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Re: Crash at startup

Post by VPaulus » Fri Aug 03, 2012 2:21 pm

Have you already try to disable visual themes and desktop composition for TA?
I've heard people complaining about games crashing in Windows 7, and when they disabled this two options for the game stops crashing. ... -mode.html

Also I've noticed in that report this:
07-30-2012 18:58:11 | DEVICE INIT : Couldn't find a valid antialiasing setting for this settings
Could your issue be related with this? Could you check your Nvidia profile for antialiasing? Is it set for "application-Controlled"? Maybe you can try also other settings.

Also another idea, what about your Internet Security program? Can he be blocking anything related with TA?
Could you disable it temporarily, just to check if it's related with that? (better to turn off Internet while doing this)

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