Sovereignty 2.0.5 patch!

Sovereignty is a turn-based fantasy strategy game for the PC. It combines a kingdom management campaign game with a general's level tactical battle game.

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Sovereignty 2.0.5 patch!

Post by AlbertoC » Fri Jul 08, 2016 1:49 pm

We’re releasing a new update for Sovereignty, bringing the game to version 2.0.5. The hunt for bugs continues!


• Fixed Levencourt river harbour not converting units to transport ships
• Fixed Elven Way spell not working on Forester units which lack Garrison
• Fixed crash on exit after a shader error has occured
• Fixed issue where tutorial locks up after purchasing a Dragonknight
• Fixed Fountain of Youth not working
• Fixed broken AI check causing negative gold
• Fixed crash on turn start if too many realms are dead
• Fixed AI causing crash by making invalid ship moves
• Fixed crash if unit due for promotion dies
• Fixed trade duplication bug
• Fixed trade ending up with negative turns remaining
• Fixed crash if occupier army is destroyed without battle
• Fixed end of battle crash if a unit died while packed into a transport/wagon
• Fixed prev/next unit shortcut keys triggering when no battle is ongoing
• Units are now deselected when ending turn in battle
• Added additional logging to EngineLog.txt
• Game no longer crashes if attempting to load a save which has been moved/deleted outside of the game
• Restored missing Valegorn Palatinate special conditions
• Should no longer be possible to get incorrect warning about unresolved events
• Speed/timing of combat status effects should now be consistent with the selected battle speed
• Unit promotion list no longer resets after each promotion is selected

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