Sovereignty 2.0.4 patch!

Sovereignty is a turn-based fantasy strategy game for the PC. It combines a kingdom management campaign game with a general's level tactical battle game.

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Sovereignty 2.0.4 patch!

Post by AlbertoC » Tue Jun 21, 2016 12:58 pm

Hello everyone! We are releasing a small update for Sovereignty, bringing the game to 2.0.4. It consists mainly of bugfixes. Here is the changelog:

• Fixed crash when quitting from tactical battle
• Fixed several issues with spell trees
• Fixed overrun not allowing unit to move again
• Fixed Fear of the Lash not allowing units to move again
• Fixed Ghastly Laboratory not working
• Fixed Ladvia campaign not starting
• Fixed battle bonuses persisting after end of battle
• Fixed buildings which requilre a Landmark to build
• Fixed spells which require the presence or absence of a Landmark
• Fixed hero powers which require the presence or absence of a landmark
• Fixed bug allowing permenant alliances to be broken by the AI
• Fixed all realm maximum ally numbers
• Fixed Odenheim campaign: Player can now counterattack
• Fixed Odenheim campaign: No attack restriction removed after war is declared
• Fixed possible negative gold when recruiting a Hero
• Fixed player being able to recruit prisoners when they do not have enough gold
• Fixed crash when trying to promote a unit which lacks any available promotions
• Fixed possible crashes after quit to menu and starting another game
• Fixed crash when attacking a province from the sea
• Fixed various problems with the Game Tips
• Fixed trade offer/demand menu not resetting when changing trade realms
• Fixed Irregular units not getting Hit and Run (fix applies only to new units)
• Fixed Group units ranged damage not scaling with their health
• Fixed River Rapids not working when crossing river to start battle
• Fixed Courtesan's Guild effect only lasting for one turn
• Fixed Black/Blue Ley Lines effect only lasting 1 turn
• Fixed Fell Mists not working on attackers after reload
• Fixed Astral Gate not allowing units to teleport to remote provinces
• Fixed crash when AI is considering retreat from Briarwood province
• Fixed AI deploying too many units to a province
• Fixed Battle Log always showing the defender as the capturer of VPs
• Fixed Bounty Hunter unit having Shackles as a promotion option
• Fixed crash when fleet attacking a harbour is intercepted
• Fixed AI being able to move into harbours occupied by an enemy fleet
• Fixed incorrect deployment of units when attacking land from a harbour
• Fixed AI being able to attack it's own stack while occupying an enemy harbour
• Fixed incorrect display of unit XP required for next level
• Fixed being able to deploy land units to sea tiles during battle deploy
• Added new Prince Halas unit artwork
• Improved contrast for selected items in unit promotion dialog
• Added "Your Turn" splash message to tactical battles
• Removed dead realms from the Foreign Affairs screen

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