick Forest area South of Hergenvenn: T-34/41 greenish; +1 Att Jagdpanther; +3 Att Wurfrahmen; sIG38(t)M; and StuG3B.
Near Losheim: KV-1B; StuG3B; sIG38(t)M; and 26th Grenadier.
Between Bucholz Station and Losheimergraben: +1 Move/+1 Spot SE King Tiger; Albert Kerscher in Flamm; +1 Movement SE Tiger; 30cm Nebelwerfer; sIG38(t)M; +1 Movement 5th Reg Inf; Green SE Panther; and +2 Att 5th T-34/41.

Let’s see how I did and how I chose to represent it for this playthrough.
BAM!!! BANG!!! BAMM!!!!
You hear those guns?
Of course you do.
Our task is to get around this ridge and silence these guns. Our men need these silenced if we can hope to continue to move unimpeded.
Move Out!

Battle Report:
Hour’s 1 and 2: 12/18/1944 Cloudy and then Snowy Hours (100 Softcap for the entire mission)
Started the day by seizing Honsfeld as well as pressuring Bucholz Station as we were able to destroy a group of M4 Sherman’s and Infantry Battalion defending Bucholz Station itself.
We also rushed forward into Losheim as we destroyed the Battalion defending it.
In the North our force out of Hergenvenn destroyed AT Battery waiting for us.
The enemy had no response in this first hour of operations.
But our Force out of Losheim rushed forward and destroyed Battalion defending Losheimergraben and seized it.
The force around Bucholz Station itself destroyed AT battery around it and seized it.
Problems came when our main force forgot to probe ahead and ran into trouble around the units defending in the forest, but we followed up with destroying all defenders.
This rush forward continues to throw off the enemy as they continue to be unable to respond.

Hour’s 3 and 4: 12/18/1944 These remaining morning hours continue to be Snowy
At this time our forces in the center/South push forward and destroy artillery battery and ainti-aircraft battery as we begin to pressure Bullingen and Murringen as we were able to seize their airfield.
In the North destroyed battery of 2 AT units as we continue to get bogged down with the defense in that part of the map.
Still no response from the enemy.
Our Northern Front begins to pressure Rocherath and Wahlerscheid, by destroying US Infantry Battalion, Recon, as well as AT Battery defending them.
Just past Honsfeld we were able to destroy 2 recon’s and US Infantry Battalion.
The enemy finally responded by a Heavy Weapons Infantry Battalion and Sherman hit our sIG38(t)m guarded by Nebelwerfer, which disabled 2 of our units.

Hour’s 5-6: 12/18/1944 Noon hour remained snowy, but by 1pm the weather finally worked for us as snow stopped falling, but clouds remained.
In the North destroyed Sherman around Rocherath.
In the center we were able to destroy their entire central force except for a single AT Battery.
Repaired 2 machines for Albert Kerscher Flamm’s.
The enemy tried hitting our StuG3B’s but were wiped out and followed up by a Heavy Weapons Infantry crippling 5 of our machines.
AT Battery hit our green SE Panther damaging 2 of our machines but we gave as good as we got.
As the snow stopps we finished off AT Battery in the forest around the center.
We called up some replacements for sIG 38(t)M and new SE Panther.

Hour’s 7-8: 12/18/1944 Cloudy for once
Destroyed unit in Bullingen and destroyed M4 Sherman to boot.
Called up 2 replacements for T-34/41 as well as recruited some elite replacements for +1 Movement 5th Regular Battalion.
In the center destroyed Heavy Weapons Infantry Battalion defending Rocherath and seized all of it, including the airfield.
Near Walerscheid destroyed artillery battery along with a Heavy Weapons infantry Battalion defending it.
We brought out Kradschutzen to cover gaps.
Seized Walersheid at the start of the next hour.
We repaired the damaged StuG3B’s.
The enemy had no response for the 1st hour.
We were able to destroy another Recon in the center and are now pressuring Nidrum, and even able to seize Berg.
But the central push didn’t stop there as we destroyed AA near Butgenbach as beginning to pressure and even pressuring Wirtzfeld and destroyed 57mm battery.
In the north we continue to push past as we destroyed 76mm AT Battery.
It is at this time when the range of the Long Tom’s on Elsenborn Ridge came into effect as they damaged our Wurfrahmen’s and enemy Heavy Weapons battalion in Wirtzfeld hit +1 Att 5th Regular Infantry Battalion which actually damaged 70% of our troops while they only suffered 60% loss of their troops.

