Bring back the 1.9 quality to the game

Sovereignty is a turn-based fantasy strategy game for the PC. It combines a kingdom management campaign game with a general's level tactical battle game.

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Bring back the 1.9 quality to the game

Post by Cablenexus » Thu Mar 10, 2016 10:40 pm

Recently I understand that the game's engine was changed for two major reasons.
The game became a much bigger project then expected and the devs want to make the engine cross platform ready.

For this reason the game is changed from a Slim Directx engine to a free OpenGL source engine.

Correct me if I'm wrong but this is what I understand.

For me personally it ruined the game I bought in EA and want to help to improve.

After playing around with the latest beta in the beta branche the last month I decided to delete all my files and installed the 1.9 version again.

I can't believe how much the quality of the game is changed.

It start when I enter the main screen. It looks like a 640 x 480 picture on my monitor now. In 1.9 it was a high quaility picture.

The sound have an annoying buzz in the background. I have to reduce volume to 30% to not hear it.

On the campaign map there is no use of shaders anymore. The whole map is the same bright color from the start of the game. No dark shade anymore on provinces in fog of war.

All soundeffects on the background like people gossip when selecting provinces and birds singing when AI makes his turns are gone. The soundeffects of the menu are way to loud compared to the background music and sound like low quality sound effects compared to the effects in 1.9

The high quality rendered realm names in 1.9 are changed to the same font as the province names and have the same color now. It's hard to see what the realm names are.

All menu's popping up in game like trade offers for example don't have transparancy anymore. You can't see anything in the background which make respond to a trade offer impossible. Is it your enemy or your friend before you decide him to exchange your iron for coins?

All fonts in game menu's are changed from an easy to read font to a hard to read bigger font. The menu structure is changed missing overview. You have to click with next and previous buttons to get the info you need now while in 1.9 everything was on the same screen.

All province cards missing info like economy, towns etc on the cards itself. It was very nice in 1.9 and you was able to click on trade and diplomacy buttons on the cards as well. In beta 2 it's all gone.

In tactical battle there is no difference anymore between speed settings. Everything is going too fast now and units and floating text and damage numbers rushed around your screen.
In 1.9 when you start a tactical battle you see your units in your own province. The provinces around you had a shade on them to represent some fog of war and you can only see the enemy unit icons. In beta 2 all tactical map is bright, no transparancy and shaders used anymore.

When you start battle you don't have nice morale and health bar on units anymore and most of the unit skills and traits icons work on the new system. It's a complete mess.
At slowest speed you cannot even see your own unit moving from square to square. It goes too fast. Way too fast.

In 1.9 you click your unit. Around your unit there is a grey shader representing their movement range and a red border representing their attack range. It's all gone in beta 2.

The terrain mouse over info for attack and defence value of specific terrain and the province names are gone.

The shader on top of the unit icon when the unit is finished his turn is gone.

All hills, mountains and other on map objects don't use shaders and transparancy anymore. You see the lines cut on the sites of mountains and hills like you play a spreadsheet with some 2d art put in a box.

Please devs can you bring back the quality of the game like it was in 1.9 to beta 2?
Is it possible? Or is it just finished with the quality of the game because of the new engine simply cannot handle digital sound, shaders, mouseovers and transparancy?
I really want to know.

Please see the difference yourself if you don't believe my words:

1.9 High quality map, transparancy, shaders, round borders and a green bright map ... =547804307

Beta 2

Dark map, green/brown color, blocked borders, low res art, no transparancy, no borders, no shaders. ... =641746502

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