Love the new 1239 update!

Sovereignty is a turn-based fantasy strategy game for the PC. It combines a kingdom management campaign game with a general's level tactical battle game.

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Love the new 1239 update!

Post by Cablenexus » Tue Mar 29, 2016 11:03 pm

[posted for bug report reason]

Intel Dual Core 2.66
AMD R7 250 Crimson 16.1.1 whql driver
Windows 10 64 bit

Tested build 1239 with hotfix applied

Settings uses: Fullscreen 1680 x 1050, UI scale medium

First of all I want to say that I'm really impressed by the latest update. I did not experience any crashes ingame or on exit.
Gameplay is fluent and I can even see some parts are even better improved compared to 1.9.
Don't believe anyone who told you are not competent. It's clearly that you are talented and that you start to get control over the new engine.
The bugs provided here are mostly minor issues.
There are also issues I reported multiple times, but without response on them I keep reporting them with every update.

I did not take the filter/AA issues into account because we know you are working on that.

Most important of all. It's fun again to play!

General game and campaign map:

- Settings menu text should be readable. The thin white text on the blue/grey background is unreadable.
Please improve this by changing the font, bold the font, different text and/or background color. It's ugly now and cause headache. Problem isn't the text is too small. In other menu's text is much smaller but readable and smooth. ... =654180937

- Shortcut list in game settings is incomplete. For example no mention of < and > for next/previous unit selection.

- In 1.9 for every first time you perfrom an action in campaign mode or in tactics battle mode you get a window pop up with explanation about game mechanism. Those tutorials are completely gone in the beta.

- Even with forced AA settings, which works for all artwork and all buttons, the "trade offer", "treaty offer" and "declare war" buttons in the relations or political map view looks very pixelated. Also the "trade offer" button should not be embossed. It stands out compared to the other two buttons. ... =654190206

- In foreign affairs menu the resource icon should not cover the trade info text on the right side of the screen. ... =654194710

- Campaign objective text should be readable. Text is too thin, transparant, wrong color/background I don't know but you must improve it. This have nothing to do with text is too small. Other text in other menu's is smaller and very smooth and readable. ... =654197261

-Unit training info text in unit training panel should be readable. Same as above ... =654199957

- Trade offer pop up should be transparant and/or have an option to minimize.
You are not able to review diplomatic status, pile of resources and even the location of the realm.
Using trade in a good way is very difficult now and depend on memorizing only instead of making choices based on information from the menu's.

- Harvest fair text and other event messages pop up in the left upper corner of the screen should be readable. Same as some other text issues. Text is too thin, transparant, wrong color/background to read the message clear. ... =654002273

- Drop down arrow button on news feed (upper center) should not hide the upper arrow scroll button. ... =654205940

- Amount of gold invested in magic should be saved when saving game. Every load game the investement amount is reset to zero.

- The resources button in the marketplace are too dark when other players have no offers avaialble. You still need the buttons to offer your own goods in the market. Should be better to light them up a little imho.

- If you cancel a unit purchase you do not get back any of the invested resources. Is this intentional?

- Armies stationed/positioned in sea provinces should be displayed correctly in Armies panel. ... =654218353

- Show/hide campaign objectives button should be embossed. In stands out compared to all other buttons in the same row now.

- When cancel deploy order from Deploy unit panel, right click should work. Right clicking doesn not cancel the placement/selection order now while text in ifo menu said it should.

- RP info text on Reybeck province should not have a \ sign before the text.

- RP info text on Rosehorn province is missing.

Tactical battle only:

- Hero card should not minimize when using the scrollbar with rightclick. Middlemouse on hero card should work for scrolling. ... =654226501

- Health and morale bar fillers should be alligned properly on unit tokens on tactical map and on unit tokens on initiative bar. Morale bar filler should be yellow to be the same as in 1.9 and as in the unit info card. ... =654230274

- Morale bar filler on unit info card on tactical battle, campaign map and on unit token in after battle report should be properly alligned when morale is > 100 ... =654238187

- Text in combat log should be readable when info contains more then one sentence.

- Amount of VP's should be visible in the "turns remaining" box.

- When zooming in/out the zoom level should be ignored for all traits info boxes (shield wall, disort etc). They get way to big when zooming now. Look for this at the battle preview boxes because there the zoomlevel is ignored and this works well. ... =654242767

- Morale/health bars not visible at battle start or when morale/health is not less then 100 should be optional. In the screenshot example you see two Elven Bards in the middle. Both of them now have an empty health bar. But the left one is emtpy because he only have four life left and the right one is empty because his life is still 100.
This make sense when only morale is effected for a unit and less then 100. The morale bar is showed, but the health bar shows an empty bar because it's still 100. All this is very confusing. ... =654246661

- Battle sound effects should work after turn one. Almost all battle sound effects dissapear after the first turn. In turn one I have movement effects, attack effects etc. But after turn one they are gone. The only working soundeffects are menu clicks, killed unit and the music.

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