Very light game but also fun

PC/PS Vita/X360/PS3 - Beautiful turn based, squad based combat set during WW2.

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Private First Class - Wehrmacht Inf
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Very light game but also fun

Post by Deadmoon » Sat Mar 09, 2013 8:00 pm

If someone is looking for a realistic ww2 squad tactical game, please leave the room now.

Legends of War is a game that could be depicted with little green toy soldiers. You play as "General Patton" rolling across Europe with a bunch of soldiers and a couple of vehicles and that´s all. You gain prestige that can be used to "upgrade" Patton and purchase troops like the common GI, the sniper, the ranger, the medic, the british paratrooper, the commando...etc.

Soldier have hit points, there are medikits to recover health and ammo crates. Germans have the same rifles as you, the only ones with a SMG are Fallschrimjagers. Of course there are no bipods MG42, no BAR, no 0.30 MG, no mortars and nothing that barely resembles a real squad. I think you are getting the picture of what kind of game it is.

But it also a very fun one! Even in medium difficulty is quite a challenge, a careful use of cover is needed and reactive fire must be taking in count when moving.

I´ll recommend it but take in count that is not realistic at all. It´s perfect for an introduction to wargames or a casual gamer.

Sadly not the kind of game i was expecting. :(

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Re: Very light game but also fun

Post by MrsWargamer » Sat Mar 09, 2013 9:12 pm

Battlefield 1942 is to me, one of the best wargames to ever come to the PC, and it was clearly silly bugger on a computer.

But I don't mind saying, you will get more people playing something like that (and making you a lot of money) than you will pretending that Gary's War in the East is what most of society is looking for.

I still consider Battlefield Academy to be the single best wargame made since 2000 simply because it is the most fun to play of any scale.

Panzer Corps has been a great success because it figured out how to be one too.

Great wargames need to actually be great first :)

Squad Leader took me 5 minutes to read and was just 7 pages for the first scenario. I think they probably broke the magic making it into ASL.

Realism is often more a wet blanket than a benefit.

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