A suggestions thread

Sovereignty is a turn-based fantasy strategy game for the PC. It combines a kingdom management campaign game with a general's level tactical battle game.

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A suggestions thread

Post by Ostwindflak » Fri Apr 10, 2015 5:38 pm

As titled I am going to add my suggestions for the game and critique as I play through it. Others are welcome to post theirs here as well.

I was only able to play for about an hour or so last night. One thing I noticed that was kind of puzzling was the capture of forts. Being at war with two different countries I was invaded from two sides. Each invaded province of mine was at an economic level of 3 and no friendly troops there to defend. This means that the attackers will capture the province in 3 turns if not kicked out.

However when I attack them in my own province, which hasn't flipped to them, they are using my forts against me. How I understand it is the province is "under siege" based on the level of development in said province. If the enemy can take over a fort immediately, what is it they are doing that it takes X amount of turns based on the development level to actually flip the province? Laying waste to the countryside yet they walked into my forts unopposed to turn their guns on me?

The way I see it even if there are no units stationed there, at the very least one would think there would be a local garrison within said forts (even if it isn't large enough to represent a unit for battle) that has closed the gates and is holding out within waiting for a relief army to arrive.

My personal feeling is a friendly fort shouldn't automatically be used by the besieging army that hasn't "flipped" the province yet which would allow them to utilize the fort system there. Just food for thought.

*Edit* I forgot to add that I do like the game and what you folks have been able to create in terms of this new exciting fantasy realm and the backstories of the various countries/races.

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Re: A suggestions thread

Post by Darknaj » Sat Apr 11, 2015 9:20 pm

When moving ranged units it would be nice to see a preview of their soon-to-be-new range. It saves having to press undo last move after misclicking.

It would also be nice to see a visual indication of units that are considered to be grouped units for combat purposes. I at least like to pepper those units with archers instead of wasting arrows on something that isn't going to get weaker as it takes damage.

Including a naval portion in the tutorial or a second tutorial explaining it would be appreciated.

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Re: A suggestions thread

Post by Ostwindflak » Sat Apr 11, 2015 11:43 pm

I like how at the start of a turn significant events display in the top left and you can click on them and the map goes to that location.

Would it be possible to have that feature for the message window at the top also? Sometimes a lot of things happened in the turn and when I open the window to read it, I find myself having to look for the provinces manually which can take a bit of time. A time saver and nice feature would to be able to click on the line of text and it brings you to that province.

Example: "Bereska has annexed "X province" (click on the text and it brings you to said province)

Something I noticed in the message window too is sometimes an event has occurred and the sentence gets cut off towards the end.

Example: "A mutual defense treaty has been signed between The Iron Barony and...." (you never get to see what other nation it was) I have seen this numerous times already.

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Re: A suggestions thread

Post by Tyr Alexander » Sun Apr 12, 2015 2:49 am

I would like an indicator of how much resources I possess on the map screen.

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Re: A suggestions thread

Post by Tyr Alexander » Sun Apr 12, 2015 1:34 pm

Anyway we can get more diplomatic options like
1. Open Border or Safe Passage: My allies are so far away and i am land locked between two vastly larger nations. The war has been going badly for them and they are my source of goods needed to produce my most powerful unit.
2. Joint Attacks/Invade this nation/Declare War On X without Mutual defense treaty: in a previous game I was being harassed by a much larger force straight out of the gate...it would have been nice if I could have gotten some assistance from a neighbor to relieve some of the pressure while I recovered.
3.Diplomatic Options have turn limits or clauses: For trading it would be kick ass. I don't have to constantly go back and forth making deals it can agree to a 5/10/20 turn trade deal that way i can stock up on resources for later dates. For things like non-aggression and defensive treaties it would allow an escape option that doesn't end in me being a douche because I broke the treaty and getting diplomatic penalities. I can wait 5/10/20 turns and we can go at each other like savages again.

Other thing I would like to see is more racial diversity. You have one group of undead, two dwarven, three elves, two orcs, and a giant nation. Everyone else is humans. The Orcs seemed to carved out an awesome nation in the wastelands kick ass but the dwarves and the elves are being pushed to the fringes. Haven't completed a game were the dwarves and the elves survive long. Especially Brogen Hur and Sonnevve. The latter being attacked by the empire to the north the Undead to the west and the humans in the south. One game I played Sonnevve was craved into three pieces by all three.