Hour’s 9-10: 12/18/1944 First hour remains Cloudy but at 5pm Snow falls again.
We began by pressuring Butgenbach and eliminating infantry battalion defending it.
We also destroyed Heavy Weapons infantry battalion in Wirtzfeld and seized it.
Enemies Long Toms continue to harass both of our Wurfrahmen’s as they are both reduced to just 5 machines left.
Enemy also found our Nebelwerfer’s being transported in a truck which cost us 3 of them.
As evening falls the snow begins to fall again but did not prevent us from destroying 2 Infantry Battalion’s hiding out in the forest before Butgenbach.
We followed this up with the destruction of both artillery batteries guarding Butgenbach as well as artillery battery guarding Nidrum.
We finally were able to finish off 1 of the Long Toms and seize control of 1 part of the Elsenborn Ridge.
The enemy did not like our brazen moves as they reduced our Nebelwerfer’s to just 5 strength, left us with only 2 functioning KV-1C’s as well as damaging 2 of our Churchill’s.

Final Hour: 12/18/1944 6pm
We will not be able to eliminate anymore of these guns and most of this last hour was spent licking our wounds.
However in the North we destroyed a group of 76mm AT units, and were able to eliminate the rest of the defense around Nidrum and Butgenbach and seize control of both areas.

Marginal Victory ending with 24234
This is incredibly tough map and I am looking forward to watching Night Phoenix tackle this map, because even with 5 additional turns I do not think I could have garnered the Decisive, but I am sure he will do it no problem.

Here are the final words of my fictional commander.

Withdrawal men, cease your futile assault on those guns.
Headquarters has found an alternate route where we can maneuver our units safely away from these relentless guns hounding us.
It was because of your efforts here that this route opened up, now let’s take advantage of this opportunity and proceed to our next target.
Our brothers riding bravely in their captured 5th T-34/41’s were awarded the Iron Cross 1st Class for their ability to rush the field.

Next time will be La Gleize with 26034 in prestige.
I am hoping to get better results in the future but this blind stuff in the snow is for the birds.

Until next time…Stay Lutheran My Friends. ;)

La Gleize Guderian Blind

Posted: Thu Sep 20, 2018 7:57 pm
by goose_2
2 today ;)
Need more to do at work.

La Gleize Guderian Blind
12 Rounds 1 day
Starting prestige 26034 after replacements 25208 and some Overstrengthening 24583.
Around Lasnerville: +1 Def/+1 Att 2nd SE King Tiger; Nebelwerfer; Albert Kerscher; +1 Spotting 6th Gebirsjaeger; +1 Movement 5th Regular Inf; +3 Def Wurfrahmen; +1 Spotting 13th Churchill; 2nd Panzer Grenadier; sIG38(t)M; and StuG3B.
North East of Wavreumont: 26th Grenadier; KV-1B; P-26/40; 5th SE Panther; JagdTiger; sIG38(t)M; and StuG3B.
Around Malmedy: Green Kradschutzen; ; Heinz Rondorf; +1 Att 5th Regular Inf; green Regular Inf; +1 Att KV-1C; +2 Att 5th T-34/41; and T-34/41; Oleh Dir; 1st +3 Def SE Panther; 2 sIG38(t)M’s; and StuG3B; 1st Panzer Grenadier; +3 Att Wurfrahmen; 3rd SE +1M/+1Spot Tiger 2; +1 Movement SE 4th Tiger; and JagdPanther.

Let’s see how I did and how I chose to represent it for this playthrough.
Our inability to knock out the guns along the Elsenborn Ridge has forced us to swing around to the South West.
Our new Objective is to press towards La Gleize and the surrounding area to secure our Northern Front of our new Western Breakout.
We have 1 day with 12 hours of combat in this single day.
Press forward fast and destroy everything in your path.
Move Out!!!

