Sovereignty 2.1.2 patch!

Sovereignty is a turn-based fantasy strategy game for the PC. It combines a kingdom management campaign game with a general's level tactical battle game.

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Sovereignty 2.1.2 patch!

Post by AlbertoC » Wed Oct 26, 2016 11:15 am

Hi all, the development continues and as promised we keep working hard to deliver a great game.

This patch consists mainly of bugfixes and balance changes, but we're working on something really neat :) Stay tuned and don't forget to let us know your impressions in the comments below or on the forum.


Fixed mods not loading if they only modify a single script or UI file
Fixed mod editor crashes when loading mods with new text entries
Fixed King's Call spell targetting enemy armies
Fixed King's Call spell not transporting hero
Fixed prisoner trades not actually giving the prisoners in some cases
Fixed finance panel having 2 copies of all tax incomes
Fixed modded copy of sov_tables.xml being ignored
Fixed error in Wages of War hero power
Fixed TEXT_MISSING in province items on finances panel
Improved Resources panel to add more information
Improved appearance of all white text items
Modified marketplace - more resources should be available in general
Added ability to initiate trade from resources panel
Foreign Affairs screen redesigned to make better use of space
Trade separated from Foreign Affairs into new trade screen
All trade is now concluded when the agent reaches the foreign realm
Modified AI battle retreat calculations
Added additional logging to enginelog.txt
Added gold per turn trades to finance panel
All Provinces now have at least 1 Economy

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