Please get rid of alignment it has no bearing on the game what so ever.

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Re: A suggestions thread

Post by FrancoisM » Sun Apr 12, 2015 2:41 pm

It would be nice if the range of fire and where the unit can go next turn was displayed when the cursor is located on a friendly or ennemy unit in tactical mode.

Great game by the way!


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Re: A suggestions thread

Post by Ostwindflak » Sun Apr 12, 2015 5:25 pm

Having played quite a few battles in tactical mode I have noticed what may be an issue with the AI. I am playing my current campaign on hard.

As the attacker I have won several battles against a superior force both in terms of numbers and troop quality simply by capturing the victory locations. The AI will defend a victory location closest to the start line of where my troops set up. However they never defend the locations far away.

I noticed that they do not put any units in the far away victory locations. All I have had to do is send cavalry around the flanks and go capture them unopposed. They never try to intercept my cavalry nor rush back to defend/recapture them. They have had cavalry of their own and still have not used them to intercept my own cavalry.

Maybe the next difficulty level up from hard would address this? If not perhaps may I suggest that the AI needs to have more emphasis on victory location priority?

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Re: A suggestions thread

Post by terje439 » Mon Apr 13, 2015 12:10 am

When trading in the marked, could a short sound be added to let you know that the transaction has been performed?
A few too many times now I have sold off the stuff I wanted to sell twice...


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Re: A suggestions thread

Post by gchristie » Mon Apr 13, 2015 9:38 pm

Ostwindflak wrote:As the attacker I have won several battles against a superior force both in terms of numbers and troop quality simply by capturing the victory locations. The AI will defend a victory location closest to the start line of where my troops set up. However they never defend the locations far away...Maybe the next difficulty level up from hard would address this? If not perhaps may I suggest that the AI needs to have more emphasis on victory location priority?
+1 this, though I would ask that the AI do this on normal as well as the harder settings.
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Re: A suggestions thread

Post by Flash Jack » Tue Apr 14, 2015 4:15 am


Like the game. Here's a thought bubble.

Place a greater emphasis on Marshals

Getting the AI to fire up to a higher level in the tactical battles wouldn't be easy given the diversity of unit types. To put the player on a more even footing (pretty easy to win the battles at present) a suggestion would be to give the Marshals a negative trait each.

It'd work roughly the same way as the bonus but it would be one that would be triggered on a random roll, say 5% chance per turn. So it might not happen in the twelve turn span, but it could. Alternatively it could happen multiple times if your Marshal was having a bad day.

Nothing too nasty, just enough effect to hinder the player a touch and give the AI a chance to shine. Suggestions might be 'Indecisive' - No units have movement points that turn (can fire and fight but not move), 'Blood thirsty' - double damage to all melee battles for both sides for the turn, 'Cautious' - ranged units are refused permission to fire for the turn, etc.

You could tweak it so that every time the Marshal won a battle the chance of his negative effect kicking in drops by 1% until it eventually goes altogether.

You've already got a big positive effect for each marshal with their cards and a small, random, hindrance effect would give them a bit of character and do something towards helping the AI.

Marshals Revolt

In medieval and Roman times it wasn't uncommon for generals to get above themselves.

Give each Marshal a 'revolt' or 'fame' stat. Starts at zero. Stays that way until they leave their homeland.

Each turn in a non-core province has a chance of causing their 'fame' stat to go up a click. The further they are from their homelands the greater the chance of this happening.

Every time they win a foreign battle they automatically go up a click.

You'd end up with a Marshal having a 3%, for example, 'fame' or 'revolt' risk. At the start of a turn the game could check each marshal in a foreign land and roll against his stat. If the roll comes in less then he revolts and decides to leave your employ and set himself up as the ruler of the province he is currently in. The province continues with him in charge, along with his army. It doesn't do anything, it just sits there as a roadblock with an independent ruler.

To offset the risk of your Marshals doing this you could bring them back to your homeland - drops their stat by a tick each turn - or use an agent to pay them a visit and remind them of the loyalty to the empire.

The basic concept would be that if you send a Marshal off to far away lands and leave him out their in the wilderness for too long his loyalty to you and your empire will diminish over time.