Battle Report: Day 1 12/19/1944
Day 1 Cloudy Hour 1 8am (100% the entire playthrough)
Started out the morning by rushing forward to seize control of Wavreumont.
Oleh Dir and his Grenadiers wiped out Paratrooper Brigade defending Rivage and seized control of it.

In the North destroyed 2 US Infantry Battalion’s as well as devastated a group of M4-A1/76’s.
The enemy responded by finding our T-34/41’s in a vulnerable position defending Rivage disabling 7 of them.

Day 1 Snowy Hour 2 9am
This next hour was able to seize Cheneux.
In the North destroyed 3 groups of M4 Shermans and even destroyed a US Battalion assaulting Rivage.
We were able to ambush the enemies recon unit disabling 8 of their number.
This was followed up by an assault of M4 Sherman’s which reduced our number by 10% because we were guarded by an unseen StuG3B, this was followed up by additional artillery barrage decimating another 20% of our number.
US Infantry Battalion assaulted our Green Kradschutzen guarded by an unseen sIG38(t)M which eliminated 30% of our motorcycles and half of their number.
Final battle was an ambush by our T-34/41’s against a US Battalion which destroyed over half of their number.

Day 1 Snowy 10am Hour 3
Battle around Cheneux rages as we were able to eliminate an entire US Heavy Weapons Battalion trapped in their half-track’s.
In the South pressuring Stavelot by destroying the US Battalion defending it.
The battle around Rivage heats up as we were able to destroy Recons and a battalion of US Infantry, as well as a group of M4-A1/76’s.
In the North destroyed the ravaged US Battlion.
This allowed us to call up replacements to replace beleaguered units including Green Kradschutzen, and Green Regular Inf, as well as green T-34/41’s.
76mm AT and 3 Inch M5 hit green SE Panther disabling 7 of ours and 9 of theirs.
This was followed up by 3 assaults on my P26/40’s from 2 US Infantry Battalion and a Hellcat which reduced us to just 3 machines but we damaged them a lot more as we were guarded by a StuG3B. :D
US Infantry Battalion nicked JagdTiger guarded by StuG3B.
JagdPanther awarded a +1 Att Hero.

Hour 4: Day 1 Cloudy 11am
In the North destroyed US Infantry blocking in thick Northern Force Road.
Battle continues to rage around Rivage as we destroyed another 2 groups of M4 Sherman’s that was pressuring it along with Hellcat.
In the South destroyed battery of 76mm AT defending Stavelot as well as 90mm AA Battery and seized central part of it.
Bought 7 regular reps for Green SE panther.
Enemy tried to follow up, but were stopped by our well set up forces as 3 units were ambushed.
First M4A3E2 ambushed by JagdTiger destroying 9 of them.
M4A3 ambushed by Grenadier which reduced us by 10% but we reduced them by 10 machines.
M4 Sherman and Heavy Weapons as well as an artillery Barrage accosted T-34/41 destroying 6 of mine but 6 of theirs. :oops:

Hour 5: Day 1 Noon Snowy
Assaults around Stavelot has finally been stabilized as we eliminated last defender’s and seized both Stavelot and its airfield.
Around Cheneux continue to wreak havoc on the enemy as we destroyed a group of M4A3’s, Engineer Battalion, and GMC 155mm Self Propelled gun.
Center destruction was also raging as we eliminated a group of M4A3E2’s, M4 Sherman’s, and whole battalion of Heavy Weapons Infantrymen.
We called up 7 replacements for our P26/40’s.
All enemy attacks stopped by artillery. :D

Hour 6: Day 1 Cloudy 1pm
As the morning snow has finally lifted we used our limited air force to destroy US Heavy Weapons infantry Battalion trying to retreat in their Half Track’s.
In the Center finally moving towards stabilization as we destroyed another 155mm GMC as well as Heavy Weapons Battalion defending in the central Forest Road.
Also last Heavy Weapons Battalion pressuring Rivage has been eliminated.
Up North eliminated another Engineer’s unit which cleared the road for our troops.
We called up 3 more replacements for 5th Regular Infantry Battalion.
The enemy responds 76mm Anti-tank battery hitting our StuG3B’s guarded by another StuG still had 4 of our machines disabled with destruction of only 2 of theirs.

