Ways to get fewer, bigger battles, less AI spamming armies

Sovereignty is a turn-based fantasy strategy game for the PC. It combines a kingdom management campaign game with a general's level tactical battle game.

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Ways to get fewer, bigger battles, less AI spamming armies

Post by Dunadd » Fri Oct 30, 2015 6:57 pm

I like Sovereignty a lot as it's basically Fantasy General with a proper multi-kingdom campaign, but it shares some design flaws with e.g the Total War series. If these were fixed it could be a truly great game.

The main one is that the AI spams armies at players (and other AI kingdoms) too much, and there are too many battles, the results of most of which make no difference strategically, when winning a major battle should have major implications.

Anicent and medieval wars could go on for years or decades but major battles were rare and the results of them made big differences to the course of the wars (yes, i know the Hundred Years' War went on for centuries- but that was really a series of wars interspersed with long periods of peace - and major battles in it still made a big difference, with most of the rest being raiding and sieges, not endless small battles, still less endless major battles making no difference).

In most fantasy books big battles are also rare and make a massive difference to the course of wars at a strategic and political level (and in terms of magical power of rulers and kingdoms).

The main ways to fix this problem would be -

1) Limit the number of armies a kingdom can have at one time. Allow it garrison every province, settlement or fort, but field armies that can attack other provinces or settlements or fortifications should be limited in number. You could do this by making only forces with heroes in them movable armies that can invade or attack other armies. This would require every kingdom to start with at least say one (ideally two) heroes - and to get more heroes automatically as they get above a certain number of units or provinces.

This would also represent the problems of paying and supplying a large army for any length of time for medieval/fantasy rulers

2) Increase the recruiting and/or upkeep cost of some units. Some of the worse militia/levy/ garrison units could have minimal upkeep cost - or none so long as they're in a garrison and not a field army.

3) Increase the number of units that can be in an army - to 40 or 50 units.

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