Adds to their personality.


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Re: A suggestions thread

Post by bocian » Tue Apr 14, 2015 11:54 am

hi. Sovereignty Crown of Kings is a fantastic game, thanks for effort makeing it. I have an idea to add to gameplay. What about countermarch for musketeers(any gupowder units), so one unit after giving shot can be replaced by another gun unit standing next to him so first one unit in normal condition woudn't be allowed to move but thanks to countermarch is swaped. Gunpowder units should make huge damage to any enemies in plain field, but if their are any terrain obtecles like hills or trees or mountains or other friendly unit between shoter and enemy- damage should be much decreased. I would like to see musketter unit for humans for sure and pike man unit for protecting them(getting bonus if standing somewhere next to musketer). Pikeman could have swap special ability with musketer, so musketer after give a shot could be replaces by pikeman standing behind him.musketer because of dealing huge damage should be very expensive in maintainance or elite unit( i would rather see expensive in mainteinance) and should be easy to kill. Countermarch should be research at maybe 3lvl. Oh and please raise maintenance for all units cos i think many huge armies just make chaos and lesser the strategy factor. I hope somebody from creators will read my post and concern my ideas. Thank You agian for this fantastic game. Best wishes :)

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Re: A suggestions thread

Post by Sloul » Fri Apr 17, 2015 5:33 pm

- Player should be able to choose between ranged-attack and melee attack for one unit when both are available. >With Dragonhold I sometimes cannot charge with my Dragons because enemy units are within ranged-attack.
- Could we get an option before starting the game to define if we only want tactical for heroes? I would personally like to go tactical even without heroes.
- Would be nice if we could start to play a kingdom with choosing or creating a king.
Choosing a king would be from different houses of the kingdom.
Kingdom houses could be very nice to trigger internal affairs&politics.
But ultimately, I would like to edit my own Avatar. Probably with some stats or perks/traits (I love them).
A pious King could have good connections with a certain order of Knight or Healers for instance that you could hire.
A scholar in magic could lower the cd between spells, or make them last another turn.
Certain traits might be closed/open-only to certain factions.
- Skilltree for heroes. Choose what your heroes should be able to do. Also, huh... I might sound very picky. But I think ''Generals'' should feet better to what the Heroes actually do. For me heroes are men of actions, but staying out of the fray and organizing troops into battle, I think ''General'' is more feeting to that kind of role.

Tactical Rules:
- Would be cool if we could encircle or flanks units and get them a debuff because of that.
- Right now, disengaging from melee is free, I think it should not. I think when you disengage from a melee encounter, you should get damaged (attack of opportunity).
- I thought about a ''Fatigue'' or ''Stamina'' system, everytime unit attack or defend it gets lower stamina. Now, what stamina could be used for? Potential Attack and Def? Morale? Speed? Initiative?
My preference would be to Speed, Initiative and Attack.
- When you launch assault somewhere, you could choose between a Daily assault or a night assault, both have their own advantages.
Day is neutral.
Night lower range for projectile (by 1 or 2), it lowers moral of every unit by 1 but undead and elves.
- I wonder if Siege units, Crossbowmen and Gun units shouldn't have a reloading time between fire. Meaning they got to skip one turn after firing. They can move, but if they do, it wouldn't reload and they would have to wait again another turn, till they stand still.
- Elephants and Chars should be able to use melee and ranged-attack both during the same turn.

- I noticed something a bit odd. Many human kingdom are tagged ''good'' while also ''Agressive''.
And while reading the lore, human just step there and started to colonise, conquering lands from the natives. Doesn't really sound that good. But then it get worse, look all those good nation killing each other.
I mean, look at the specific situation of Myrmont, Hadrigel and Boruvian Empire. They just kill each other for Politics.
I think they really stand as Neutral factions instead of Good.

- Siege units like Balistas and Trebuchets should have lower move points.

Unit abilities:
- some units should be able to hide in forest tiles. Both in world map and in tactical maps.
- some units should have bonus when defending on certain tiles, most specifically (and again) forests.
Started this wiki: http://sovereignty.wikia.com/wiki/Sovereignty_Wikia
Still a lot to do, I estimated I would be done in 3 months.