Hour 7: Day 1 Snowy 2pm
Snow returns in this hour which paralyzes our air force again and spent most of the day reloading and repositioning.
Still eliminated 2 batteries of 76mm Anti-Tank Batteries, as well as in the North seized Neuville.
The enemy had no response.

Hour 8: Day 1 3pm Cloudy
In the North seized Francorchamps and Ruy.
In the Center we destroyed last US Battalion in the forest before Egbomont which allows us to start pressuring it. (With the snow subsided we can see the massive force awaiting us around La Glieze, which fills us with fear of accomplishing our task.) :shock: :cry: :evil:

The enemy continues to wait to attack.

Hour 9: Day 1 4pm Snowy
Dugout Paratroopers guarding Egbomont and seized it, with no reaction from the enemy.

Hour 10: Day 1 5pm Snowy
Dugout 76mm Anti-tank Battery in Roanne and seized it.
Unfortunately the 2nd wave is coming out in Full Force as they hit Heinz Rondorf disabling 4 of their machines.

Hour 11: Day 1 6pm Cloudy
With 2 hours left in the battle we tried to make the most of our time by in the South seizing Trois-Ponts and its airfield.
We also dugout the Paratroopers defending La Gleize and moved in which allowed us to destroy the 105mm artillery defending the city.
In the center we also destroyed a group of M4-A3’s, M4 Shermans, and even a group of M4-A3/E2’s.
But this brazen move caused our T-34/41’s to be too exposed which allowed them to get wiped out.
They nicked 1 of our sIG38(t)M’s, and Hellcat hit 1st Panzer Grenadier’s but we still gave as good as we got having both lost 4 of our machines. (That could have gone much worse)

Hour 12: Day 1 7pm Cloudy
Last hour was used to seize Brume in the South.
In the Center around La Gleize worked hard to eliminate as much of the enemy as I could which was a group of M4 Sherman’s and Hellcat’s, as well as 76mm AT Battery. Even eliminated 2 Battalions of US Infantry.
Near Cour we also eliminated 2 US Battalion’s, and group of M4-A3’s and Hellcat’s.
At this point we have been pulled back to assist with the trouble developing at Bastogne.

Marginal Victory ending with 25736 in prestige.
Rough Battle. Do not take this map lightly, and if I just had 5 more rounds would have utterly dominated this one.

Here are the final words of my fictional commander.
This is starting to appear impossible, as we are running into way more resistance than we are capable of dealing with.
We are not able to meet all objectives necessary to win the Decisive Victory’s needed at this stage of the war.
And now we are being pulled back to help assist in the developing struggle in subduing the defense developing around Bastogne.
I am not sure we can turn this assault around, but we will do our best to continue pushing the enemy back.
No awards earned in this battle, let’s move out.

We will be spending our evening tracking back so we can start the morning off helping the forces push forward towards Bastogne, word is they need some special weapons to help with the assault 28236 in prestige to challenge them with.

Until next time…Stay Lutheran My Friends. ;)

Re: Grand Campaign West 39-41 Blind 42-45 Guderian

Posted: Fri Sep 21, 2018 12:08 am
by hurly
The attachment (16.04.2018) Elsenborn, Turn 11 Hurly Guderian is no longer available

Re: Grand Campaign West 39-41 Blind 42-45 Guderian

Posted: Fri Sep 21, 2018 12:11 am
by hurly
(25.04.2018) La Gleize, Turn 12 Hurly
(75.58 KiB) Downloaded 71 times

sorry I have still not figured out how to post multiple files into a post with the new forum software :oops:

It works out fine til the Preview, but the 2nd (or 3rd) file disappears when I finally submit it

Re: Grand Campaign West 39-41 Blind 42-45 Guderian

Posted: Fri Sep 21, 2018 6:01 am
by PeteMitchell
hurly wrote:
Fri Sep 21, 2018 12:11 am
(25.04.2018) La Gleize, Turn 12 Hurly

sorry I have still not figured out how to post multiple files into a post with the new forum software :oops:

It works out fine til the Preview, but the 2nd (or 3rd) file disappears when I finally submit it
From my recent experience (posting two AARs with several pics), best is to skip the preview altogether and just submit the post, in case I then notice any issues (e.g. spelling mistakes, content errors, formatting issues, stuff missing, etc.) I just edit the post later on... (for illustration, it might now show a note below this post as well) but I don't mind... I also think there is (still) a limit of three attachments with a total of 1 MB but not fully sure...

