Different replays з

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Different replays з

Post by Keen » Fri Mar 30, 2018 4:30 pm

I have two questions.

1) Me and player rishat finished our game on 13 of march. It was Low Country scenario.
Both of us got replay, but they differ in size.
My file is 540 Kb, but his file 541 Kb.
Is it possible? why are they not identical?

And the second questions.
2) He claims that on his replay at the first viewing I gave up on the first turn and then continued the game.
He made a screenshot that really differs from what was in the game. Is it possible or its just fake?
He said that this is such a feature, and at the first viewing we see my real moves. :D

In my opinion this is stupid, but I would like to receive your official reply.

Best regards,

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