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Re: A suggestions thread

Post by Emmeric » Fri Apr 17, 2015 9:38 pm

The ability to build forts. 10 Stone and 10,000 Gold, limit 4.
The ability to "purchase" more hero/spy slots.
Tactical option on fights without heroes - it's our army, let us fight it.

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Re: A suggestions thread

Post by Deca » Sat Apr 18, 2015 10:02 pm

List of additional improvements

1 Faction Borders
Currently all faction borders are in purple on "main map", but I would like to see them outlined in the color of the owning faction's color, or some other means of better indicating the borders rather than in purple for all factions.

2 Main Map Armies # of troops indicator
On the main map, for armies it would be helpful to see a small number to indicate how many are there. It would be helpful to look at the main map and see at a glance how many troops are in the army rather than having to click on the armies tab or manually select each army. As the empire grows, this becomes more tedious and would help facilitate a better overall view from the main map to be able to see just how many are in each army.

3 Provinces Sliding Window Pane - army indicator
When clicking bringing up the provinces sliding window pane it displays good info, but it would be helpful if it also contain a circle, or number, symbol, or anything, to help denote that you have an army there too.

4 Diplomacy Sliding Window Pane - Click to focus on faction capitol
When we bring up the diplomacy sliding window pane, it would be helpful if we could also be able to double click on a faction name to then be centered on their capitol city.

5 Resources Bar
Can we get a "resources bar" somewhere on the main game window to see, at a glance, how many of each resource we currently have as well as WHAT types we currently have throughout our empire.
Ex: Gem: 10/1 Fish: 3/0 Iron: 4/2
In those examples there would be the resource icon
10/1 would mean I currently have 10 gems in stock & own 1 gem producing resource
3/0 would mean I currently have 3 fish in stock, but that I do not own any fish producing resource
4/1 would mean I have 4 iron in sotck and 2 different iron producing resources

6 Tactical vs Auto - Preference/Toggle
Although I understand that without a Hero/Leader/General we currently only have the option of doing an auto resolution, but at the same time it would be nice to have a Game Selection (Check/Uncheck) to be able to have a game in which if we wanted to fight each battle in tactical we could (or simply give us the choice to select it when engaging in battle).
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Re: A suggestions thread

Post by Marat1012 » Sun Apr 19, 2015 12:38 am

Really enjoy the game. The agents system works well with forcing choices between trade/diplomacy and giving a trade-off between trying to get the best deal versus trying to get a deal that is accepted fast. The diversity among playable nations is great. I enjoyed the unlockable unit as Dunmar and think that is an interesting concept that could be expanded on much later in the development (ie., defeat the iron barony and unlock a new unit type as veterans from the war with the orcs). The combat system is quite enjoyable. Others have mentioned the AI does not pay much attention to the victory point locations, which could be revised. In particular, the phantoms of Palemoor that have no attack, but high defense, could be used to hold locations.

My main area for feedback is for economic upgrades. Currently there is a base cost of 9k to upgrade a province. That is cut in half for the nation's "affinity" with a certain province. It is also cut in half for provinces that are below their (base / maximum) economic level. These modifiers stack.

My suggestion would be to nerf the affinity modifier or increase the damaged province modifier. Currently, when conquering, there is no incentive to conquer anything that is not your nation's affinity. It is just as expensive to upgrade your own provinces than to take non-affinity provinces and repair them. An alternative method would be to introduce cost-scaling with size (ie., cost more to upgrade from 5 to 6 than from 4 to 5). (If this is already in the game, it kicks in later than I have reached.) This would provide some incentive to expand into other areas, while still encouraging elves to take forests, etc. Should be an easier modification than most of the suggestions here.

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Re: A suggestions thread

Post by Doomboy » Sun Apr 19, 2015 4:57 am

There is quite a bit that needs to be done before this is a full fleshed game. Here are a few ideas that have come up from my first few minutes' play:

There’s much to like about the game, but it still needs a more sane rules set.
I should point out I’ve only played a little bit—the game only barely playable right now, with many crashes and design issues. So, I’m going to be vague on country names and backstory (like what I’ve seen, just can’t play the game long enough to really get real knowledge of the backstory).