Re: Grand Campaign West 39-41 Blind 42-45 Guderian

Posted: Tue Oct 02, 2018 1:16 am
by hurly
here some new replays from the ever fighting goose
(19.05.2018) Bastogne Siege, Turn 14 MV
(81.72 KiB) Downloaded 66 times

Bastogne Seige Guderian Blind

Posted: Thu Oct 11, 2018 1:14 pm
by goose_2
hurly wrote:
Tue Oct 02, 2018 1:16 am
here some new replays from the ever fighting goose

(19.05.2018) Bastogne Siege, Turn 14 MV
Thanks again hurly, you are so faithful and your assistance continues to be much appreciated:

Bastogne Seige Guderian Blind
14 Turns 3 day’s
Starting prestige 28236 after replacements 27447 and some Overstrengthening 26515.

To get this done:
In the Air: SE Fighter; +2 Att Henkel; Uber Rudel; and Do-335A.
In the North near Urspelt: Kradschutzen; +1 Spot 6th Gebirsjaeger; +1 Movement 5th Reg Inf; Green Regular Infantry; Heinz Rondorf in Flamm; 2 SE King Tiger’s; 2 sIG 38(t)M’s; 30cm Nebelwerfer; +3 Att Wurfrahmen; StuG3B; T-34/41 greenish; +1 Spot ChurchillIV(e); +1 Att Jagdpanther; BA-64; KV-1B; and 1st PanzerGrenadier.
In the South near Lellingen: 2 SE Panther’s; +1 Movement SE Tiger; 2 StuG3B’s; 2 sIG 38(t)M’s; +3 Def Wurfrahmen; Albert Kerscher in Flamm; JagdTiger; Oleh Dir; +1 Att 5th Reg Inf; Panhard; 2nd PanzerGrenadier; P-26/40; +1 Att KV-1C; and 26th Grenadier.

Let’s see how I did and how I chose to represent it for this playthrough.
I hear you mean, I feel it to, I am worn out and need rest as well, we have fought hard and worked fast to move where headquarters needs us, and the movement continues as we move to help bring these “wonder weapons” to help with the assault on Bastogne…
We will work in shifts to move across the map judiciously and escort these “weapons” to the exit points so that we can then set up for the assault itself.
Rest and refit when you can otherwise move out and guard these needed “rockets”.

Battle Report:
Turn’s 1 through 3: 12/20/1944 Snowy Morning Hours (100 Softcap for the entire mission)
First snowy hours of this first morning started well as we moved into to seize control of Nocher, Lellingen, Munhausen, Urspelt, and even Grindhausen.
We were able to do this by destroying no less than 3 separate batteries of 76mm Anti-Tank Guns.
This snow acted as a hindrance to the enemies assault as their tanks were ambushed by our King Tiger’s guns which disabled 9 of theirs for only 1 lost of ours.
Also our T-34/41’s were assaulted by a 76mm AT guns but because we were guarded by a group of sIG 38(t)M’s they were only able to disable one of our machines compared to 8 of theirs lost.
The push continues into the late morning as we are able to push forward and destroy 3 separate groups of M4-A1(76)’s as well as that weakened 76mm AT guns.
Unfortunately 2 of their infantry battalions found our SE Panther’s in the forest and were able to disable 5 of our machines, due to their vulnerability.
The snow continues to fall as morning transitions into afternoon.
This did not stop us from being able to seize Erpeldange, Eschweiler, and Drauffelt, even Donnage and its airfield.
This was possible as we rolled up 3 US Infantry Battalions as well as a 76mm AT.

Turns 4 through 6: 12/20/1944 Snow lifts in first couple of hours, but snow returns for mid afternoon, while clouds returned in last hours of the day.

