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TOF Bug Fix Solutions

Post by dgold » Tue Jan 22, 2019 6:04 pm

There are two major bugs in the latest V 1.06 of Time of Fury. These are caused by the game not building the correct *.ini files for each country in saved games:
• Terrain is not being used to modify combat calculations
• Major countries are using the tiny default minor country thresholds for calculating military upkeep costs, instead of using their own larger custom thresholds, therefore major country upkeep costs are way too high
Both these issues only manifest when your first and each subsequent saved game is loaded and played.

There is also a minor issue for Armored units attacking cities - ArmoredCityModifier = 0.5
I have edited the [LandCombatAttackerModifiers] section of each country’s *ini file to change this to ArmoredCityModifier = 1.0

The first solution is to firstly add this text using Windows Notepad, to each of the 16 country *ini files in the original Scenario directory, then save the edit – before starting a new game:

NoPanzersVsPanzers = 0.9
1DirectionAttack = 0.9
2DirectionAttack = 1.1
3DirectionAttack = 1.35
4DirectionAttack = 1.55
5DirectionAttack = 1.8
6DirectionAttack = 2
RiverPenalty = 0.75
PercentagePenaltyForEachFortLevel = 9
PercentageOverrunLossesForAttackers = 2
ArmoredCityModifier = 1.0

Plain = 1
Forest = 1.5
Rough = 1.7
Swamp = 1.25
Hills = 1.4
Mountain = 2
Desert = 1
City = 2
Fort = 0.1
NearbyDefendersValue = 0.05

Play the game, then when you first save and exit the game, go to C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Time of Fury\data\scenarios\scenario name, then copy these 16 files:

(see attached picture file)

Then paste them into your current saved game at C:\Users\XXX\Documents\My Games\Time of Fury\Saves\Saved game name, overwriting the existing *.ini files with the same names.

When you subsequently load this saved game, the three identified issues will be corrected.

You must then repeat this copy and paste procedure for the 16 *.ini files, for each successive saved game. I just copy these (edited) files from the previous saved game directory to the same saved game directory.
No need to go back to the original scenario directory files.
ini files.jpg
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