Let’s get started on ten things to make this a better game:

1) The whole “a single army moves in, tears down the economy, army is killed, must spent 4000+ gold to rebuild” is just nuts, and is neither fun nor particularly realistic. Under monarchies, wholesale destruction of economies was uncommon—the king, literally, owned whatever he captured, so completely destroying a region just wasn’t on the agenda. (Democracies, fwiw, are ruled by presidents, and so armies in this system of government are far less concerned about wholesale destruction—the president won’t gain anything he can pass to his children in any event…I’m just saying this because there may, and probably should, be a country that plays by different rules).

So let’s change the invasion/conquest/rebuild rules to something more sane.
Change the “region’s economy reduced by 1” occurrence to “region gains 1 disruption token”—any time that a region would normally have its economy reduced under the “old” rules, the region would now get a disruption token. Since economy is hard to get reduced to 0 now, it’s quite possible that a region might get more disruption tokens than economy, and that’s ok.
Regions with at least 1 disruption token generate no revenue.
If a region has as many (or more) disruption tokens as its economy, then ownership changes, as per the usual rules.
Removing of disruption tokens is done in the following way:
a) A unit of the owning country must be in the region and expend its move to restore order.
b) The owning country can pay a “rebuilding fee” (about 5% of the current fee, some countries should get a discount, via a tendency towards order).
As many disruption tokens can be removed per turn as the owning player has units to commit to it—a large army can restore order very quickly!

Designer Notes:
The end result is piffling invasions aren’t nearly as brutal, no longer can you destroy an enemy country’s economy by placing 1 unit on each region—there’ll be disruption, from the raiders, but not outright destruction.
Note that regions that are endlessly fought over will change hands easily, and almost never pay revenue (the people aren’t likely to pay taxes if they’re getting protection from nobody).

2) Pillaging

When an army inflicts a disruption token, the owner of the army gets the option to “attempt to pillage” the region, approximately a 5% chance of success per unit in the army (some countries should be better at pillaging, and some countries may incur diplomatic penalties for successfully pillaging).
If the pillage attempt fails, nothing happens. If it succeeds, the owner of the army gets gold (approximately 100 gold per “effective economic level” of the region). The region gets a “destruction marker”; each such marker reduces the effective economic level of a region by 1, and a region can only have as much destruction as its true economic level.
Destruction markers can be removed in much the same way as disruption markers, although the cost is approximately 150 gold per current “effective economic level”.

Designer’s notes:
Raiding an enemy country, attacking across all fronts with no real intention of conquest, is a valid tactic that belongs in the game. Small bands of raiders will likely cause more disruption than any true destruction, but can still pay off big if not dealt with.
Some countries might want to pillage a region that’s already been essentially burned to the ground (perhaps the diplomatic penalty should be a bonus for particularly destruction-oriented countries).

3) Terrain Cards

Each region on the board should have room for 3 “card slots”. The first slot is already given, the next slot is filled by another card, semi-random by terrain. These cards give little “curlicues” to a region. Example cards:
a) Gold Mine: Each unit in this region can work in the gold mine, with a 5% chance earning an extra 100 gold, by expending its move (silver/copper/salt mines can do the same, for less gold)
b) Thieve’s Guild: The owner of this region has a 30% chance per turn of getting a random commodity from the market, for free.
c) Rich Farmland: Units here incur only 50% of upkeep costs.
d) Fierce winds: archery here is at reduced strength
e) Alchemy School: generates 1 mp a turn
f) Sorcerer’s Enclave: Each turn, has a 20% chance of reducing the cooldown of any spell currently on cooldown.
g) Foul Water: Melee units are at reduced effectiveness here
h) Psychotic gophers: Cavalry units are at reduced effectiveness here
i) Agent’s Guild: The owner gets 1 additional agent
j) (more if you’re willing to consider this)

Designer’s Notes: There’s nothing wrong with a fixed map, but these random cards put a little bit of randomness into the game, so that a player won’t necessarily have “one strategy to rule them all” even for a particular country. The third slot is for later ideas…