Hour’s 4-6: 12/18/1944 Noon hour remained snowy, but by 1pm the weather finally worked for us as snow stopped falling, but clouds remained.
Into the afternoon still rushing forward and seized Wiltz.
Destruction of their defending forces included an M4 Sherman group, battery of 75mm GMC’s, Heavy Weapons and Engineer Battalion’s.
The enemies resistance is growing as they sent a group of Wolverine’s as well as a group of M4-A3(105) assaulted our Flamm’s riding with Albert Kerscher. Thankfully we were guarded by our StuG’s which mitigated our losses but still sent 6 of our Flamm’s to the scrap heap for 7 losses of theirs.
Also their M4-A1/76’s hit our T-34/41’s which immediately caused 6 losses to our side.
The Snow returns as he sun gets ready to set.
This does not stop us from hitting and destroying no less than 3 US Infantry Battalion’s, those M-10 Wolverine’s and the accompanying M4-A3(105)’s.
With the pressure off our units we brought up elite replacements for our T-34/41’s as well as Albert Kerscher and even were able to repair one of the machines fighting with Heinz Rondorf.
The enemy replied by destroying our entire Panhard division as well as our JagdPanther brought down to just 2 Strength from a M4-A1(76).
As night settles in snow begins to fall again, this however did not stop us from seizing Lullenge.
We were able to do this as we destroyed 2 US Infantry Battalion’s, M4-A1(76)’s, and even a group of M4 Shaerman’s around Lullenge.
+3 Att Wurfrahmen recognized as being able to attack 1 harder than previously was able. :| :| :|
Heinz Rondorf recognized being able to hit first more often than other’s. :| :| :|
Outside of Escweiller destroyed US Infantry Battalion, as well as a group of Sherman’s, and a group of M4-A1(76)’s.
Brought regular replacements for our JagdPanther as well as our 5th SE Panther G.
Attacks continued in the South this evening as we removed 76mm AT battery and group of M4 Sherman’s from the road, as well as brought out a newly purchased Wurfrahmen to help us with digging out these defenders blocking the road.
Uh-Oh! Their attack in the evening found one of our V1-Rockets damaging them.
2 M4-A1(76)’s hit KV-1B but was only able to damage one of our machine’s whereas 3 of theirs have been disabled.
Rangers found and knocked out 1 of our sIG38(t)M’s.
M4-A1(76)’s hit our Flamm’s riding with Heinz Rondorf yet they were guarded by 2 Wurfrahmen’s -2 me -6 them.
M-10 Wolverine’s also found our P-26/40’s damaging 3 of ours but costing them 2 of theirs.
This was an extremely busy first day, and a lot of damage sustained by many of our units in the waning hours of this first day. I think this constant schedule is wearing on our ability to carry out our orders.

Hours 7-9 Day 2 12/21/1944 Snow continues to fall for most of the morning hours
This 2nd day had us continue our push forward as we were able to destroy the Engineer battalion as well as group of Sherman’s around Lullange.
Around Heinz Rondorf removed the threat of those M4-A1(76)’s accosting them.
Also in the South pushing forward on the Southern Road as we destroyed another 76mm AT battery and M-10 Wolverine’s unit.
We also rested and refitted some of our beleaguered units by repairing some P-26/40’s, 1 JagdTiger and a couple of SE King Tiger’s.
The enemy retaliated at our sign of weakness by 2 groups of M4-A1(76)’s hitting our KV-1B -5 me -3 them. US Rangers nicked a sIG38(t)M guarded by another sIG.
M4 Sherman’s and Engineer Battalion hit Heinz Rondorf guarded by 2 unseen artillery batteries. This saved us serious damage as only debilitated 1 of ours compared to hitting almost 70% of theirs. :D
US Infantry hit Green SE Panther in the woods but guarded by a StuG -2 them -4 me.
Snow subsides briefly in the mid-morning hours which helped us in the South to destroy a group of M4 Sherman’s.
In the center near Escwieiller destroyed Sherman.
Around Lullange destroyed another group of M4-A1(76)’s.
Bought a few more replacements for our sIG38(t)M and for our T-34/41’s.
The enemy found our vulnerable JagdTiger’s in the forest and were able to destroy 4 of them even though they were defended by StuG’s.
Their Rangers were very busy as another group hit our green Infantry destroying over half of the entire Battalion.
As well as our seasoned 5th Regular Infantry hit by their artillery and Heavy Weapons Battalion destroying close to 1/3rd their number.
Snow returns as the last remaining hours of the morning wane.
Still were trying to move forward as we destroyed another group of M4-A1(76)’s near LongVilly and seized the nearby airfield, as well as the group of Rangers near Lullange as well as a Battalion of Heavy Weapons Infantry. (My Northern push is struggling.)
In the South destroyed 2 US Battalions on that Southern road.
We repaired where we could bringing our KV-1B’s, Flamm’s and even our Green SE Panther’s up to fighting strength.
The enemy tried bringing out a recon and Engineer’s to destroy our green infantry but since we were guarded by a sIG38(t)M we were able to survive the unit for another day.

