HISTORY Legends of War Hitting Consoles in February 2013

PC/PS Vita/X360/PS3 - Beautiful turn based, squad based combat set during WW2.

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HISTORY Legends of War Hitting Consoles in February 2013

Post by ScottP » Thu Nov 15, 2012 9:02 pm

HISTORY® Legends of War Hitting Consoles in February 2013
Command General Patton’s troops to victory!

Slitherine, a world-leading publisher of strategy games, have once more teamed up with HISTORY® to bring the strategy genre to consoles. HISTORY ® Legends of War follows General Patton’s campaign from the D-Day landings to Berlin and is set to invade stores in February 2013.

VIDEO - Slitherine’s game producer Aaron Yeung talks us through the game here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8Z8pOJxTUvY

This is a turn-based strategy game at heart. A squad-based tactics experience integrating RPG elements with unprecedented depth in an amazing historical setting. Players command a limited number of units in a sequence of thrilling and engaging missions starting in the days following the Normandy landing and leading through to the conquest of Berlin.

As troops fight through four different campaigns against the Wehrmacht, they’ll gain experience and skills which make them deadlier in combat. With the combination of turn-based tactics and strategic management through the RPG elements, players must use every bit of their tactical wit and genius against a challenging AI. With missions types such as attack, defence, infiltration, and sabotage, every mission will put players to the test.

HISTORY® Legends of War is set in 1944 in the latter stage of World War II and puts gamers in the boots of the legendary US general George S. Patton, an iconic figure renowned for commanding the US Third Army against the Nazi forces in multiple campaigns through France, Belgium and Germany. Players are directly responsible for the actions of their units, which include tanks, infantry and aircraft, with every decision having a direct effect on the final outcome of war.

Expert strategy games publisher Slitherine is once again bringing the genre to console. Following in the successful footsteps of HISTORY® Great Battles Medieval for home consoles and the critically-acclaimed Battle Academy for iPad release this year, Slitherine continues in its mission to bring an often disregarded genre to an ever increasing audience.

HISTORY® Legends of War is set to land on shore in stores across Europe in February 2013.
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Re: HISTORY Legends of War Hitting Consoles in February 2013

Post by MrsWargamer » Fri Nov 16, 2012 12:10 am

Very good news for the new year coming. I know most of my wargaming bretheren will be whining for a PC release, but I'd like at least 1 wargamer reason for turning on my PS3 :-)

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