Positive steam review (to show i love the game really)

Sovereignty is a turn-based fantasy strategy game for the PC. It combines a kingdom management campaign game with a general's level tactical battle game.

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Positive steam review (to show i love the game really)

Post by Dunadd » Mon Nov 02, 2015 8:00 pm

In case i've given anyone the wrong impression about what i think about Sovereignty, here's the review i gave it on Steam :

If you're looking for fancy 3-D graphics then forget it, but if you like strategy games and fantasy and good gameplay, and don't mind about basic graphics, you will love it. (And when i say the graphics are basic, i don't mean they're bad - i love most of the artwork in this game)

Still in early access , so crashes a bit, but still worth every penny/cent. In fact there are many full release games that crash more than Sovereignty's Early Access version does.

There are many human kingdoms of various alignments, including one with dragons, two undead kingdoms, plus one vampire/gypsy kingdom, two dwarf kingdoms, two orc ones, one high elf, one night elf and one wood elf (though the elves are all allied to one another). Each can recruit different units from one another and have different diplomatic standings with other kingdoms.

The campaign map level of it is similar to Birthright (1990s AD&D based strategy game), though with more features than Birthright had. There are resources, trading with other kingdoms or just through the marketplace for resources required to recruit some units, diplomatic relations of all kinds up to full alliance (which allows you to recruit 4 units of one type that only the kingdom you're allied to can normally recruit), spying, etc. Your agents can even be set to work to improve another kingdom's attitude towards you, or to try to turn one kingdom against another (though the AI kingdoms' agents can do the same to you).

The only thing it lacks which Birthright had is the option to do first person RPG style missions, but i don't miss those too much.

Then there are the battles which go to a hex map in which you move your hex shaped units (just like 2D counters though the artwork on them is decent). The battles are a lot like those in Fantasy General (kind of fantasy version of Panzer commander or Allied General), but with some interesting additions (e.g when more than one unit of shield armed infantry from the same side are adjacent to one another at the end of a turn they form Shield Wall, greatly increasing their defence against enemy attacks).

On top of that there are heroes (which include some mages) who act pretty much like Battle Cards that you can play once per battle if the hero is present in the army involved (though with experience some get two different abilities)

And there are spells at the campaign level which do all kind of things, with some unique to each kingdom.

There are a few things that arent quite right (trolls and ogres and wyverns with zero defence for instance), but those might be changed in later versions, and there will be plenty of mods of it in time (though none yet).

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Re: Positive steam review (to show i love the game really)

Post by Breca » Wed Nov 04, 2015 12:21 am

Thanks for the review!

And keep the game improvement comments coming. We read each and every post. EA is prime time for us to make those improvements. As everyone is probably aware, we completing the OpenGL overhaul (which will include an engine overhaul and a number of smaller improvements over the current build). Once we release that, we will be able to turn full attention to the game improvements and remaining bugs.

Good Hunting!


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