Turn’s 10-12: Afternoon hours of 2nd Day 12/21/1944 Snow continues for much of the afternoon hours.
Finally beginning to exit 3 of the rockets.
Near Magret destroyed a group of M4-A1(76)’s, this allowed us to seize Magret for control of the town.
Also destroyed 76mm AT battery near Allerborn which allows now pressuring it.
The enemy tried a couple of attacks stopped by artillery and good defense.
Clouds arrive for waning hours of this 2nd day, which moving towards Wardin by destroying 75mm GMC, US Infantry Battalion, and 76mm AT battery.
We exited 3 more rockets in the South.
26th Grenadier was recognized at being able to defend by 1 extra effort than normal.
Allerborn destruction is taking shape as we destroyed Engineer Battalion, a group of M4A3(105)’s, and Heavy Weapons Battalion.
Repaired 2 more KV-1C’s and 1 sIG38(t)M, to help bolster forces in the front.
Snow returns as the night fighting begins.
Near Allerborn found and destroyed group of Rangers and battalion of Engineer’s.
Destroyed group of M-10 Wolverine’s near Bourcy.
Also forces near Wardin found and destroyed battery of 76mm AT units.
Brought up 2 regular replacements for our KV-1B’s to help with the final day’s assaults.
Enemy M8 Greyhound’s were ambushed by Kradschutzen which took out 20% of our Motorcycles, but 4 of them destroyed.
Infantry Battalion found vulnerable Wurfrahmen’s but at least they were guarded by StuG3B’s, at least we gave as good as we got.
Also Flamm’s riding with Albert Kerscher were found by their Wolverine’s, but at least we are guarded by our Wurfrahmen, which allowed us to give as we got.

Final Morning Hour’s Turn’s 13 and 14: 12/22/1944 Cloudy last day
Near Allerborn destroyed Rangers and M8 Greyhound.
Bourcy assault showed fruit as we were able to destroy M-10 Wolverine’s and US Infantry Battalion and seized control of it.
Destroyed Engineer’s in Wardin and seized control of that town as well as Bizany.
They retaliated by Heavy Weapons infantry hit KV-1B guarded by StuG3B -4 them -3 me.
JagdPanther hit by 2 76mm AT’s -3 me -6 them as they seized Lullangebad. (Northern Force is still struggling with dominating the enemy.)
Last morning hours get rushed through as we still pushed through to seize control of Noville by destroying 76mm AT battery, Engineer Battalion, and 75mm GMC’s.
(Had we taken all rockets South Decisive Victory would be assured, but live and learn.

Marginal Victory ending with 25488
I guess getting Decisive on Guderian playing Blind is beyond my capability so prepare for losing path I guess.

Here are the final words of my fictional commander.

Disable the rockets in the North and withdraw so we can rest and refit to help with the assault on Bastogne.
The Good News is that they are giving us 1 whole day to get that needed rest and recuperation.
Make the most of it because Bastogne looks like it is going to be a tough nut to crack. At least we have these rockets to help us get it done.
Our newest equipment and men running with the 512th JagdTiger were awarded the Iron Cross 1st Class for their destruction of the enemies armor.

Next time will be Bastogne Assault with 28488 in prestige. (18 Rounds of Hell)
I am hoping to get better results in the future but this blind stuff in the snow is for the birds.

Until next time…Stay Lutheran My Friends. ;)