Sovereignty update

Sovereignty is a turn-based fantasy strategy game for the PC. It combines a kingdom management campaign game with a general's level tactical battle game.

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Sovereignty update

Post by AlbertoC » Fri Jan 13, 2017 4:27 pm

Hi everyone, we are releasing a new update for Sovereignty. This is bringing us very close to full release, which will happen on Febryary 2nd. This specific update contains a number of fixes which no doubt will contribute at a more polished experience.

You might have to restart Steam in order to download the patch.


• Prisoners now added automatically to trade table when sending peace treaty
• Fixed temporary battle units not being removed if on attacker side
• Fixed Riesental campaign not being possible to actually win
• Fixed possible crash on systems where there are no sound devices
• Fixed Heroes being offered at certain points in tutorial making it impossible to complete
• Fixed destroyed realms appearing in Rankings
• Fixed revolt chance not calculating correctly when buildings and units are both affecting t
• Fixed resources from Dryad's Garden not appearing as income
• Fixed missing line breaks in resource income tooltips
• Fixed realms with no "riverboat" transports being able to enter Levencourt harbour from the land side
• Fixed Ranger's wood Lore power (and others) not resetting movement correctly
• Fixed AI ignoring rules on which units can be bribed, turned, etc.
• Fixed not being able to mouseover units on the pre-battle screen
• Fixed unit healing working if unit has battled in the last turn
• Fixed Jotland Raider objective not working if already met when given
• Fixed Adventurer power O Fortuna affecting forts
• Fixed Rally effect not working correctly
• Fixed Boruvian Empire Reconquest ability not working
• Fixed possible crash when quitting game
• Fixed destroyed side in battle still getting to keep captured units
• Fixed player being able to send Alliance offers to Valegorn Palatinate
• Fixed AI not using units after resetting their attack/moves with a hero power
• Fixed non-working Campaigner achievement
• Fixed attacking an emey feet in your own harbour causing you to intercept yourself
• Fixed AI attacks on harbours not being intercepted
• Fixed AI being able to use newly deployed units to attack immediately
• Fixed editor crash if invalid colour values are present
• Adjusted AI to purchase more varied types of units (esp. on harder difficulty)
• Adjusted market to increase available resources
• Added damage type to attack/ranged attack tooltips on unit cards
• Reduced impact of disposition on AI decision to refuse peace
• Reduced impact of resources on AI decision to go to/remain at war
• Increased impact of losing provinces on AI decision to accept peace
• Increased impact of being in a position to lose entire realm on AI AI decision to accept peace
• Increased base Resistance value by 2 turns
• Added Monster units to list of units which cannot be recruited from prison
• Raise Undead ability now available to any realm which can train an undead unit
• Added damage type to tooltips on unit training screen
• Added breakdown tooltip to Revolt Chance on province info card
• Tournamnt Grounds effect change: Grants +1 maximum Elite units (5 instead of 4)
• War College effect change: Grants +1 discipline to units in an army with a Hero
• Resources now default to 1 unit when added to trade table
• Civilized realms no longer apply penalties when players capture provinces from Rogue realms
• Increased visibility of deployment tiles and changed from green to blue
• Heroes no longer make army counters appear smaller
• Modding: Event Unit.OnDamageModRequested renamed to Unit.OnDamageTakenModRequested
• Modding: Event Unit.OnDamageTakenModRequested now accepts a Unit as first parameter (may be null)
• Modding: Added event Unit.OnDamageDealtModRequested to modify damage on the attacker side
• Modding: Base terrain types can now be any valid string
• Modding: Added "New Script" button to script editor
• Changed province selection in province upgrade mode, must left-click to select a province

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Re: Sovereignty update

Post by lordzimoa » Fri Jan 27, 2017 3:54 pm

Sovereignty patch RC 3 is now available, just one more week to go before release! ... 285144816/

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