Opponents' Diplomatic Positions

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Corporal - 5 cm Pak 38
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Opponents' Diplomatic Positions

Post by JeffGeorge » Sun Nov 09, 2014 7:33 pm

When I look at an opponent I can see the relationships he has with all the players he has encountered. Each faction listed has a diplomatic standing in parentheses.

1) Is this how that faction feels about the opponent I am viewing or how the opponent I am viewing feels about that third faction?

2) Why does my faction have a diplomatic position on an opponent I am viewing? Isn't that really determined by me?

Also, what is the range of diplomatic positions from worst to best?

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Re: Opponents' Diplomatic Positions

Post by SephiRok » Sun Jan 04, 2015 12:02 am

1) It's always how the faction before the parenthesis feels -- i.e. it's how the listed factions feels about the opponent you're hovering over.

2) That's a good point; it should be removed -- it was added later to show how much pacts are giving your opponents.

<entry name="DetailedStanding0" value="Furious"/>
<entry name="DetailedStanding1" value="Angry"/>
<entry name="DetailedStanding2" value="Reserved"/>
<entry name="DetailedStanding3" value="Polite"/>
<entry name="DetailedStanding4" value="Cooperative"/>
<entry name="DetailedStanding5" value="Friendly"/>
<entry name="DetailedStanding6" value="Generous"/>
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