4) Economic Improvements

Sovereign is a big game, I really want more to do with my money than “buy troops, buy improvements”. Here are a few more things worth buying (not every country need have access to everything). Only 1 such improvement can be purchased per turn:

a) Stockades. These wooden structures are roughly half as effective as (stone) fortifications, and only last for 1 year (after which they decay, and must be rebuilt). Cost is 200 gold, maximum of 5 stockades per region. These are automatically destroyed if the region changes ownership.
b) Training Camp (melee, ranged, cavalry—3 types). Newly built units deployed to a training camp have a 20% chance of gaining a free experience medal. Cost is 500 gold per camp, plus a fee of 10% of the unit’s cost each time a unit is deployed on a camp. These are automatically destroyed if the region changes ownership.
c) Blacksmith’s Forges: Units deployed to this region with an armor rating of 2 or more get a 5% refund to the owner (100 gold). These are automatically destroyed if the region changes ownership.
d) Healer’s Guild: Units in this region heal three times as quickly; friendly units in adjacent regions heal twice as quickly. These are automatically destroyed if the region changes ownership. 100 gold, but the camp is folded up every year.
e) Roads: Units that start their turn in this province get +1 movement; provinces with roads always count as having a movement cost of 1. 200 gold; these aren’t necessarily destroyed during conquest, but the owner of the region can pay 100 gold to destroy roads.
f) Merchant’s Quarter: Only 1 can be built per region; each quarter grants a 5% discount to purchases in the market, and 5% bonus to sales of commodities. This benefit is capped at 50%, and merchants are destroyed if the region changes ownership. 20 gold.
g) Mercenary’s Guild (Melee, Archer, Cavalry, Siege): Units “destroyed” in combat have a chance to become mercenaries, and can be hired here, at 10x the usual cost; they deploy immediately in the guild. Cost is 200 gold for the guild, which disbands if the region is conquered.

Designer’s Notes:

These improvements, while cheap (and I’m just making suggestions on prices, higher probably is better), allow a player to build up his kingdom in the way he sees fit. Smaller kingdoms, due to the “one per turn” rule, can at least keep up with larger kingdoms here, and prices might well vary by kingdom.

5) Forts

Forts are not handled properly, and combat against forts is VERY different in the “auto” as opposed to “tactical” combat. These represent major defensive structures, of a size and power that would take decades to build (and thus building these is not an option during the game).
Forts count as static defenses, and have a base garrison that must be fought/beaten before a region can become disrupted/pillaged (so a lone unit will generally be unable to just march in and conquer the place).
If a player has defending melee/ranged units, they can be deployed inside the fort (1 in each fort, much like stockades), greatly enhancing the melee/ranged attack of the fort, as well as the defensive strength of the fort.
Basically fortifications need to be completely reworked. Fortified provinces should be hard to take, the main reason small countries have survived is usually because of these fortifications. That said, it shouldn’t be “impossible in auto-combat, but comparatively easy in tactical”, so a re-envisioning is needed.

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Re: A suggestions thread

Post by Ostwindflak » Tue Apr 21, 2015 1:35 pm

Playing as Berany I had noticed the first spell I can research is "Rebel". In effect this gives all of my troops the "Rebel" trait.

I would suggest that Rebel is exactly that, a trait and not a spell. A faction which was formerly part of the Boruvian Empire could or maybe should be labeled as Rebel already thus granting all of their units the Rebel trait. It just seems a little quirky to cast a spell making people rebels.

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Re: A suggestions thread

Post by Slish » Fri Apr 24, 2015 9:49 pm

- Multiplayer would be nice! Is there something like this possible in the future? Or nothing official mentioned?
- Upkeep costs in unit card (everytime I wanna check which troops to station in capital I have to open military recruitment screen)

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Re: A suggestions thread

Post by budd » Sat Apr 25, 2015 4:15 pm

maybe when you take over a realm you get an added diplomat/s . More options for diplomacy/spying by realm, not every realm needs the exact same diplomacy/spying options. Maybe more options for the smaller weaker starting realms, just another way to make the realms different. Ability to zoom the map on the realm selection screen and highlight the realm your currently looking at.Defiantly agree with the realm borders being different color.Some way to see the map when in the trade/diplomacy screen, i know you can see through the screen but its a pain trying to locate countries. Better defensive deployment options when attacked in tactical battles, I don't want free placement, but the current option seems scattered and random.

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Re: A suggestions thread

Post by GrayRiders » Sat Apr 25, 2015 5:21 pm

One UI change I'd like is the ability to "pin" unit cards like you can with province card. Currently trying to rename or disband units in the middle row can be incredibly annoying.

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